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This transcript appears in the May 29, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

End-Game Against the British Monarchy

by Benjamin Deniston

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This is an edited version of Benjamin Deniston’s contribution to the LaRouche PAC webcast of Friday, May 22, 2015.

May 22—I was in a discussion with Mr. LaRouche earlier in the week, and his response to [California Gov.] Jerry Brown’s move to now suppress and make it more difficult to develop desalination, and his pursuit of these insane carbon emissions, was rather straightforward: “This guy’s just a pathetic fool. He’s a pathetic fool, and he’s acting for people and on behalf of policies that go much beyond him.” He is, in effect, absolutely acting to pursue and implement the policy of the British Royal Family, the policy of the British Empire, of population reduction, the stated, on-the-books, on-the-record policy of the Queen of England, of her Royal Consort Prince Philip, of their associates in the Anglo-Dutch establishment and their allies on Wall Street,—to reduce the world population by billions of people, potentially down to a level of one to two billion people. And Jerry Brown’s policies, as he’s shown, are clearly acting to be consistent with the implementation of that ideology, that program.

I think this desalination matter is just typical. Any sane, human government—like that of his father, for example, Pat Brown—what would his response be? He would have already accelerated the development of these desalination systems. You have systems that are being designed, being built, being constructed; others that have been mothballed, that are being examined again; he would have said, “Get these things going as quickly as possible!” You’d use the power of the authority of the state to accelerate the development of these new water supplies.

Jerry Brown does the exact opposite. He’s suppressing them; he makes it more difficult. He’s stopping the already-existing, relatively small-scale attempts to alleviate some of the drought conditions in these coastal regions. But again, this is an expression of his adherence to this genocidal, zero-growth, population-reduction policy, that actually has been developed and implemented, and stated by the British Royal Family, by the British Empire and their associates.
California Governor Jerry Brown issues his latest genocidal decree, in Sacramento May 19.

So that’s the real issue. That’s what Jerry Brown is expressing right now. This is what we have to overcome. This is what we have to defeat: This is what we have to defeat in California, in the West, in the United States generally. And this is the expression, really, of a much deeper policy, a much deeper cultural issue for mankind, which is the fight against Zeus, this Zeusian ideology.

Zeus Against Humanity

We’ve discussed on this program—my associate Jason Ross has done a lot to elaborate—what we know about the story of the fight of Prometheus against Zeus. And you look at the insight we get into the long-standing history of mankind from these tales, from these stories, from these records. You look at the conditions of mankind under the reign of Zeus, as described by Aeschylus: You have mankind living in a state of bestiality,—no science, no technology, no art, no culture. These were the conditions that man was kept in by Zeus!

And when Prometheus freed mankind from these conditions, when Prometheus raised mankind to an ability to go beyond these animal-like conditions, to develop science, to develop art, to be human,—it was for that, that Zeus sought to destroy Prometheus, sought to punish him. That is what Zeus is.

And we see this in other accounts of Zeus. I was looking at some of the ancient Greek accounts of the Trojan War, in the Cypria, and I’d like to read one quote that gives you another insight into the quality of this Zeusian character. It reads:

There was a time when the countless tribes of men, though widespread, oppressed the surface of the deep-bosomed Earth. And Zeus saw this, and he had pity, and in his wise heart resolved to relieve the all-nurturing Earth of men, by causing the great struggle of the Trojan war, that the load of death might empty the world. And so the heroes were slain in Troy, and the plan of Zeus came to pass.[1]

So again, from another record, another insight into the mentality of Zeus: to release loads of death upon mankind, to empty the Earth of the human population, to free Mother Nature of this burden of mankind. It might sound similar to some of what people say today.

These are ancient accounts from the depths of ancient Greece, but they’re indications of the mentality, the cultural disease that has plagued mankind,—that mankind has had to fight against,—for a very, very long period of time. And today, we’re seeing the most recent expression of this Zeusian ideology, this Zeusian force, which is the British Empire. This is the most recent expression, the British, or you could call it the Anglo-Dutch Empire,—the most recent expression of this Zeusian, oligarchical ideology: the use of famines to cause mass death and reduce populations. Look at what the British did in India, for centuries, literally killing millions of Indians, through a policy of famine, of mass starvation, of economic policies designed to wipe out huge sections of the Indian population.

Illustrated London News, December 22, 1849
Depiction of the Irish potato famine

They did the same thing in Ireland. In the so-called “Irish potato famine:” 25% of the population of Ireland either left out of desperation, or was starved to death, under the policies of the British Empire at the time, under the justification of the ideology of Thomas Malthus, as the expression of this mentality then.

British Royal Eugenicists

So you have this long-standing expression of this oligarchical, this Zeusian policy which has plagued mankind, plagued civilization for thousands of years, in various expressions, various ways,—the British Empire being the most recent. And the most recent expression of this policy in the British Empire, is the creation of the so-called environmentalist movement.

I want to take a few minutes just to put on the table a few facts. There’s extensive material that we’ve pulled together, Mr. LaRouche and his organization have pulled together over the years, documenting this.

But this, I think, has to be put on the record now, to get a sense of what Jerry Brown is really just a tool of, and what has to be overturned, what has to be overthrown, if California is going to survive,—if the West is going to survive. So if you look at this past century, I’m going to highlight a couple of leading individual figures, of the British, or of the Anglo-Dutch establishment, and their role in the creation of the so-called environmentalist movement, initially the “conservation movement.”

Eugenicist, and “environ-mentalist” Julian Huxley

You had Julian Huxley, who was a leader of the eugenics movement, before World War II,—but then also after World War II, after we witnessed Hitler’s implementation of a eugenics program, the horrors of the Hitler regime, Julian Huxley continued to promote the development of eugenics, famously writing in the founding document of UNESCO, that despite the political backlash and horrific response that has occurred since the documentation of what Hitler did, despite this tarnishing of the name of the eugenics, we still have to support eugenics, “so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable,” to use his words; to ensure that the revival of eugenics is possible. And he proceeded to then become President of the British Eugenics Society from ’59-’62. That’s one individual.

You take another, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who was a member of the Nazi Party, who was a member of Nazi intelligence. According to reports in the 1970s, published in Newsweek and other locations, testimony at the Nuremberg trials showed that Prince Bernhard was a part of a special Nazi SS intelligence unit, working at IG Farben, where the Nazis later developed the concentration camps and the slave-labor system. That was before the war. He resigned from the Nazi Party to marry a Dutch princess, signing his resignation letter, “Heil Hitler,” and then received congratulations from Hitler, written to him for his wedding.

But he didn’t abandon his Nazi pedigree, because after the war, he took up the leadership of Royal Dutch Airlines at a period when Royal Dutch Airlines, for one reason or another, abandoned their normal policy of documenting all of the people they flew around, and flew a number of Nazi war criminals out of Germany, to other locations in the world, so that they could escape prosecution.

Then you have Prince Philip, the unfortunately still-living Royal Consort, married to the current Queen of England. He himself, through family connections, has very close ties to elements of the Nazis, and he has openly stated that he would love to be reincarnated as a deadly virus, to help with what he thinks is the biggest problem facing the world, which is overpopulation,—that there are too many people. He would love to return as a deadly virus to eliminate huge sections of the world population. This is a person who’s openly quoted saying that he believes that human society should be subject to periodic “cullings,” to rid the world of excess people.

‘Environmentalist’ Genocide

So these are three leading figures of this Anglo-Dutch establishment. And what do they have in common besides support of Nazis, and eugenics, and mass killing, based on these ideologies? These are the people that founded the modern environmentalist movement. They founded the World Wildlife Fund, as a leading organization in the creation of the environmentalist movement in ’60s. They created the “1001 Club” to organize major financial support to get this movement off the ground, running and spreading its propaganda and policies around the world.

And what is the policy of these organizations, of the World Wildlife Fund, of these environmentalist groups? Mass reduction of the human population. Reduce the world population by billions, down to maybe one or two billion people. That is the stated, active policy of these organizations, expressing the most modern expressions of this Zeusian mass-kill ideology, this Zeusian mass-kill policy.

They’ve picked up and promoted the whole climate change fraud, as a leading excuse, a leading guise to push this population reduction program. To claim that your driving your car is going to destroy the entire planet,—so therefore, we need to enforce legally binding, international limitations on carbon emissions. Which is really to restrict growth, restrict the production of power, restrict industry, restrict population growth,—through these radical, environmentalist means, under the guise of climate change.

To the degree that fools like Obama say, “Denying climate change now is a potential threat to national security,” when the planet hasn’t even warmed in almost 18 years! The actual planetary temperature has flatlined for nearly two decades, and these guys want to claim that we’re having some catastrophic affect that’s going to destroy the planet, in some short period of time. It’s just insanity at this point.

I think it’s worth highlighting a recent expression of this. Look back six years, to one of the last major attempts to try to put into place a major international treaty, a legally binding agreement to force nations to reduce their carbon emissions,—the so-called Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2009. China and India, in alliance with other nations, stated that they were not going to go along with a legally binding treaty to force them to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, and they even threatened to walk out of the summit if that was forced upon them. Now, when this was made public in the days and weeks preceding the 2009 summit, the Queen herself freaked out, and used her opportunity of addressing the gathering of the heads of the Commonwealth nations—although many are not really nations—the Commonwealth dominions of the British Empire, to insist that this was their number-one policy, to get this Copenhagen climate treaty through, to ensure that they implemented this carbon reduction policy.

So in her own words, as recently as 2009, she declared that the policy of the British Empire is this climate change policy, is this population reduction program coming out of these leading Nazis, eugenicists, etc.

So this is the reality of the matter; this is the policy that’s on the books, that’s active, and that Jerry Brown has signed onto. He says that we need to stop growth, stop development, and lower the population,—claiming that that’s what we have to do; and when people take measures that show we don’t have to do that, he tries to stop them from taking those measures,—not letting them develop the resources that could be developed to alleviate the conditions. He has fully bought into and is implementing what has already been designed and acted upon as a global depopulation policy. When he tries to organize for this insane reduction in carbon emissions, he has fully bought into this British Royal Family genocide program.

So the effects are going to be there, however conscious Jerry Brown may be of the full origins of this policy,—I don’t know how much it even matters at this point. But the effects are going to be real. He’s right now acting as a tool, in his actions, of these people and of these policies. And so the lives of the people of California, the lives of the people of the West, depend on getting Jerry Brown out of there, as Mr. LaRouche said earlier today. Get Obama out, you can have Jerry Brown go out with him.

The Water Is There!

And with that shift, we have the policies, we have the programs: We can address the water issue. I think it’s a little bit ironic, and somewhat useful, that right now what’s being claimed as the basis for reaching the end of growth, is the issue of water. When the entire planet is covered in water, they’re saying that mankind has reached the limits of growth because we’re running out of water! And then, some cities say, “Well, we can just pull that out of the oceans here.” And Jerry Brown says, “No, no! You can’t do that, we’re not going to let you do that. We’re out of water. You didn’t hear what I said!” It’s insane.

They’re claiming that we’re out of water, and that’s the reason that we’ve reached the limit to growth, when in reality, this is one of the most easily accessible expressions for what natural resources really are for mankind: They’re not self-defined; they’re not finite; they’re a function of mankind’s capabilities! Maybe hundreds of years ago, with the ability we had at that time, sure, we couldn’t support a population of tens of millions of people in California. Now we can support a larger population than that, because we can manage the water supplies we need, to ensure that the cyclical aspects of the water system are large enough and intense enough to support the population of California and the West at a growing and accelerating rate.

The unfinished Huntington Beach, California desalination plant

And as we’ve discussed, the frontier issue we have in dealing with this now, is the galactic perspective, the galactic principle. At the same time that these fools are saying we’ve reached the limits to growth, at exactly the same time, we’re right now, in recent years, in recent decades, getting completely new insights into how what we thought were basic water systems, are being controlled by our galaxy! We’re understanding that; we’re actually understanding the role of our entire galactic system, as an active force shaping the conditions we experience on Earth.

That’s an awesome thought, that mankind is doing that: We’re conceptualizing this massive system, containing billions of stars like our Sun, operating as a massive, coherent structure, in ways we can’t even explain today,—that we don’t fully understand. But we can begin to get an insight into that structure, that system, how that subsumes the Earth, how that subsumes the climate and the water systems. We’re now developing an understanding of that, but in a way that can allow us to manage those conditions, to manage how the atmospheric moisture behaves, so to speak. We’re getting insights into how this galactic influence shapes and modulates the activity of atmospheric moisture. That’s critical: Atmospheric moisture is the source of all water on land. All of our water supplies depend upon these atmospheric moisture flows. If we can begin to tap into methods of affecting those, controlling those, and managing those, you’re providing a completely new perspective on the reality of the fact that there are no limits to growth for mankind.

So I think it’s incredibly ironic that these degenerates, either genocidal individuals, or fools that buy into this propaganda of these genocidalists,—are saying that we’re right now reaching the limits to growth; that California has to be depopulated; we have to stop the development of California, because we’ve reached the limit to water supplies,—at exactly the time we’re looking at the potential to completely revolutionize how mankind understands his relationship to the planet Earth, from the standpoint of acting from a galactic perspective, a galactic standpoint.

So I think that defines the battle lines rather clearly, and I think it goes without saying, which side Prometheus would be on, at this point. It may not be fire we’re having here—it’s water. But I think he would be fully inclined to be supportive.

[1] For more, see “War, the Oligarchy and the Ancient Myth of Overpopulation,” by Theodore J. Andromidas, EIR, May 3, 2013.

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