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This transcript appears in the November 7, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Blocking the British Drive for War

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The following are excerpts from Dennis Small's presentation at the weekly LaRouche PAC New Paradigm webcast of Oct. 31, 2014. Small was asked to elaborate on what Lyndon LaRouche had laid out as the necessary strategy to prevent nuclear war, which is threatened by Obama Administration policies. The full webcast can be viewed at

LaRouche commented that this time, Obama may not make it. That he's making a mistake, in particular, on the Syria front, on the operation to topple the Assad government, using, among other instruments, this barbaric grouping created by the British and fostered by the Saudis—ISIS or ISIL, or Islamic State. What LaRouche says is that the prospect of war, the approaching, very real danger of thermonuclear war, has created a situation in which sane forces, both in the United States and internationally, are taking actions to trap Obama into a defeat. And that the actions and the trap are in an area which Obama and the British Empire don't even really know exists. And that one misstep, one little trip-up, and Obama is finished.

Now, the pivot in this situation, LaRouche emphasized, is Russia, and the very clear recognition by the Russian government, by President Putin, and all the top leadership of that country, of what the name of the game is. The Putin government has made it quite clear in recent statements, that it is not going to tolerate the possibility of the overthrow of Assad in Syria, because of what this would unleash, in terms of a total regional war, and a direct targeting of the Russians as well.

Recall, as we've mentioned in the past on this show, that many of the fighters for ISIS are, in fact, Chechens. Recall that some of the top leadership of ISIS is Chechen, and have said that their intention is, number one, to seize the entire Xinjiang province of China, as part of the Islamic Caliphate; and two, that their strategic objective is to overthrow the Putin government in Russia.

So the Russians and the Chinese are well aware of what such an ISIS overthrow of the Assad government would mean strategically. China, LaRouche said, is also committed to preventing the outbreak of a war. But what is most interesting in the immediate term, is that there are, over the last two or three days, and going into this weekend, growing indications, that in the United States, there are forces in motion that intend to screw up Obama's war plan. LaRouche referred to this as a kind of "committee of influence to bar war."

Deep Policy Differences

And there are, in fact, very deep policy differences within the Obama Administration, and outside the Obama Administration, but in positions of power as well in Washington, in particular, over the Syria question, and in particular, over the fact that American policy and British policy, heretofore, have created and strengthened the ISIS barbarians.

We see some interesting reflections of this, for example, in the fact that around the battle over Kobani, the U.S. military has deployed to make sure that, at least so far, ISIS is not victorious in seizing control over Kobani.

There are also, as many of our viewers will be aware, press accounts of big fights going on inside the Administration over how to deal with the crisis on the Syrian front. Secretary of Defense Hagel reportedly wrote a two-page memorandum to the White House; the contents of it are not known, except that he questioned, what in the hell are we doing in Syria? What is our policy? Are we for or against overthrowing Assad? What are we doing on the ISIS question?

And more significant than the particular position that Hagel may or may not have adopted, is the fact that this is a brawl inside the Administration, so much so that even Obama himself, with his Harvard degrees and all, had to admit before the cameras a few days ago, that, yes, his policies were contradictory, that there were contradictions in his policy on Syria, involving a contradictory area with contradictory changes going on. In other words: The guy's irrational and insane. And his policy is suicidal. That's the actual translation of what he said.

Now, what LaRouche emphasized, is that over the next few days, we have the following situation: If Putin moves, as he has on the strategic front—and this is a subject we will deal with in a little more depth in a few moments ahead in this broadcast—if China also blocks the war drive in Syria, as is its stated commitment; and if U.S. military layers also act to prevent an ISIS takeover of that country, then, we are in a position, LaRouche said, to screw up the enemy's entire war plan.

And he emphasized that the essence of strategy in a delicate, fast-moving situation like this, is not based on forces, and numbers and arithmetic, and counting up this and that and the other; strategy is based on breaching the enemy's ranks where he didn't even know he had a vulnerability, where he was overconfident, where he expected there would be no resistance on policy fronts—that's where he gets jammed up. And LaRouche specified: Don't try to use an adding machine to figure this out. Arithmetic does not apply when you're dealing with human behavior; and strategy and warfare are human behavior.

He said, what you have to do, is you have to screw things up for the enemy: You have to make sure he slips on a banana peel that he didn't even know existed. That's strategy.

And timing is of the essence in this, because if we can actually jam up this drive toward war, this gallop toward war, which itself is driven by the breakdown of the international financial system, and the desperation of the British Empire to submit the planet to its genocidal policies; if you can jam that up at one point—it does not have to be at every point—then you create a situation, where the forces that are in motion around a contrary policy, in fact, more than a contrary policy, an entirely new paradigm for humanity, a paradigm that understands that human behavior is not characterized by arithmetic, but by a higher concept—what the BRICS countries have set in motion, and what has been the leadership of the LaRouche movement internationally for many, many decades—this type of global paradigm shift can bring into existence, as if overnight, a mass movement which will which will be able to turn the tide....

Russia and China Know What Time It Is...

Let's take a look at the panorama, in particular, those four corners of the Earth that I just mentioned [the British Empire, the USA, Russia, and China]: In the case of Russia, as the Putin Valdai speech[1] makes abundantly clear, as the saying goes, "Russia knows what time it is." Not only Putin's speech, but after it, this week, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, on a visit to Belarus, talked about the need for additional military maneuvers between the two countries, because of changes going on on their borders, which clearly has the name, rank, and serial number of the Polish and Ukrainian developments in mind.

In addition to that, the Russians, over the course of this week, carried out some very significant military maneuvers, including the launching of an SLBM, a submarine-launched ballistic missile, from the Barents Sea to a target in Kamchatka Peninsula; this was the first time that this Bulava missile was tested, not in a developmental stage, but actually in a war deployment stage: In other words, they are ready to go. And they are making it clear that they are not going to simply throw in the towel on the strategic situation.

Also of really great interest this week, was the interview given by the former Prime Minister of Russia, Yevgeny Primakov, on the occasion of his 85th birthday, after he was visited at his home by Putin, and they drank a cup of tea together, and chatted. He was also celebrated by Foreign Minister Lavrov, as a great figure. Primakov referred to the fact that the economic sanctions being imposed on Russia today, are a form of a "color revolution."

And of course, people should recall that the strategic command of Russia and China, at a conference earlier this Spring in Moscow, had identified color revolutions as a form of warfare, actual warfare. So the Russians are very clear, as I said, about what time it is and what's at stake here.

Primakov had some other very interesting remarks on the question of it's time for Russia to use its reserves for credit issuances for development in high technology. He also suggestively talked about the importance of informal diplomacy, at a time like this, to make sure that problems are actually resolved....

So the Russians are very clear on what's at stake here, and it is one of the factors in gumming up the works, jamming things up for Obama.

Another crucial element is China, in terms of its strategic thinking, and we could spend an entire program and then some, discussing what the Chinese are doing. But I want to draw people's attention to one recent statement, by Maj. Gen. Peng Guangqian on Sept. 15, at the Beijing Chinese Cultural Exchange and Promotion Association, where he was discussing the recent militarily aggressive tone of Japanese behavior towards China. And what he said is the following: "As it shifts its global strategy eastward, and because of its need to contain China, the U.S. once again disregards international morality, purposefully releases Japan's strategic capability, and lets it out of the cage.... This offers the opportunity for the militarism, which has been dormant for more than half a century, to come back to life."

So China is clearly looking at the regional difficulties with Japan through the prism of the strategic situation and the identification of the aggressive policy coming from the Obama Administration. So I think it's safe to say that China, too, knows what time it is.

... And the U.S.?

What about Washington? Does Washington know what time it is? Well, some people do ... but just a common sense of expression of "knowing what time it is": Do people have any idea of what's actually going on?

I think a good microcosm of the fight going on was on full display this week at a conference in Washington, D.C., the 23rd Annual Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference; and at this event there was a presentation given by Amb. Chas Freeman, who is a veteran diplomat, retired military, with decades of experience in the region, and so on. He identified the U.S. invasion of Iraq as having been absolutely decisive, for blowing the whole region up into a crisis that it has not recovered from, and in fact, American policy has continually been bad since that point, he stated. And of course, that was done under the Tony Blair influence over the [George W.] Bush government.

What Ambassador Freeman said, one small quote from his speech was: "The U.S. invasion of Iraq kicked off an orgy of intolerance and sectarian killing that has now taken at least 700,000 lives in Iraq and Syria and traumatized both, while threatening the existence of the other states created by Sykes-Picot a century ago."

Now, after Ambassador Freeman spoke, the floor was given to present the side of Satan in this debate, to Prince Turki bin Faisal. Prince Turki bin Faisal was the head of Saudi intelligence in the run-up to 9/11; he's the brother of the current foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, and he delivered a very aggressive, nasty speech, accepting no questions afterwards, but storming out after his presentation. And what he said is, the entire problem in the whole region, is the failure of the U.S. Administration, to date, to topple and overthrow the Assad government in Syria; that the United States had contributed, he said rightly, to the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. So he said, what the U.S. should be doing at this point, is launching airstrikes to overthrow Assad; and he then launched a tirade against those who point the finger at the Saudis, at a purported Saudi role in supporting ISIS—which, of course, he had just done, for all intents and purposes. And he urged anyone who is pointing the finger at Saudi Arabia, to either put up or shut up.

Well, I agree! The easiest way to put up, because we are not going to shut up, is by releasing the 28 pages—which have been censored and kept out of public view, by the Bush Administration, and now by the Obama Administration—from the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, which point unmistakably to the Saudi role—and I would say, under British sponsorship—in unleashing that terrorist attack on American soil. And that would help put things into proper focus, so that, in the United States, we can quickly get the shift that we need, immediately, so that those who know what time it is, actually get the upper hand.

That combination, Russia, China, the United States, in particular, and other forces, is exactly what's required, LaRouche said, to gum up the works, to screw things up, for the Obama Administration, and would be enough to be the little push that pushes it over the edge.

[1] See last week's issue for "Putin Speaks the Truth about NATO's War Provocations."

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