Volume 41, Number 44, November 7, 2014


New Obama, NATO Provocations Threaten Russia and China  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

In the immediate aftermath of the Ukrainian elections, in which a pro-NATO bloc, including two neo-Nazi parties, won a majority in the parliament, provocations against Russia have risen to the point that Lyndon LaRouche has warned that we could be moments away from world war. At the same time, LaRouche’s warning that China would be drawn into any global conflict provoked against Russia by Obama and NATO was confirmed by a strident anti-China article in the New York Council on Foreign Relations’ Foreign Affairs journal.

Blocking the British Drive for War  

Dennis Small, on the weekly LaRouche PAC webcast on Oct. 31, elaborated Lyndon LaRouche’s strategy to prevent nuclear war. Russia and China are making it clear that they “know what time it is”—but do Americans?


Brazil Votes for a Future with the BRICS, South America  

by Gretchen Small

The election victory of President Dilma Rousseff adds to the growing recognition around the world that the British Empire is not the unbeatable Leviathan which it would have you believe.

LaRouches’ 2002 Visit to São Paulo, Brazil

LaRouche Spokesman Dennis Small Addresses Russian Zinoviev Conference

The conference honoring the late Russian philosopher and social activist Alexander Zinoviev was titled “The Russian Tragedy and the Russian Dream.” Small spoke by videoconference on the panel “The Philosophy of Realism: History, Policies, Economics, and Culture.”

The Philosophy Needed To Stop a New Dark Age

by Dennis Small

The speech by Dennis Small, representing Lyndon LaRouche.

Has Obama Lost Control of the Philippines?

by Michael Billington

The plan to make the Philippines into a U.S. military base for deployments against China is running into trouble.


Military Challenges Obama on His Dangerous Ebola Lies  

by Debra Hanania-Freeman

The U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense broke with Administration policy, and took action to not only defend the members of the military now participating in operations in West Africa, but to commission an honest scientific study on the transmission of the disease.

CDC Alters Website To Agree with Obama Admin. Claims


The Drive Is on for a Purge of the Obama White House

Recent leaks on Pentagon complaints about White House incompetence in managing the war against the Islamic State were reportedly sanctioned at the very top of the Defense Department and Joint Chiefs of Staff, and are aimed at forcing the removal of some of the most egregious White House staffers.


Schiller Institute Conference: Europe’s Future: Go Bankrupt or Join the New Silk Road  

Panel 2 of the Institute’s Frankfurt conference on “The New Silk Road and China’s Lunar Program: Mankind Is the Only Creative Species!”

The Role of Steel in the New Silk Road

by Dieter Ameling

Greece and the Silk Road Economic Belt  

by Panos Kammenos

The Tunisia-Italy Bridge Across the Mediterranean

by Prof. Enzo Siviero

A World Against Violence, Extremism

by Alain Corvez

Will Europe Keep Dancing to Washington’s Tune?

by Ray McGovern


The Rosetta Spacecraft: Deciphering the Primitive Matter of the Solar System

by William Jones

The European Space Agency’s Rosetta lander is scheduled to touch down on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenk Nov. 12, to investigate the properties of the comet. At the annual International Astronautical Congress in Toronto, the principal investigators gave a preview of the mission.

New Spacefaring Nations Prepare Next Generation To Explore the Universe

by Marsha Freeman

A report from the International Astronautical Congress in Toronto.


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