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This article appears in the May 23, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

With Obama Sinking,
What Will London Do Next?

by Jeffrey Steinberg

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May 20—Provocations against Russia by NATO, led by the Obama Administration, are escalating day by day, as the May 25 date of the election in Ukraine approaches. But, despite the pile-up of sanctions, continuous NATO exercises, and the deployment of U.S. Aegis-equipped destroyers into the Black Sea, President Putin has persisted in a policy of de-escalation and diplomacy, seeking dialogue with the Europeans and the U.S., if at all possible.

What Putin knows is that what is at stake in the so-called Ukraine crisis, is not a local power grab, but the determination of the global British financial empire to force Russia to surrender its sovereignty, using the threat of the United States going to thermonuclear war, if necessary.

But such war must be avoided, if humanity is to survive.

A similar point of view is increasingly visible in Germany, where opposition to the NATO/British/Obama confrontation tactics is strengthening. Not only have leading industrial circles in Germany stepped forward to oppose the sanctions policy of the European Union and Washington, but top political figures are explicitly denoting the threat such a stance represents. Last week's interview by former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt with the mass daily Bildzeitung exemplified this opposition.

In the first part of the interview, Schmidt, aged 94, described the European Commission, the U.S., and Russia as acting like "sleepwalkers" following the script of 1914. In the second, he was clearer as to who was to blame, opposing sanctions against Russia on grounds that they will only escalate the situation "and in the end we will have a war with weapons." He added: "I do not think that Putin wants a war. And Europe should do everything to reorient Russia in this direction, instead of blathering about the Third World War like the government in Kiev and many in the entourage of U.S. President Obama."

The question is therefore: What is to be done about Obama, and, most importantly, the British royals for whom he is a mere stooge?

Obama in Big Trouble

The House of Representatives returns to Washington this week, and one of the first orders of business will be to convene the Select Committee on Benghazi. The White House is trying desperately to discredit the probe, even considering ordering a Democratic Party boycott of the panel, to give it a strictly partisan color.

But some members of the Obama Cabinet, including Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel—both veterans of the U.S. Senate—have argued that it would be a violation of the Constitution for Democrats to boycott a committee that was voted up by the full House. Leading Democrats, including former CIA Director and Clinton White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, have argued also that the Democrats must fully participate. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.), a leading member of the Congressional Black Caucus, has insisted on Democratic participation, arguing that the designated chair of the panel, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), is a man of integrity who works closely with Democrats and will genuinely pursue the truth.

The split between the President and some top Congressional Democrats extends to the Senate as well, where Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, is in an ongoing war with the White House and the CIA over their efforts to stall the release of the unclassified report on the CIA's torture program during the Bush-Cheney years after 9/11. Last week, the Department of Justice filed papers in Federal Court, demanding a further delay in the release of the document, arguing that there will be a terrorist backlash when it is released, threatening the lives of Americans abroad, and of close U.S. allies who assisted in the renditions/torture program. CIA Director John Brennan, a close Obama confidant, is in the cross-hairs on both the torture revelations and the Benghazi account.

Obama is also highly vulnerable, as are the British stooges in Europe, due to their sponsorship of the neo-Nazis in the Kiev government. A May 15 article in the French magazine Paris Match, published an exposé of the role of the Nazi "Right Sector" in killings in Eastern Ukraine. Under the title "Revelations on the Krasnoarmeysk Killing," Paris Match describes the murder of two unarmed civilians in Krasnoarmeysk, in the Donetsk Region, who were trying to vote in the May 11 referendum. Journalist Alfred de Montesquiou acknowledges that his story lends credibility to Russian charges about the fascists in Kiev. Even fuller documentation of these fascists, and their British patrons, appeared in EIR, May 16, 2014.

The strategic implications of Obama's downfall have been highlighted in recent comments by Lyndon LaRouche. If Obama is impeached in the coming weeks for the array of his Constitutional violations, this will create big problems for his British masters. If Obama is severely crippled by the scandals, it means that London's ability to steer Obama into a head-on confrontation with Russia and/or China is greatly weakened. One cannot rule out that the British would even assist in pushing Obama out of office, if his demise could further their interests in provoking a strategic confrontation.

Stalemated by Putin

LaRouche emphasized that there are two factors driving the danger of general war today. The first, the "dog and pony" factor, is the crisis-spots that have been activated in recent months—from Ukraine to the South China Sea conflict between Vietnam and China to the East China Sea conflict between Japan and China. However, the fact that President Putin has masterfully evaded the war traps in Ukraine and that the top U.S. military brass, led by Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have insisted that there is no military option for solving the present complex global instability, makes these provocations difficult to manipulate into a general war trigger.

This means that the British will have to face the choice of provoking an incident to instigate a general war confrontation or confront the imminent blowout of their trans-Atlantic financial system. Within days after the May 22-25 European parliamentary elections, it is expected that the European Central Bank and other EU institutions will have to launch hyperinflationary quantitative easing—and possibly a bail-in. This alone could be the trigger for a systemic crash. It is this crisis that is driving London to look for any pretext to "change the subject" by instigating a war that would almost inevitably lead to a thermonuclear war of extinction.

The collapse of Obama and the imminent blowout of the London-Wall Street financial system are driving the existential crisis for the British imperial system. LaRouche has called for the immediate impeachment of Obama and the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall. By simultaneously removing British tool Obama and wiping out Wall Street by reinstating Glass-Steagall, the potential for the British to provoke a world war is eliminated and the conditions are set up for global economic recovery, starting in the United States.

If the U.S. were to move in such a sane direction, wiping out the Wall Street-London control, leading European nations would follow immediately. Given a sudden shift in the United States, they would lead Europe in the same direction, aligning the trans-Atlantic region with the trans-Pacific region, where great projects of economic development are already at the top of the agenda.

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