Volume 41, Number 21, May 23, 2014


LaRouche Webcast: What It Will Take Mankind To Get to a World Without War  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche’s May 16 webcast, in which he offers sometimes surprising answers to questions, such as: “What are your thoughts on what kind of Presidency you would envision under Hillary Clinton?”; Kesha Rogers asks how to develop the ability among our fellow citizens to think, not just for today, but for the future; “How can we imagine the future, in which the United States is integrated into the high-technology, high energy-flux-density development, that’s now beginning in Eurasia?”; and, “What is the strategic significance of the replacement of science with mathematics,” given that the universe is a developing, changing system?

Appendix: Bill Clinton Poses a Critical Issue  

An excerpt from the former President’s May 14 interview with Gwen Ifill on PBS-TV.


With Obama Sinking, What Will London Do Next?  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

With President Obama facing challenges to his legitimacy on every front, from Congressional hearings on Benghazi to Russian President Putin’s checkmate of the attempt to get a war going in Ukraine, the question of impeachment looms large, as does the blowout of the London-Wall Street imperial financial system. So, what’s next?

Indian Elections: Young Voters Demand Development, Elect Modi

by Ramtanu Maitra

India’s Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi has an overwhelming mandate to bring real economic development to this nation of 1.3 billion, following elections which saw unprecedented participation by young voters. But will he be able to deliver?

A Fundamental Law: Blueprint for a European Government Under Imperial Rule

by Claudio Celani

A scheme to bring in the final phase of a Euro-dictatorship, eliminating whatever shards of sovereignty might still exist among the nations of Europe, is being put in place, while nobody is looking.

Spinelli, Bertelsmann: Tools of the Empire


China High-Speed Rail: Girdling the Globe with a Tramway of Iron  

by William Jones

China’s “going-out strategy” of spanning the Earth with high-speed rail is a rebirth of the idea of Lincoln’s Transcontinental Railroad, and Russia’s Trans-Siberian Railway. Not one, but two Iron Silk Roads are envisioned, inclusive of the long-dreamed-for Bering Strait crossing.

Finally, a Bering Strait Tunnel?

Globalization Makes You Sick! WHO Warns of Drug-Resistant Bacteria

by Carolina Hartmann

The World Health Organization released an alarming report in April about the increase of drug-resistant pathogens, documenting that cases have been registered in 36 countries, where antibiotics no longer have any effect.


Rogers Campaign Organizes for a Post-Obama Future  

by Harley Schlanger

On the eve of the May 27 Texas Democratic primary runoff against a Wall Street-made millionaire, LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers is breaking all the politics-as-usual rules, and striking a chord with voters.

VA Scandal Spotlights Bush/Obama Killer Takedown of Medical Capacity

by Carl Osgood

Behind the shocking headlines about corruption at the Veterans Administration, is the reality that it is the Bush-Cheney-Obama illegal wars of the past decade, combined with the destruction of medical care for all Americans, including our veterans, that is responsible for the atrocious situation at the VA.


Charles of Arabia: The British Monarchy, Saudi Arabia, and 9/11  

by Richard Freeman and William F. Wertz, Jr.

The incestuous relationship between Saudi Kingdom and the British Monarchy, as one extended British Empire, and its role in the case of terrorism, including 9/11, is examined, with a spotlight on two aspects of the 9/11 attack which have not been adequately exposed until now: first, the close personal relationship between the British and Saudi royal families; and second, the role of a consortium of Saudi banks and charitable organizations in providing financial and logistical support to the al-Qaeda terrorist network. In this issue, we publish the first of two parts of this report.


Memorial Day 2014: ‘Our Unfinished Work’