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This article appears in the March 31, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Insurrection Against the President,
and Its British Controllers—Or,
Who Really Is George Soros, Anyway?

by Barbara Boyd

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March 21—A frantic effort by British Empire imperialists is now fully underway in the United States and internationally. It aims to crush the potential, represented by the Trump Presidency, a potential which could consign these elites and their murderous post-World War II “New World Order” to the dustbin of history. This is the strategic analysis of Lyndon LaRouche, who has studied and analyzed the machinations of this grouping for decades.

Against the screams daily emanating from their controlled media and the men and women of Davos, an actual engine for economic growth has been unleashed on the world by China, in an alliance with Russia and India, joined most recently by Japan. Unleashing a wave of hope throughout the developing world, this alliance could, if joined by the United States, usher in a new boundless human renaissance.

Since September 2013, China has undertaken a huge infrastructure-building project, ripe with the potential to transform entire underdeveloped, forsaken, or war ravaged areas of the Earth into modern, beautiful cities and productive economies. This grand design of great projects, for which Lyndon LaRouche has campaigned internationally for more than forty years, is now being built. It is the largest worldwide infrastructure project ever undertaken by human beings. Russia, China, and India are also turning their imaginations to near space exploration, intent on exploring and developing the moon where, among other wonders, the possibility for rapid development of fusion energy to power the Earth and future space travel beckons.

China’s President Xi Jinping asked the United States to join this effort; Barack Obama adamantly refused, opting instead for a series of hostile actions which can only be described as a New Cold War.

White House Photo
President Trump delivering his first message to a Joint Session of Congress, Feb. 28, 2017.

The enemies of global development—and now the enemies of President Donald Trump—have been called the “Deep State” by Trump’s allies. We prefer not to elevate their incompetence, corruption, and failed policies in this report. We refer to them, instead, as the “Blimps”—short for British Liberal Imperialists.

These are the bankers of Wall Street and the City of London, allied with old European dynasties, particularly Queen Elizabeth’s House of Windsor, who brought Hitler and Mussolini to power on behalf of the British geopolitical goal of conquering Eurasia, starting with Russia. When that failed, they first played with the idea of dropping a nuclear bomb on the Soviet Union and then launched the Cold War “containment” policy announced by Winston Churchill at Fulton, Missouri on March 5, 1946.1 After the fall of the Soviet Union, they looted Russia and all the other former Soviet states. Now that a true Russian leader has emerged again, they are ringing Russia with hostile states, many of them created by “color revolutions,” and new-generation nuclear weapons, which the Russians and many informed scientists in the United States rightly believe, could represent a “First Strike” capability.2 Thus, the world sits on the hair-trigger for thermonuclear war.

After Franklin Roosevelt’s death, the Blimps destroyed classical culture, the spark for the development of human creative genius, in the name of the Cold War. They dismantled the economy which Roosevelt had built, touting the exercise as “controlled disintegration,” and left in its wake the post-industrial rubble of the so-called gig and information economy, dominated by drugs, reality television, violent video games, gangsta rap, and magical thinking.

As of this writing, voters in the United States, in Britain, and in Italy, have decisively rejected the Blimps twin nostrums of free trade and globalism, alleged to be the civil-society foundations of all modern “democratic” states. Since the financial crisis of 2008, the Blimps have simply continued and expanded their savage assault against the living standards of their populations and the laws of physical economic progress, while enriching themselves. Their doomed financial system could blow up at any moment, unleashing unimaginable and worldwide social chaos. The idea that Donald Trump would join the United States with Russia, China, and India in a new paradigm for economic development, is seen, correctly, by them, as a deadly threat to their existence.

That said, the worldwide freak-out of the elites over Trump is fairly unprecedented for living generations. Put simply, the Blimps have openly threatened to kill Trump and go to war against what they see as the emergent threat against them from what China, Russia, India, and Japan are accomplishing in Eurasia. Newspapers in both Germany and Britain—Die Zeit and the Spectator—have openly opined that Trump will (and must) be removed by any means necessary, even if it means assassination. Such talk is said to now be routine on the Washington, D.C. cocktail party circuit. Various Hollywood figures, including the appropriately named Snoop Dogg, have pantomimed the President’s assassination in widely circulated snuff videos.

The lead feature article in the London Spectator on Jan. 21, 2017, the day after President Trump’s inauguration.

And, as Trump said in a television interview recently (sending the Blimps into a rage fit), they have killed, repeatedly, since Franklin Roosevelt’s death.

The most recent and coldly “professional” illustration of this practice is Barack Obama. Armed with “baseball card profiles” of alleged terrorists, provided by his would-be grand inquisitor, the ghoulish3 John Brennan, Obama engaged in ritual killings by drone every Tuesday afternoon, bragging that he was “good at it.” Brennan’s competence, in providing profiles for America’s first President to routinely act as summary executioner, can be gauged by the fact that he spent much of his career in the CIA as the gopher for George Tenet. Tenet is the guy who claimed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, calling that conclusion a “slam dunk.” Such is the criminal mind of the Blimps.

The Blimps have also unleashed their entire modern black-propaganda apparatus, dating from the post- World War I interval, in the hopes of suckering the masses into an enraged “color revolution” against the President, all under the tutelage of the color revolution-trained activists and Democratic Leadership Council-spawned “thought” leaders, who took over the Democratic Party fully after Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.

To defeat them, we Americans need to learn our own suppressed revolutionary history, particularly the principles contained within the Public Credit System enunciated by Alexander Hamilton, and the modern scientific enrichment of those principles as developed by Lyndon LaRouche over the last forty-five years. These are the proven principles which have served America for more than two centuries. These ideas drove the sustained economic and scientific progress found in Hamilton’s early United States, during the Lincoln Administration, and during the recovery and war mobilization led by Roosevelt. They were fundamentally advanced by LaRouche’s breakthrough discoveries providing the scientific metrics for sustained economic and social progress. They are encapsulated in LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery.

We also must exploit the two glaring vulnerabilities of the decadent, post-World War II “New World Order,” created by the Blimps.

John McCain cites Trump’s violations of that “Order” as the casus belli for the insurrection now underway against the President.4 The chief vulnerability of that Order is its complete disregard for the fundamental laws of physical economic science. Addicted to monetary gambling, it simply does not know how to build an economy capable of sustained social and economic progress. It banks its survival on continued enslavement of subject populations through propaganda, dumbed-down education, entertainment, drugs, and perpetual wars. Like Rome—the imperial model for this modern-day British Empire—it is doomed to fail. The issue is whether the entire human race vanishes with it in a nuclear catastrophe.

The second vulnerability is found in the criminal anti-human history of the New World Order itself. If understood fully by the population—if the smoke and mirrors magic show stops—the Blimps are doomed. This short primer aims to be the first step in an urgent educational process.

I. President Trump and the Deep State, a.k.a.
   The Modern British Empire

Breitbart has been running a tongue-in-cheek series under the byline “Virgil” featuring minutes of the “Deep State’s” permanent campaign against Donald Trump. It envisions a Deep State Central Committee, a guerilla division of protesters, a media division, a culture division, and so on. While simplistic and satirical, it is not wrong.

The Deep State, as defined by the writers who actually created the term, is the post-World War II entity consisting of Wall Street and London’s banks and law firms, the state intelligence agencies they created and staffed, controlled corporate media, foundations, and think-tanks—a structure which intersects organized crime and certain sponsored politicians. It produces “deep” and universally destabilizing events in society, such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy, from which it apparently emerges unscathed.

Since Franklin Roosevelt’s death, this entity’s credo has been neoliberalism, a nihilistic, godless “philosophy” which promotes existentialism, pessimism, and a form of “freedom” which amounts to nothing more than personal narcissism, whether it be in the form of Ayn Rand’s “egotism” or the self-realization mantras of the professional class. Having killed God, the random “free market” is alleged to reign over and determine the affairs of human beings. It seeks open borders (so that human labor can be had at the lowest possible wage) and free trade (so that goods might be produced at the cheapest price without regard to developing the economy or labor). That philosophy is otherwise embodied in Barack Obama’s imperial dictum: “We set the rules,” and in the failed economic nostrums of Friedrich von Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, and Milton Friedman.

Shortly after World War I, the Anglo-American elite set out to control the world through the manipulation of public opinion and associated models of fake democracy. The American Century Project envisioned by Henry Luce set out various models of socially engineered control of the population, all of them conducted under the claim that the population was democratically “choosing” its fate.5 This is a modern update of the ancient oligarchic model of society in which an elite continually plunders a backward population. Imagine, if you will, a lizard, a venomous Gila Monster which is able to change its colors, like a chameleon. Hitler, for example, conducted popular referenda to support his earliest controversial proposals. Today, George Soros’ “Open Society,” by reducing the world to small “communitarian” enclaves which replicate a feudal system, is but the latest version of the monster.

The United States, despite what you learned in school, was never intended to be a pure democracy. Our forefathers attacked that idea as nothing better than dictatorship by mob, the types of mobs which they had seen repeatedly manipulated by the British Empire. Our Constitution stipulates that we are a Republic, in which an educated and engaged citizenry is supposed to deliberate on the policies of government through elected representatives, in a dialogue led by the President and circumscribed by the Constitution. As Benjamin Franklin noted, “we have given you a Republic, if you can keep it.”

The list of documented coups and bloodbaths undertaken by the Blimp “democrats” since the end of World War II includes Iran, Guatemala, Indonesia, Pakistan, Viet Nam, Brazil, the Balkans, Georgia, the Philippines, Panama, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Malaysia, most of Central and South America, and, most recently, Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen. Yemen right now is getting the full treatment: horrific genocide, ruthless austerity, and bombing of the country back to the most primitive state of society. The entire continent of Africa has been the scene of similar genocidal warfare and raw materials looting, with child soldiers impressed into the killing. The economies of Mexico, Central America, and most of South America have been turned into outsourced and isolated cheap-labor manufacturing villages surrounded by the production and transportation infrastructure for drugs—the profits from which fuel the Ponzi scheme otherwise known as Wall Street and the City of London.

Numerous political leaders have been assassinated. The Blimps claim credit for some and deny others. The list includes Patrice Lumumba, Aldo Moro, Indira Gandhi, Salvador Allende, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X. They have murdered pro-development bankers, such as Germany’s Alfred Herrhausen, who openly challenged the zero growth and austerity regimes of the IMF and World Bank, the Blimps’ collection agencies.

While “Deep State” may be the moniker du jour for this leviathan, Lyndon LaRouche provides a clearer and more precise definition when he calls it the modern British Empire.

Trump’s Sin

Donald Trump’s “offense” is that he came out swinging against ideas which the Blimps had spent every day, since Franklin Roosevelt’s death on April 12, 1945, establishing as official American orthodoxy.

Don’t believe the phony sympathy and outrage about refugees. The bombs of the Blimps and their sponsored drug and terrorist gangs created the refugee crisis, and the Trump critics were nowhere to be found as thousands died in the Mediterranean or were killed by drug gangs in Central America. Don’t believe the Blimps’ orchestrated outrage about race. Yes, the Trump campaign pandered to the “southern strategists” of the Republican Party with dog whistles, but those incidents are not of the magnitude claimed. Our cities and surrounding suburbs have been frozen in segregated grids for years. Our inner cities are decayed relics of some former civilization and have been that way for decades. “Race” is simply a “card” in the corrupt and cynical games played by these people, a “card” to be played. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and their Democratic Leadership Council—spawned by the Senator of “Benign Neglect” Daniel Patrick Moynihan—are hardly in a position to complain about opportunistic racism.6 Indeed, on behalf of their zero population growth mandates, the Blimps have killed and culled whole populations for almost a century.

CNN screen capture
CNN played a leading role in spreading the view that it is a cardinal sin to negotiate with Russia.

No, Donald Trump committed his cardinal sin when he said he was open to negotiating with Russia’s Putin, and compared Putin’s strong leadership of his country unfavorably to Barack Obama’s weaknesses. He compounded that by defending the sovereign nation state system against the globalist vision of world government. He linked economic collapse to the collapse of culture. He declared a war on drugs, albeit without the appropriate emphasis, yet, on the role of the money-laundering Wall Street banks. He also endorsed Glass-Steagall banking separation, which would bring the Blimps’ casino economy to a halt. He spoke about advancing science—exploring space again and conquering diseases.

Then, on March 20 and March 21, 2017, Trump committed the gravest offense of all, directly embracing the “American System” of political economy, the economic science which actually built the United States and which the Blimps thought they had completely replaced by their free trade and globalist New World Order. All of this represents a deadly strategic threat to the Blimps.

President Trump inherited a very sick foreign policy apparatus called the “Washington consensus,” which spans both political parties. The strategic objectives are the same—the only differences concern tactics. George Bush favored all-out wars; Obama liked to use “soft power,” killer special forces, and bombs.

The “consensus” endorses Samuel Huntington’s disastrous “clash of civilizations” thesis, inclusive of the neocon, Israeli “clean break” doctrine for the Middle East. This allies the United States with the actual sponsors of terrorism, the perpetrators of 9/11—British sponsored Wahhabi Saudi and other Gulf State fundamentalists. The Blimps are mired in the “zero-sum” British geopolitical mandates dating from the nineteenth century, from Sir Halford Mackinder’s dictum that conquest of Eurasia is the key to controlling the world. In their American Century doctrine, the consensus insists that the Blimps must remain the world hegemon, and will kill everyone and anyone who threatens that status. Michael Ledeen, who calls himself a universal fascist, suitably represents this apparatus.

EIRNS/Stuart Lewis
Michael Ledeen calls himself a universal fascist.
British Empire apologist John Maynard Keynes.

Trump also inherited the Wall Street-funded and corrupted politicians in both political parties who spout failed British economic ideas, whether those of the British-spawned Milton Friedman or the British Empire’s apologist, John Maynard Keynes. The models, although seemingly divergent, end at the same place: Malthusian negative population growth, falling rates of human productivity, and imperial control of populations through culture. These alien monetarist ideas have nothing to do with creating sustained development of the physical economy and development of the productive powers of labor, the preoccupations of Alexander Hamilton, Lyndon LaRouche, and now the Chinese in their great One Belt, One Road project.

To win, the President must kick over the Blimps’ Washington devil’s chessboard completely. There is no money to realize an infrastructure program which could actually create jobs and restart the economy under the prevailing banking and budgetary axioms. Moreover, the powder keg which is the Wall Street/London bubble economy could explode at any moment. Glass-Steagall must be in place before that happens. At the same time, the Bush and Obama leftovers, together with London and London’s NATO allies, remain on a war course with Russia, and it is the President’s suggestions for peace that have made him the chief target of the present McCarthyite hysteria.

If President Trump accepts President Xi Jinping’s offer for a deal in which China actually helps create productive jobs in the United States, and the U.S., in turn, focuses its productive energies toward developing the world rather than looting it—while both join in exploring space on behalf of the future of all mankind—then, the devil’s chessboard gets kicked over completely. A grand strategy for creating a new human renaissance emerges in its wake.

Neoliberalism Defined

A full taxidermy of the Blimps is well beyond the scope of the present report. LaRouche and his associates have written about them, exposed them, and fought directly against them for decades. Rather, we will concentrate, in the space provided, on giving you a horrible taste, if you will, of the truly rotten ideas constituting “democracy,” “individual freedom,” “free markets,” “civil society,” and the “arts,” as construed by the Blimps.

If you are one of the decent humans, whose good heart is presently being manipulated through the monster image of this President created for you by the Blimps, we hope this report will stop you in your tracks. We hope you can begin to think clearly about the present situation. On the other side of the coin, if you find yourself endlessly and mechanically making connectos, following George Soros’ money in the context of the U.S. political situation, we hope to show you just who this economic and cultural hitman actually is, who he works for, and most important, how to defeat him and his bosses. George Soros, so pilloried by Republicans as the ultimate enemy because of his massive early funding of Obama, actually lives and acts by the dictates of von Hayek, Friedman, and von Mises. These are, of course, the evil, British-spawned economists who are worshipped as geniuses and wunderkinder by the Conservative Revolutionists now running the former party of Abraham Lincoln. But, we are getting ahead of ourselves.

The biggest dividing line in this battle is what people think about the fundamental nature of human beings. If you believe we are no better than beasts, unable to discern and express universal and profound truths about man and nature, you are on the side of the Blimps. If, however, you believe that we actually participate in God’s creation—that humans, uniquely, unlike animals, can discover universal physical principles and derive technologies from them, thereby increasing our “ecological potential,”—you are the enemy of the Blimps. Having declared yourself human, now, Lyndon LaRouche would say, you have to learn to use your mind like a boxer uses his or her fists.

Our report is in three parts. First, we will sketch the array of forces in action against Donald Trump since approximately June 2016, when he secured the Republican nomination. Not surprisingly, this operation is book-ended by the direct actions of British intelligence and represents the same forces and techniques which have been employed by the Blimps in their other “color revolutions,” most recently in Ukraine.

Next, we will use the revelations about the Blimps which were documented in the 1967-1975 period in the United States, and isolate some additional developments in 1981-83, to sketch just what this New World Order, violated by Trump, is, provably, all about. We will deal with the evolution of their post-World War I propaganda and psychological warfare apparatus and its fruition in the fascist movements of Europe. We will sketch their post-World War II “democracy” model, put into place after the death of Franklin Roosevelt and sustained by the same psychological warfare and propaganda operations. We will see how that evolved into the disastrous “post-industrial” and “information” societies, which continue, today, to cannibalize our people and our potential on behalf of the City of London and Wall Street.

Finally, we will present two case studies in the modern form of counterinsurgency operations against nations and individuals deemed hostile to the Blimps: the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and one of its funders and grantees, George Soros. They work together. Whatever the Russians are accused of doing with respect to our elections is chump change when compared to what the U.S. has done, through Soros and the NED, in engineering regime change in country after country throughout the world, all in the name of “free” elections. If someone is elected whom the Blimps have not supported, they are summarily overthrown in a “color revolution” by the NED. Soros has functioned, in most respects, simply as a glorified bagman in these operations.

The techniques employed in those “revolutions,” the cartoonish evil monster-image of the target; the use of various color and other symbols to unify a population whose rage has been focused on the target; twenty-four-hour-a-day propaganda incitement by a controlled media; and the complete lack of an actual political program or alternative leadership to that of the target (since succession and program are being arranged in Washington or London), are now on full display against President Trump.

‘The Russians Have Landed’—Whoops, It’s the British, Once Again

According to the “narrative” provided by the media to the American population, around June 2016, two weeks after Donald Trump was declared the Republican nominee, the Democratic National Committee discovered that its computers had been “hacked.” It immediately called in a private company, “CrowdStrike,” which declared the source of the attacks to be Russian, particularly Russian state entities.

On July 22, shortly before the Democratic Party convention, Wikileaks published internal Democratic National Committee documents which showed that the DNC was conspiring to destroy the candidacy of Clinton’s rival, Bernie Sanders. Barack Obama’s DNC Chairman, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, was forced to resign over the ensuing scandal, along with other DNC employees. In October, Wikileaks published emails from John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and the leader of the Center for American Progress, the “idea” factory for the Obama Administration. The Podesta emails elaborated on Hillary Clinton’s fawning Wall Street speeches and the scummier financial dealings of the Clinton Foundation. They also showed that Donna Brazile, a commentator for CNN and the then Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party, who is also a creature of the NED, helped Hillary cheat in the CNN-sponsored Presidential debates, by feeding her questions beforehand.

CNN spreading propaganda that Russia helped President Trump win the election.
CNN screen capture

In an obvious attempt to deflect from the damaging proof that Obama and Clinton were, in fact, rigging the election, and had functioned as the corrupt tools of Wall Street and the British, the Clinton campaign played the “Putin demon” black propaganda card. It is important to emphasize that the dangerous propaganda campaign for war with Russia was already in high gear when the Wikileaks documents appeared. Most informed observers believe that if Hillary Clinton had been elected, she would immediately have acted upon her bellicose rhetoric, putting the entire human race at risk in the process. Typical is the Washington Post signal opinion piece by the NED’s Carl Gershman in October 2016, calling upon the establishment to “summon the will” to overthrow Putin.7 This war drive began following Obama’s coups in Libya and Ukraine, and Putin’s responsive interventions in Crimea and Syria.8

The NED’s Carl Gershman called for the overthrow of Russian President Putin in October 2016.
John Podesta, former chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and former counselor to Barack Obama.

There are several anomalies lurking beneath the surface in the media’s official “narrative” about the alleged Russian hack attack:

1. It has never been established that whatever happened at the DNC or to John Podesta’s gmail account had anything to do with the damning Wikileaks releases.

2. CrowdStrike is run by a violently anti-Putin Russian émigré, the Atlantic Council’s Dmitri Alperovitch, and one George Kurtz. Kurtz is a personal computer security veteran who founded CrowdStrike as a special project of the long-standing Blimp investment entity known as Warburg Pincus. CrowdStrike has multiple security contracts with U.S. and foreign intelligence agencies. The DNC refused to let the FBI examine the hacked computers and relied solely on CrowdStrike for its forensics and conclusions. The rest of the intelligence community appears to have done the same. Alperovitch alleged, shortly thereafter, that the same hacking gear used by the Russians to hack the DNC had also been used by the Russians to hack various guidance systems of Ukrainian government missiles in Ukraine, a claim that was instantly debunked by almost the entire international computer security community.

3. One of the alleged internal alarms at the DNC that there was something wrong with its computers was the April 2016 report of staffer and consultant Alexandra Chalupa that her computer had been hacked. She was allegedly investigating the ties of then Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to Russia and Putin, working with “journalists” and intelligence officials in Ukraine to discredit Manafort and Trump. In other words, she was a Clinton opposition research consultant—in the vernacular an “oppo” operative gathering intelligence against Hillary’s rival for the presidency—working with Ukrainian and other intelligence agencies, who otherwise collaborate with MI6, the CIA, and with George Soros and the NED’s Project Democracy apparatus.

4. Clinton’s oppo efforts, massively funded by her PACs, involved collaboration, even at this point, with active or former Anglo-American intelligence agents. The allegations concerning Chalupa’s computer were initially used to fuel the bogus media campaign against Manafort, who was then Trump’s campaign chairman. Manafort’s alleged “sin” was that he, like Tony Podesta, John Podesta’s brother, did public relations work for Viktor Yanukovych, the duly elected President of Ukraine, and also lobbied, legally, for some Russian clients. Subsequent media attacks on Manafort, based on never proven “illicit Russian ties,” forced his resignation from Trump’s campaign. As previously noted, Yanukovych was overthrown in 2014 by Obama, in a color revolution coup which used neo-Nazis as violent “special forces.”

5. The FBI and the intelligence community initially didn’t buy the Obama/Clinton “oppo” line about Russian interference in the elections and deep Trump ties to Russia. The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, for example, stated that he did not know “what all the hyperventilation is about.” Clapper alluded to the fact that cyberwar is simply what state intelligence agencies do, the U.S. included. Clapper also knows that the U.S. has intervened to rig elections throughout the world and was probably chary to open that door, absent significant preparation. So, after their initial Putin demon gambit landed with a public thud, and put, ironically, war and peace squarely on the public’s agenda, Clinton and Obama produced yet more leaks from anonymous sources. They claimed that election systems in Illinois and Arizona had been hacked by the Russians, and that the Russians were the source of major hacks at media organizations including the New York Times and CNN. These stories appeared and disappeared from public view in short order.

Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

According to media accounts, and FBI Director Comey’s testimony on March 20, 2017, the FBI opened a counter-intelligence investigation in July 2016, into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia and Russian “interference” in the election. The media accounts state that it had been abandoned by October for lack of evidence. Comey stated in his March 20 Congressional testimony simply that it had opened in July and continued. A counter-intelligence investigation often involves targeted surveillance and national security wiretaps which cannot be discussed under the law. The penalty for disclosure is ten years in prison. Under Executive Order 12333, governing much of this type of surveillance, officials can lie about its existence in order to protect, “sources and methods.”

James Comey, Jr., Director of the FBI.

This lack of official steam, together with candidate Trump’s deep skepticism about the whole operation, were entirely warranted. Former NSA whistleblowers and computer security experts contested the claims of Russian hacking. Wikileaks stated that its source for the documents was not Russia, but an insider, a whistleblower. Former U.S. intelligence professionals, including the NSA’s William Binney and the CIA’s Ray McGovern provided a detailed report supporting Wikileaks’ whistle-blower claims. During this period, numerous other computer security analysts pointed to flaws in CrowdStrike’s analysis. Among the more interesting were those noting that state security cyberwar typically relies on intercepts, rather than hacks—pointing to the famous Russian recording of the State Department’s Victoria Nuland dictating that her “Yats” would replace Yanukovych as Ukraine’s leader in a conversation which also included her famous admonition to “fuck the EU.”

The biggest and smelliest anomaly in the concocted media narrative, however, is the Guardian story of January 7, 2017, and a similar story in the New York Times, which noted that British intelligence, specifically GCHQ, “alarmed” about the Trump campaign’s “pro-Russian” stance and contacts, tipped off U.S. intelligence that the DNC had been hacked, back in Autumn of 2015. If that is true, then Obama and the DNC knew about the alleged hacks months before revealing them and, if you believe their own “narrative,” did absolutely nothing about them.

6. In October and November 2017 a new escalation of the Trump/Putin demonization campaign was begun. A dodgy and salacious dossier was circulated from the Obama/Clinton opposition research team, claiming that the President-elect engaged in perverse sexual acts while in Russia, and could be blackmailed by Putin as a result. The dossier amplified public statements by candidate Clinton and a Washington, D.C. whisper campaign to the effect that Donald Trump was a “Manchurian candidate,” a Putin puppet. By October 29, Harry Reid had already gone before Congress to declare that the FBI was withholding devastating information about the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, and that he had received classified briefings about the matter. The dodgy dossier also provided numerous allegations to back up the phony Russian election “interference” claims, as well as providing new claims about Manafort’s alleged Russian ties. The dodgy dossier had so little credibility that most media outlets, who otherwise bit on every hysterical morsel fed to them about Trump, refused to publish it.

7. But then, in January, Buzzfeed, which had frequently published raw Clinton/Obama “oppo” stories, published the fake dodgy dossier in full. The U.S. intelligence community, particularly Obama’s ghoulish grand inquisitor, CIA head John Brennan, proceeded to give it credibility by leaking that both President-elect Trump and President Obama had been briefed on its contents.

The author of the dodgy dossier was Christopher Steele, a “former” British intelligence agent who, the Guardian reported, once headed the Russian desk of MI6, and now was on contract to the Clinton oppo team. Thus, the effort to delegitimize the Trump Presidency emanated from the highest levels of Anglo-American intelligence—the authors of endless coups and political assassinations. It was accompanied by a “unanimous” but factless public “official assessment” by the U.S. intelligence community (reportedly dragging both the FBI and the NSA reluctantly along). It “assessed” that Putin had personally directed a hacking campaign to interfere with the election and tip it in Trump’s favor. Rather than provide facts to back this “assessment,” the appendix to the official report is an attack on Russian press outlets, particularly RT (, for successful “propaganda” efforts in the United States. As we shall see, this targeting, which seemed so McCarthyite and plainly weird at the time, was hardly accidental.

The Democrats, the news media, and Blimp Republicans, led by McCain and Graham, went berserk, demanding special prosecutors and Congressional investigations, and sneering that “other shoes” were about to drop. Democratic Senator Mark Warner, his voice shaking, and looking in every respect like the overgrown adolescent that he is, solemnly declared that investigating and pumping these allegations was the most important moment of his life. Other Democrats and allied media, like the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman, having clearly lost it, claimed that Russia had committed an “act of war,” presumably seeking to invoke Article 5 of the NATO treaty.

8. On March 1, 2017, the New York Times revealed that Obama and his national security colleagues had spent the months after the election dropping a trail of “leads” in official documents, and leaking information in the effort to destroy Trump and to continue their policies against Russia and China.

There were two publicly known and extremely significant Obama Administration actions in this process. On December 24, 2016, Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes the “Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act.” It aims to mobilize the entire government, U.S. media, academia, NGOs, and foreign partners and allies to “expose and counter” foreign propaganda and disinformation directed against U.S. national security interests and “proactively advance fact-based narratives that support United States allies and interests.” The primary target for this black propaganda, fake news offensive is the population of the United States. During the Reagan Administration, such activities were called Active Measures and, at least legally, confined to foreign targets.

The NDAA’s incredible Orwellian assault on the First Amendment was preceded by a November 25, 2016 Washington Post story publishing the names of several media outlets, which it labeled Russian propaganda fronts. The list of media outlets smeared as Russian agents was provided by an anonymous group tied to the government and calling themselves “Prop or Not.” The list included not only RT and Sputnik, but also Consortium News, Breitbart, the Drudge Report, Truthout and other “left” critics of Obama,, and the Ron Paul Institute. In short, just about everyone who had criticized the Obama/Clinton war drive against Russia.9 Facebook and other social media outlets immediately launched initiatives to censor and curtail “fake news.”

Obama complained bitterly throughout the election campaign that Americans had displayed a disturbing propensity to believe the Russians, rather than Obama, on issues of war and peace. This is hardly a shocking development based on repeated and demonstrable lies by his and like American administrations concerning the war in Viet Nam, 9/11, the war in Iraq, the war in Syria, the coup in Ukraine, the coup and assassination of Qadaffi in Libya, the terrorist assault on Benghazi, the mass surveillance state exposed by Edward Snowden, etc. Based on Obama’s bizarre public comments, it appears that he already knew that his administration’s active measures program, described by Cass Sunstein as “cognitively infiltrating” the brains of domestic opponents, was simply not working.10

Then, on December 15, 2016, DNI James Clapper signed new procedures allowing the NSA to distribute raw intercept data throughout the entire intelligence community. These procedures became official on January 3, 2017 when Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed off on them. The revision had been in the works for over a year. At issue is modification of secret procedures under E.O. 12333, deemed by Edward Snowden and others as the most significant authority for our present, completely unconstitutional, surveillance state. Previously, the NSA was required to filter and redact information regarding U.S. citizens monitored in foreign counterintelligence activities. Thus, officials who have been leaking raw intercept data about Trump to the national news media could claim some degree of immunity from prosecution under the combined legal impact of the NDAA and the revised E.O. 12333. Moreover, any search for leakers became infinitely more difficult.

The New York Times and other outlets have constantly referred to leaked intercepts or FISA warrants over the course of their demonization campaign against Trump. In some cases, the claims involved two alleged applications to the FISA court about Trump and his associates, one of them turned down, the other resulting in a surveillance order in October. The FBI, through the Justice Department’s National Security Division, makes these secret requests pursuant to counterintelligence and terrorism investigations. The first, right after the DNC hacking allegations emerged, was allegedly too broad even for the FISA Court, which seldom turns down applications. That application, if it exists, could prove significant in showing the sources and intentions of the conspirators against Trump. The October warrant application was reportedly narrowed to a server which allegedly was tied to allegations concerning the Trump campaign’s contacts with two Russian banks. Other leaks simply refer to intercepts.

Most experts on the matter, including former NSA executive William Binney, former Ambassador Jack Matlock, and Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, agree that the most likely source of these leaks is raw NSA intercepts generated under E.O. 12333 or intercepts by GCHQ, the NSA’s British counterpart, which functions under E.O. 12333 without any of the constraints of U.S. law. GCHQ monitors the entire world’s communications channels through the cables on which they pass under the Atlantic. The British press reports that the head of GCHQ appears to have been mysteriously fired right in the midst of the Trump-Russia contretemps. Adding another piece to the puzzle, Wikileaks recently released the CIA’s hacking tool-chest which includes the ability to run “false-flag” operations. In other words, the CIA, MI6, and allied intelligence agencies have the ability to hack and leave a trail ascribing the hacks to other governments, such as Russia.

9. On March 4, 2017, the President interrupted the entire fake media narrative by tweeting that Obama had him “wiretapped” in Trump Tower prior to the election and that what was happening to him reeked of McCarthyism. The media, which had been publishing allegations about FISA warrants and intercepts of Trump or his associates for months, erupted in what has to be one the largest and most shameless demonstrations of the Big Lie ever known. They declared that Trump was offering wild claims with no evidence, essentially circling back on their very own reporting and labeling it, “fake news.”

As has been the case throughout the media’s war on Trump, the Tweet was deconstructed to its most literal and bizarre potential meaning. The media focused on the literal term “wiretapped,” declaring that the President was off his rocker and making unsubstantiated claims to the American public. By the media’s bizarre rendition, the President meant that Barack Obama himself surreptitiously entered Trump Tower and placed a physical tap on Trump’s phones. Other efforts to discredit the President’s claim, including statements by various intelligence officials and hostile Congressmen, are constructed around the literal interpretation that Trump himself, personally, was wiretapped rather than individuals or entities associated with him. In all of it, Trump’s truthful claim, that his presidential campaign and its associates were surveilled by the Obama Administration and that he is a victim of McCarthyism, gets deliberately lost in the daily news cycle.

Americans should remember that the intelligence community swore up and down, under oath, in testimony to Congress that there was no mass surveillance of the American population. Edward Snowden’s disclosures proved that claim, made under penalties of perjury, to be an out and out lie. Another fact lost in the blizzard of “commentary” is the consistent finding of the intelligence community that in all of their investigations, under whatever rubric they were conducted, they found absolutely no collusion whatsoever between the Trump campaign and Russia.

It is very unlikely that FBI Director Comey’s March 20, 2017 politically motivated revelation that the FBI counterintelligence investigation launched in July of 2016 is continuing, will change that fact. Comey had already briefed Congressional leaders about the results of that investigation up to the time of his testimony. Those briefings resulted in Congressional leaders stating there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The sole holdouts are Democrats, led by California Congressman Adam Schiff, who is now trying on the Joe McCarthy tin-foil hat before the TV cameras. Schiff looks every bit like a cross between Charlie Brown and a Conehead, with the grasping and crazy personality of Lucy Van Pelt. As a prosecutor, it took him three tries to convict the hapless former FBI agent Richard Miller of espionage, despite overwhelming and salacious evidence. In his statement at the House Intelligence Committee on March 20, he wove a tortured conspiracy theory relying for factual content exclusively on the British dodgy dossier. Schiff’s conspiracy theory was immediately labeled the Democrats’ “best case” by a fawning media.

Without evidence, California Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff maintains that there was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

10. Press Secretary Sean Spicer escalated the battle on March 16, 2017 by quoting a Fox News personality, Judge Andrew Napolitano, accurately pointing to Britain’s GCHQ as a major player in the attacks on the President. The Blimps collectively went wild over a direct attack directed at the appropriate target. As is often noted in investigations, guilt spills itself for fear of being spilt.

In other words, we are witnessing a very elaborate and dangerous British hoax which gambles the very future of our nation. The actual crimes, the violations of the law in leaking raw intercepts without redaction, the targeting of a political opponent by the Obama Administration (intelligence agencies have been trained for decades to provide deniability for the President in all of these operations), and the open collaboration of intelligence agencies with the Clinton presidential campaign, are intended to be covered up and forever hidden. The essential target of this campaign—the potential for an alliance with China, Russia, and Japan to develop the world—will, it is hoped, be wiped out forever.

Meanwhile, the mega-donor funders for Clinton and Obama, the participants with George Soros in the Democracy Alliance of billionaires, have taken their war against Trump to the streets. With the imaginations of gnats (remember they believe that the population’s deepest hopes and desires are nothing but algorithms to be exploited), they declared that they would re-enact the Tea Party movement, this time against Trump. An amalgam of parochial and “identity politics” special interests—gays, suburban professional women, Hollywood entertainment figures, upwardly mobile minorities, environmentalists, and the professional class of lawyers, accountants, journalists, and techies—now constitutes the Democratic Party’s base.11 The working class and farmers have been dumped entirely. This amalgam is now mobilized under the simple color revolution slogan, “resist.” Michael Moore has sallied forth to incite the more Jacobin and anarchist elements of this base. He incites by instructing that the duly elected President of the United States is to be treated like a

Since Obama’s election in 2008, a parallel structure built from that election has dominated Democratic politics. State chairs and traditional Democratic Party constituency leaders were largely ignored. The “working class” was abandoned in favor of an army of professionals and the entitled, all wrapped in the Hollywood glitz and glamor essential to Barack Obama’s endless preening of himself. Significant funding was put into training professional organizers for Organizing for Action, Move On, the Working Families Party, and other entities, by the billionaires of the Democracy Alliance, which includes George Soros as only one of its billionaire donors.

The programs for both Obama’s presidency and this artificial “movement” were produced out of John Podesta’s Center for American Progress. Permanent organizations operating under this flag have existed since 2008 on both coasts, dot the “swing states” and electoral college map, and have even expanded into traditional red-state areas like Texas, where all-out efforts were made in 2014 to exploit the “Hispanic demographic” which, it was claimed, would produce Democratic victories in the state.

This Obama/Democratic Leadership Council formation has left the Democratic Party in the worst shape in its entire historical existence. It has lost the Presidency, both houses of Congress, and almost every governorship in the United States. At the donors’ meetings which led to the present “resist” mobilization, it is reliably reported that the donors—fearing a complete split by Sanders supporters, who wanted real change and had been repeatedly kicked in the face by the “Democrats in Name Only” Obama apparatus—settled on the “resist” color-revolution strategy as a matter of pure survival. They have absolutely no positive program.

The Democracy Alliance trained its present street cadre in the “community control” and parochial incitement methods of Saul Alinsky, who also trained both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In recent years, Alinsky’s tactics have been supplemented with the psychological warfare techniques employed in various color revolutions. The demonstrations now sweeping the country are orchestrated by these people, exploiting genuine fears created by the monster image of Donald Trump elaborated every minute of the day by the nation’s media. The President is portrayed as “murderer” Putin’s crony, plunderer of women, killer of the dreams of immigrants and the vulnerable, authoritarian dictator to be—a rage-provoking cartoon addressed to the labile, the volatile, and the credulous.

CC/Mobilus In Mobili
Mega-donor funders for Hillary Clinton and Obama have taken their war against Trump to the streets. One example is the Jan. 21, 2017 Women’s March on Washington, shown here.

The scene is truly like falling through the rabbit-hole into Alice in Wonderland. Now, the otherwise imperiled and ideologically bankrupt Democratic Party leadership mans the barricades. A huge women’s march preceded the inauguration, featuring thousands of women in pink pussy-cat hats, allegedly protesting the President’s pro-life stance and “locker room” talk about pussy grabbing. Many participants were shocked as they found themselves enveloped in a variety of left-radical causes du jour, about which they know next to nothing.12 The very dirty Chuck Schumer and the doddering Nancy Pelosi daily incite the mob through an ever-receptive media who hang on their every word. Democratic women, hardly vestal virgins, showed up dressed all in white for the President’s address to Congress. The former Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, in a video posted to the website of the Democratic Senatorial Committee, invoked Selma and Bloody Sunday, and urged people to take the streets. The Washington Post, a Blimp house organ of the first order,13 appears with the creepy subhead in its logo, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

As Trump rightly insists, all of the theater we are witnessing has nothing to do with why Hillary Clinton lost the election. Hillary Clinton sealed her fate by calling Trump voters a racist, misogynist “batch of deplorables.” She adamantly refused to address the economic depression prevalent everywhere except in the enclaves of the professional and elite classes on the nation’s coasts, sticking to the demographic data computer-scenarios utilized by Obama. She campaigned against Glass-Steagall and tied herself completely to Barack Obama’s failed legacy. Clinton’s criminal idiocy was echoed by Barack Obama himself, who speechified about how he created an economic recovery—a declaration made as the U.S. death rate soared among boomers and gen-xers, as most formerly industrial states battled a drug and suicide epidemic, and as whole sections of his own former organizing turf in Chicago exploded in drug and gang related murders.14 There is only so long you can spit in peoples’ faces and call it rain.

LaRouche PAC organizers have found an open receptivity among the demonstrators, once the point is driven home that “resist” has absolutely no agenda for creating a productive economy, and that the issue driving the entire matter is the Blimps’ intention for a third world war. As Martin Luther King so eloquently noted, economic and social progress are the true measures of any society—the true mandate of Heaven.

II. Waking Up in Wonderland—
The Revelations of 1968-1975:
Fake News, Fake Culture

Lyndon LaRouche recounts that when he returned from World War II, he, like other veterans who fought heroically to vanquish fascism, suddenly found themselves in a mass-culture reeking of banality and conformity. “Get ahead. Make money. Don’t think big ideas—you’ll get in trouble.” Roosevelt’s optimistic sense of national purpose and the accompanying appetite for great deeds, big ideas, grand projects, and exploring the frontiers of science and the human mind, seemed, somehow, to be under massive, sustained assault, the full scope of which would only become clear many years later.

Some in the baby-boomer generation got a further glimpse into this process when they awoke, as young adults, to find that what they thought were their precious individual free thoughts, and what they thought were their “free” individual “choices”—those “modern” and avant-garde preferences for certain novels, movies, or music—had been manufactured for them by a bunch of bought and paid-for academics and artists working for Wall Street, the City of London, and their associated intelligence agencies.

CC/Mobilus In Mobili
More than one hundred people participated in the founding of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, in West Berlin, June 1950.

In 1966-1967, Ramparts Magazine and the New York Times revealed that the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF)—an institution of influential academics, writers, and musicians, including many people in the extremely significant New York City intelligentsia—were being funded by the CIA to shape and control public opinion both in the United States and abroad, nominally as part of the Cold War against the Soviet Union.

An uncontrolled culture and intelligentsia, it was argued, was a fertile ground for Communism, or the equally evil nationalism and neutralism, in the geopolitical battle being waged by the Anglo-Americans to control the world. According to Frances Stoner Saunders’ definitive history of the CCF,15 there is not a musician or artist from this entire period who was not influenced in some way by this operation.

Then, in 1971, a band of anti-war activists broke into the FBI offices in Media, Pennsylvania, purloining reams of FBI files. Some of these files bore the mysterious heading, “COINTELPRO,” or counterintelligence program. Shocking revelations of domestic political actions by the FBI and CIA designed to disrupt and control the emergent civil rights and anti-War movements followed, culminating in the Watergate scandal and the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon.

Through media exposés and Congressional hearings, Americans learned that the CIA and FBI had completely penetrated the trade unions in the United States and that the AFL-CIO’s international division, led by ex-Communist Jay Lovestone, a J.J. Angleton CIA operative, was a completely controlled intelligence entity. The revelations included J. Edgar Hoover’s infamous effort to induce Martin Luther King to commit suicide; murderous gang wars instigated by U.S. intelligence against the Black Panther Party; and other informant, provocateur, and financial warfare operations designed to destroy insurgent political organizations and psychologically shred their leaders. The FBI and CIA engaged in endless black bag burglaries, mail openings, and illegal electronic surveillance (the NSA’s “Operation Minaret”) to build salacious dossiers on every major political figure in the United States, wielding them, when appropriate, for blackmail purposes.

The CIA had also widely experimented with mass brainwashing techniques, including the use of psychotropic drugs for this purpose. After the Viet Nam War, it was also revealed that drugs from the Golden Triangle had been a major financing source for U.S. covert operations throughout Southeast Asia.

In the world at large, the United States with its British master, were revealed to be the masterminds of coups and myriad assassinations against any nation or leader not slavishly devoted to the Blimps. Nations which proclaimed themselves neutral or nationalist were targeted for coups and assassinations. Intellectuals who refused to join the anti-Red hysteria suddenly found themselves ostracized, broke, and alone.

The national news media of both Britain and the United States were exposed as active collaborators in these operations. In his groundbreaking 1977 Rolling Stone piece, Carl Bernstein cites more than 400 prominent journalists as CIA tainted, either as actual agents operating under journalistic cover, or as directly collaborating in Agency propaganda operations. While every major news outlet was implicated, the New York Times, Readers Digest, Henry Luce’s Time-Life, and CBS News, played the most significant roles. Bernstein emphasized that his count did not include the large stable of journalists who worked for the evil James J. Angleton, a British agent within the CIA. He noted that while these operations were a known fact, Angleton was meticulous in not creating a record.

The other major players in what the CIA’s Frank Wisner called the “Mighty Wurlitzer” orchestration of public opinion, were the Wall Street-centered foundations, most prominently the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, with which the CIA worked on many joint social experiments, very often sharing or switching funding back and forth. The CIA also ran foundations of its own, the most famous being the Fairfield Foundation which laundered CIA funds going to the CCF.

In Britain, the same investigations exposed the allied and infamous Information Research Department. The IRD involved journalists, editors, professors, scientists, and labor leaders working with MI5 and MI6 in counterinsurgency and propaganda operations targeting the populations of Britain and Western Europe, Africa, and Asia, generally, and the intelligentsia specifically.

World War I and the ‘Hitler Project’

This public opinion and social control apparatus had its first U.S. incarnation in the racist Woodrow Wilson Administration following World War I.16 It is firmly rooted in the counterinsurgency methods of British colonialism. Harold Laswell and Walter Lippmann pioneered the conscious applications of these methods in the United States by building a social science army which experimented, profiled, and polled human populations while mastering propaganda techniques in order, in Lippmann’s words, to “manufacture” popular democratic consent.

Walter Lippmann

Lippmann spent World War I at the British psychological warfare and propaganda headquarters in Wellington House, outside of London, in a group that included Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Eduard Bernays.17 In his book, Public Opinion, Lippman writes that it is through media, particularly modern mass communications like movies, that most people come to develop the “pictures in their heads” of themselves, of others, of their needs and purposes, and their relationships. He observes that people are more than willing to reduce complex problems to simplistic formulas, to form their opinion by what they believe others around them believe: Truth hardly enters into such considerations. Appearance of reports in the media confer the aura of reality upon those stories: If they weren’t factual, the average person believes, then why would they be reported?

People whose fame is built up by the media, such as movie stars, Lippmann argued, can become “opinion leaders,” with as much power to sway public opinion as political figures. He marveled at the power of movies. Words, or even a still picture, require an effort by a person to form a “picture in the mind.” But, with a movie, “the whole process of observing, describing, reporting, and then imagining is accomplished for you. Without much more trouble than is needed to stay awake, the result which your imagination is always aiming at is reeled off the screen.” Significantly, he cites D.W. Griffith’s propaganda film for the Ku Klux Klan, The Birth of a Nation, writing that no American will ever hear the name of the Klan again, “without seeing those white horsemen.”18

Popular opinion, Lippman writes, must ultimately be determined by the desires and wishes of an elite, rich, and superior social set, fundamentally international in scope, whose center is in London. But, the use of this instrument requires precision. “Public opinion must be organized for the press, not by the press.” The organizers must be a “specialized class” which operates through “intelligence bureaus.”

Similarly, Harold Laswell, who reviewed all propaganda efforts conducted by the state parties to World War I for his doctoral thesis, and was fascinated by the application of Freudian psychology to mass population control, wrote:

“The spread of literacy did not release the masses from ignorance and superstition but altered the nature of both and compelled the development of whole new techniques of control, largely through propaganda… [A propagandist’s] regard for men rests on no democratic dogmatisms about men being the best judges of their own interests. The modern propagandist, like the modern psychologist, recognizes that men are poor judges of their own interest… [Those with power must cultivate] sensitiveness to those concentrations of motive which are implicit and available for rapid mobilizations when the appropriate symbol is offered… [The propagandist is] no phrasemonger but a promoter of overt acts.”19

Lippman founded the New Republic magazine, deliberately modeled after the “Open Conspiracy” nostrums of H.G. Wells, and is considered to be the founder of modern journalism and communications theory.20 The U.S. studies in mass psychological manipulation in the inter-war period were almost entirely funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, although not without some opposition. Donald Slesinger, former dean of the University of Chicago, described its ideas as using a democratic “guise” to “tacitly accept the objectives and methods of a new form of authoritarianism… We have thought about fighting dictatorships by force through the establishment of dictatorship by manipulation,” he said. Joseph Willits, a Rockefeller officer, described these ideas as frankly “fascist.”21

These propaganda and social control techniques were further “weaponized” by both Anglo-American psychological warfare techniques utilized in World War II, and the fascist revolutions led by Hitler and Mussolini, but produced by Wall Street, London, and very old European oligarchic networks.

In 1923 and 1943, Time magazine featured Mussolini on its cover, and referred to him in articles as “Wonderful Benito.”

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in her groundbreaking study, The Hitler Book, thoroughly explores the Anglo-American and oligarchic roots of the German fascist phenomena. As she relates, the German economy was reduced to devastation by the terms of the Versailles Treaty. John Maynard Keynes, who negotiated the Versailles conditions, referred to the impossible reparations demands made on Germany as an experiment in “white slavery.” At the same time, a witches’ brew of synthetic belief structures was concocted through the mystical and racist Thule Society, the Anglo-American sponsored eugenics movement, the geopolitical theories of Mackinder and Karl Haushofer, and the synarchist Pan-European movement of Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. The insane “philosopher” Friedrich Nietzsche is a marker for the extreme, irrational pessimism fostered in the post- World War I German population under conditions of economic slavery.

The Conservative Revolution ideology ultimately embraced by Hitler was only one of several competing Nazi-Communist synthetic movements in the post-war period. Hitler won that competition over the national bolshevist “left” socialist current led by Georg Strasser. Neither would have been possible without the cultural murder of the spirit emanating from the Liberation Wars against Napoleon, and the German “classic” culture which accompanied them. The Congress of Vienna, the Carlsbad decrees, and the routing of Otto Bismarck, were all designed to kill the nascent German republican movement.

In Italy, a Venetian oligarchical group led by Count Piero Foscari and including Count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata, Count Vittorio Ciní, and many of the families constituting the former Venetian Council, sponsored and ran the Mussolini project. Mussolini’s controller was Volpi di Misurata, who was an open British agent. Volpi also coordinated U.S. and British financial support for the project with Montagu Norman. His color revolution began in 1922 when gangs of black-shirted thugs descended on Rome. The various propaganda themes utilized by Il Duce drew on the myth-making of Georges Sorel and Gabriele d’Annunzio, to sell the imperial model of Rome to a population hungry for relief from financial despair and the paralysis of government. The elites would protect the “little man” and lead him to glory.

As the LaRouche movement has repeatedly documented, the British elite and their American satraps on Wall Street, spent the 20s and early 30s building up fascist movements in Italy, Germany, Spain, and the United States. Of particular note were the actions of the Morgan, Harriman, and Du Pont interests. In 1926, for example, Morgan partner Thomas Lamont arranged a $100 million loan to Mussolini’s government. Henry Luce’s Time, Life, and Fortune magazines repeatedly lauded Mussolini, featuring him on Time’s covers in 1923 and 1943, while articles in Time called him “Wonderful Benito!”

Numerous books have been written about the Anglo-American sponsorship of the Nazi regime.22 John Foster Dulles, as a lawyer for the Morgans and the Rockefellers, patronized Hjalmar Schacht and the Thyssen industrial cartel until the mid-1940s. Prescott Bush, the scion of the Bush family, helped finance the Thyssen cartel through Union Bank, an instrument of Brown Brothers Harriman, got caught, and was outed under the Trading with the Enemy Act. The Harrimans sponsored Ernst Rudin, the Nazis’ race theorist, in lectures to their Eugenics Society here in the United States. The Bank of England’s Montagu Norman and Hjalmar Schacht were essential instruments in Hitler’s ascension to power and in the building of the Nazi war machine.

With what we now know about this sponsorship, it is difficult not to conclude that the touted propaganda campaigns of Joseph Goebbels and Hitler himself had an Anglo-American sponsorship. Leni Riefenstahl’s widely acclaimed movie Triumph of the Will, for example, presents Hitler as the ultimate kindly environmentalist. Goebbels claimed to be following British methods in scientific exploitation of propaganda in the Nazi state, and conducted polling and other studies in pursuit of his objective. Sefton Delmer, Lord Beaverbrook’s agent to the Nazis, was the only journalist Hitler allowed to travel with him prior to the outbreak of war. Delmer would go on to lead Britain’s black propagandia operations in World War II.

Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels said he used British methods.

The oligarchy’s fascist experiment blew up when their Frankenstein attacked England itself.

The Roosevelt Issue

Franklin Roosevelt was elected on an explicitly anti-Wall Street platform. He openly declared Wall Street’s hatred of him to be his political badge of honor. He defeated their attempted coups and assassinations—run through such entities as the fascist Liberty League—by engaging and educating the “silent majority,” spending hours and hours preparing his thoroughly composed radio addresses to the people. He knew, instinctively, what the studies of Wall Street’s social scientists also revealed: An actual human identity is awakened when large segments of the population are engaged in a growing productive economy, advancing the frontiers of scientific, artistic, and industrial knowledge. As is clear from the writings of Lasswell and Lippmann, the Blimps’ “democratic” Malthusian regimes rely upon the opposite—a thoroughly stupefied and docile population.

Roosevelt’s allies in the American intelligence community had the Anglo-American Hitler project under a microscope, prior to World War II. U.S. government archives, made available to EIR, feature extensive intelligence reports on the international fascist plots from the files of the State Department, Army and Navy Intelligence, the Coordinator of Information, and its successor, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The files feature the subject header: “Synarchist/Nazi-Communist.” In 1947, OSS veteran and Harvard professor William L. Langer detailed the Roosevelt Administration’s dealings with Vichy France, noting the reactionary movement known as the Synarchy. It had been in existence for nearly a century.23 Its aim had always been to carry out a bloodless revolution, inspired by the upper classes, aimed at producing a form of government by technicians, under which domestic and foreign policy would be subordinated to international banking and financial interests.

At the end of the war, Franklin Roosevelt declared that he would put an end to the British Empire. He envisioned worldwide economic development, based upon the mutual self-interests of nation states, as the post-war model for the world, an arrangement which would foster continued economic growth. When he died, Wall Street moved quickly to reinstate its oligarchic imperial model, this time in a more developed, fake-democratic form. Harry Truman became President, depression followed, and the “American Century”24 paradigm was instituted.

In pursuing a separate peace with the Nazis, Allen Dulles, John J. McCloy, and William Draper conducted what is perhaps history’s ultimate cover-up. Under their operation, leading Nazis were never prosecuted, but were assimilated, instead, into the post-War “Gladio” networks of NATO, into Anglo-American intelligence, and into their controlled intelligentsia. Carl Schmitt, the author and philosopher of the Nazis’ legal system, and Martin Heidegger, one of its most influential philosophers, became protected intellectual assets. Schmitt arranged with the Rockefeller Foundation for the emigration of his admirer, Leo Strauss, to London and the United States. Strauss was a devotee of Schmitt, Heidegger, and Alexandre Kojève, who preached the doctrine of “purgative violence” as a necessary state in the evolution of individuals. Using a perverse methodology, Strauss created a neoconservative cult consisting of selected students of his at the University of Chicago, a cult largely responsible for the Iraq War.25

Carl Schmitt
Leo Strauss
Martin Heidegger
Kurt Lewin

Schacht, Hitler’s paymaster, was prosecuted at Nuremberg but escaped punishment by threatening to expose the bankers’ cartel behind the Hitler project. The biographies of the oligarchical authors of the European fascist project were subjected to public relations scrubs and history was rewritten, allowing for the launch of a renewed geopolitical project for establishing a globalist “world” empire, this time through “terror of nuclear weapons.”26 Under that rubric, two competing empires would be allowed to dominate the world, that of the Soviet Union and that of the Anglo-Americans, in existential and deadly competition with one another in a “Cold War.” The American System, the ideas of the American revolution, and the efforts to spread and institutionalize these ideas in Europe and Russia, were to be thoroughly erased in the process.

The central idea-factories in this drive were the post-war British Tavistock Institute, including psychologist Kurt Lewin and his colleagues in the United States, the anti-Communist “left” intellectuals and social democrats of the CCF, the Frankfurt School of nihilist German intellectuals, and the conservative and libertarian “thinkers” of the Mont Pelerin Society.

The Post-War New World Order
Bertrand Russell, one of five honorary chairman of the CCF.

The writings of Bertrand Russell, one of five honorary chairman of the CCF, articulate what could be called the New World Order’s mission statement:

I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology… Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called “education.” Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one, the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part… It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.

The subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship… the social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. Various results will be arrived at. First, that the influence of the home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity.

Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government will be able to control its subjects securely without armies or policemen.27

In the same tract, Russell vociferously attacked the existence of nation states, citing them as a critical obstacle to the freedom of individuals and the possibility of world government.

The historic center of the mass psywar apparatus Russell referenced, was London’s Tavistock Institute. It pioneered theories of group experience which could be used to alter the values of individuals and change the assumptions which govern society. From studies of soldiers in World War I, Tavistock theorized that by the use of terror and shock, humans could be reduced to childlike and submissive states. By controlling levels of anxiety, similar states could be induced in large masses of people. Mass media were central to creating the controlled environments essential to this process.28

The leading “philosophers” of the American CCF, John Dewey and Sidney Hook, brought the “Frankfurt School” social psychologists to the United States. Hannah Arendt (who had been the Nazi Martin Heidegger’s lover), Max Horkheimer, Theodore Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, and other members of this school deliberately concealed the fact that fascism was the product of an Anglo-American “color revolution” operating pursuant to British imperial imperatives.

Fascism was, they lied, an organic social product of reason itself, which led to authoritarianism which must be beaten out of subject populations. The same theory was applied by the British psychological warfare “de-Nazification” project on which many of the Frankfurt School, Tavistock, and Congress of Cultural Freedom experts worked. The German population, rather than the actual bankers and oligarchs responsible for World War II, was held responsible for Hitler’s crimes. Roosevelt was attacked by the Frankfurt School as the ultimate American proto-fascist authoritarian. Similarly, they argued, German and Italian classical culture, the rich history of classical music and poetry essential to human creativity and intellectual progress, was a key part of the fascist development, and must be suppressed and superseded by a deliberate and “free” irrationalism, all grounded in an “erotically” and sexually obsessed culture.

Theodore Adorno, the musical theorist for this evil Kulturkampf, extolled atonal modern music as a critical tool in destroying rational thought. He wrote:

The seismographic registration of traumatic shock becomes, at the same time, the technical structure law of music. It forbids continuity and development. Musical language is polarized according to its extreme, toward gestures of shock resembling bodily convulsions on the one hand, and on the other towards a crystalline standstill of a human being whom anxiety causes to freeze in her tracks. Modern music seeks absolute oblivion as its goal. It is the surviving message of despair from the shipwrecked.

To bring about the required condition of society, Adorno argued that all forms of beauty had to be purged. Instead he argued for a steady culture of “Top Forty” pop music and other degenerate forms of mass culture, together with deliberate promotion of the random and irrational, as the appropriate tools to attack reason and create desired levels of popular conformity.

CC/Jeremy J. Shapiro
Theodor Adorno
John Dewey
Allen Dulles

As head of the music section of the CCF and the Frankfurt School’s Radio Research Project, Adorno wrote that listeners to radio music programs, “fluctuate between comprehensive forgetting and sudden dives into recognition. They listen atomistically and dissociate what the hear. . . They are not child-like, but they are childish: their primitivism is not that of the undeveloped, but that of the forcibly retarded.” The findings of the Radio Research Project, published in 1949, promoted soap operas as the ideal escapist entertainment, based on primitive repetitious themes inducing mental regression and magical thinking.

The very British Aldous Huxley, Christopher Isherwood, and Alex Korda, joined Adorno for experiments in mass entertainment in Hollywood, coordinating with the degenerate British CCF operatives W.H. Auden and Stephen Spender for this purpose. Huxley, a key creator of the rock, drugs, sex counterculture which swept the United States in the 1960s, experimented with psychotropic drugs and mass brainwashing techniques. Isherwood, in turn, explored ways to pacify society through art, citing the creation of “concentration camps without tears,” as his goal.

Hollywood otherwise functioned under direct CCF censorship. For example, when Hollywood produced the film version of George Orwell’s 1984, the ending was changed in order to emphasize that the Soviet Union was guilty of the crimes envisioned there by Orwell, not the British or the United States. Similarly, the CCF itself bought the rights, wrote, and produced the screenplay for the movie version of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Cecil B. DeMille, Daryl Zanuck, and other Hollywood notables openly collaborated with C.D. Jackson, the CCF, and the CIA.

The CCF also promoted and funded Modern Art, which, to most, exhibits nothing but rampant irrationalism and overt mental breakdown. When the CIA funding of the CCF was exposed, the CIA’s Tom Braden actually argued, in the Saturday Evening Post, that the deliberate exploitation of irrationalism was a vivid, positive, and powerful demonstration to the captive citizens of the East Bloc. It demonstrated America’s radical embrace of “freedom.”

The CCF itself was the brainchild of two overlapping Wall Street/media social networks and was at all times a “joint” British-American project. The “Park Avenue Cowboys” included Allen Dulles, Frank Wisner, C.D. Jackson, Kermit Roosevelt, Tracy Barnes, Richard Helms, and Royall Tyler—all closely associated with Henry Luce’s Time-Life media empire and the Rockefeller, Morgan, Harriman, and other British Wall Street financial assets. Jackson was posted as special advisor to President Eisenhower for Psychological Warfare. Here he approved the core of the CCF projects and promoted the American CCF, serving on the Board.

The second circle was posted in Georgetown and consisted of the “Sovietologists”: Chip Bohlen, George Kennan, and the British “philosopher” Isaiah Berlin. Kennan was the author of the infamous “Mr. X” article in Foreign Affairs announcing the Cold War—his philosophy was to outdo the Russians in lies and deceit. He authored numerous National Security directives in the Truman Administration, including PSBD-33/2, establishing the Psychological Strategy Board (PSB). The first Chairman of the PSB was the advertising mogul Gordon Gray.

The PSB was charged with coordinating the psychological warfare operations of the CIA, Department of Defense, and State Department. Charles Burton Marshall, a PSB officer and whistle-blower described the PSB as being run by a group of self-appointed elites “in a manner reminiscent of Pareto, Sorel, Mussolini and so on… Individuals are relegated to tertiary importance… The elite is defined as that numerically limited group capable and interested in manipulating doctrinal matters.” A PSB document from June of 1953, defined these programs as necessary to “break down worldwide doctrinaire thought patterns which have provided an intellectual basis for Communism and other doctrines hostile to American and Free World objectives.” (Emphasis supplied.)

The CCF itself was run by Frank Wisner, originally out of the State Department and then out of Allen Dulles’ CIA. The CIA’s Michael Josselson worked in the CCF’s Paris headquarters, heading its executive secretariat. James Burnham, the former Trotskyite, was hired as a consultant and liaison to the intellectual community. The bagman was Irving Brown, who ran CIA programs through European trade union covers and otherwise functioned in Jay Lovestone’s AFL-CIO International Department. Federal Bureau of Narcotics documents link Brown to numerous mafia and drug lords in Europe, and the use of drug trafficking to fund CIA operations. Malcolm Muggeridge, a member of the CCF steering committee, was the liaison to British MI6. Muggeridge’s funding conduits were Sir Alexander Korda and Lord Victor Rothschild. George Orwell’s publisher, Fredric Warburg, also played an active role.

Attending the CCF’s founding in Berlin in 1950 were Franz Borkenau, Karl Jaspers, John Dewey, Ignazio Silone, James Burnham, Hugh Trevor-Roper, Arthur Schlesinger, Bertrand Russell, Ernst Reuter, Raymond Aron, A.J. Ayer, Benedetto Croce, Arthur Koestler, Richard J. Lowenthal, Tennessee Williams, Irving Kristol, and Sidney Hook—“thought leaders” in social science, philosophy, history, and the arts who would shape the post-war cultural paradigm.

In early 1951, Frank Wisner traveled to London to meet with his British counterparts. Over a series of meetings, it was decided to create a flagship intellectual journal for CCF, Encounter, co-edited by Irving Kristol and Stephen Spender. At the outset it ran articles by Julian Huxley, Allen Tate, Lionel Trilling, Robert Penn Warren, W.H. Auden, Thornton Wilder, Jayaprakash Narayan, André Malraux, and Guido Piovene. As time went on, CCF would add the Kenyon Review, Sewanee Review, Poetry, the Journal of the History of Ideas, Partisan Review, Paris Review, and Daedalus to its arsenal of journals—all of them set up to be arbiters and gatekeepers of what was and was not acceptable as artistic or intellectual endeavors.

Those who refused CCF’s grants and Kulturkampf edicts were artistically exiled and ostracized. American CCF Board member Sol Levitas, who was editor of the CCF magazine, the New Leader, was tasked by Allen Dulles specifically to promote a “commission of internal security” to investigative subversive influences in the United States. This Dulles edict led, ultimately, to the J. Edgar Hoover/Joseph McCarthy “Red Scare” directed specifically at holdover allies of Franklin Roosevelt and, more generally, the American population.

The Neo-Feudal Economic Model

In 1947, a different but equally subversive Anglo-American Kulturkampf weapon was born—the Mont Pelerin Society. The explicit purpose of this society was to revive and spread the so-called “Conservative Revolution” as spelled out in Friedrich von Hayek’s Road to Serfdom. Evolving directly out of the Pan-European movement, the society demanded strict monetarism, personal libertarianism, deregulation, and the replacement of the nation state with a neo-feudalist world confederation controlled by the financial elite.

Friedrich von Hayek

Von Hayek lied that the nation state itself was the cause of totalitarian phenomena like Hitler and Stalin. He claimed that “any mercantilist nation state,” such as Roosevelt’s United States, invariably devolved to totalitarianism, crushing individual freedom and “free markets.” Echoing Jacob Burkhardt, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Martin Heidegger, von Hayek railed against the great achievements of the Golden Renaissance and Council of Florence—the creation of the modern nation state governed by principles of natural law and the development of modern science. He rejected the idea that human individuals were capable of creative scientific discovery, and ridiculed the idea that man was created in the image of God. He attacked the American System of political economy, scrawling diatribes against Friedrich List and Henry Carey by name. Von Hayek said his intellectual father was Bernard Mandeville, an avowed Satanist, who, von Hayek claimed, truthfully, was the true intellectual forbear of Adam Smith, David Hume, Carl Savigny, Jeremy Bentham, and Charles Darwin.

His libertarian appeal was exquisitely profiled for the United States and its post-war cultural myth of “rugged individualism,” endlessly celebrated by Hollywood and Madison Avenue propagandists in such genres as the American Western.

Contrary to libertarian myths, von Hayek was also an advocate of a strong state, especially a state which was able to resist the demands of society. He wanted a new constitutional arrangement in which only “universal laws” benefitting the globalist elites could be enacted, not laws serving “special interests” expressed by the masses. He argued that this would maximize individual liberty. The legislature passing these laws would be composed of an upper house with a small membership, an assembly of mature individuals who would be elected to long terms, such as fifteen years.

Many of the “intellectuals” around the CCF and the Mont Pelerin Society were interchangeable, such as Walter Lippmann, James Burnham, Max Eastman, and Raymond Aron. Aron, who would become a key mentor of Henry Kissinger, had carried on an intense and impassioned post-war correspondence with Nazi crown jurist Carl Schmitt, whom he exonerated. Journalists associated with the CIA’s CCF and Henry Luce, held dual memberships in the Mont Pelerin Society. Sir John Clapham, head of the British Royal Society, was a member. So was Nicholas Murray Butler, the President of Columbia University and patron of the Frankfurt School. So was George Shultz, whose doctoral thesis was an unhinged attack on Franklin Roosevelt’s Tennessee Valley Authority.

The Rockefeller Foundation provided grants in various forms which stimulated these activities. For example, von Hayek’s sojourn at the London School of Economics which resulted in the Road to Serfdom, and the seminars with the other Mont Pelerin founders Frank Knight, Karl Popper, and Ludwig von Mises, were funded by the Foundation. Popper became, in turn, the philosophical mentor for George Soros, as discussed more fully below. Significant funding for this effort, particularly for the society’s flagship Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) in London, also came from a close associate of Queen Elizabeth herself. Harley Drayton, the main funder for the IEA, handled the Queen’s finances at the time.

In 1956, with Stalin dead, amidst challenges from Third World countries seeking economic development, and with the emergence of a new generation on the horizon, CCF sociologist Daniel Bell took leave from his post as labor editor of Henry Luce’s Fortune magazine to become the director of CCF’s Seminar Planning Committee. In April 1957, the first seminar was held in Tokyo, entitled “Problems of Economic Growth.” According to Frances Stonor Saunders, “The Conference was the precursor of the impending shift by development economists from an emphasis on growth of per capita income to one of the quality of social justice and freedom as the true measure of development.” Bell would later author The Coming of Post-Industrial Society, formally ushering in the so-called consumer and information society.

The Post-Industrial Society

The New Left and the counterculture which emerged in the 1960s were the synthetic ideological products of this shift. For example, the Frankfurt School’s Herbert Marcuse, took leave from his job running the Central European Division of the United States State Department, and, on grants from the Rockefeller Foundation, published the critiques of “mass industrial society” which became founding documents of both the New Left and the Counterculture. Not surprisingly, “participatory democracy,” which the New Left originally promoted as its founding principle, was a shop-worn idea promoted by Bertrand Russell, G.D.H. Cole, and George Orwell from Britain and by the CCF’s Dwight McDonald in the United States. The goal of “personal liberation” championed by Marcuse and such associates as Norman O. Brown, set the stage for the obsessive “self-improvement” and narcissistic preoccupations of the boomer and subsequent generations.29

The SDS itself evolved from the Student League for Industrial Democracy—the student organization for the League for Industrial Democracy (LID)—an integral entity in the CIA’s infiltration of the American Labor Movement. The Director of the LID, when the future SDS left that organization, was Aryeh Neier. Neier today functions as George Soros’ right hand man in the globalist Open Society movement.

Not surprisingly, workers who still identified with economic progress, the nation state, and the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt, became primary targets of New Left students. Those workers were castigated for their psychologically “repressed” and “backward” identities. Teachers, white and black, inclined to emphasize universal values, became the targets of black activists demanding “community control” of schools.

As Lyndon LaRouche emphasized in founding documents of his organization, these “new left” ideas were drawn from the syndicalism of Mussolini’s fascist state and the national bolshevism of Georg Strasser—ideas identical with what FDR’s intelligence services labeled “Synarchism/Nazi-Communist.” Their “community control” social structures were derived directly from Kurt Lewin’s studies of the dynamics of small groups. Their smallness precludes attempts to exert major influence on actual existential issues. Setting numerous such groups into competitive contiguity, where gains by one group are at the expense of another, creates the basis for a self-policing fascist order. Atomize the subject population, set race against race, language-group against language-group, women against men, etc.—and then mobilize these groups together against mass political and trade union organizations, all under the banner of anti-authoritarianism and local community control, and you have fascism with a democratic face.

Invariably, some of these groups, impotent to generate real social progress, can and will descend to anarchism and the types of purgative violence championed by another Mussolini mentor cited by LaRouche, Georges Sorel. This phenomenon was played out fully in the 1960s by the former faction of SDS known as the Weatherman and by countless terrorist gangs which followed their model.

Similarly, the “environmentalism” so central to the counterculture, was a critical idea in Adolph Hitler’s Malthusian arsenal—oneness with an overpowering and arbitrary nature which man’s reason has repeatedly and criminally violated, in an illegitimate search for non-existent scientific truth. Prince Philip, who has wished to come back to Earth as a virus capable of wiping out much of humanity in order to control population, has been demonstrated to be the intellectual godfather of this movement.30

Thus the post-industrial consumer and service economy society emerged from a generation which had been “shocked” repeatedly as Tavistock and Theodor Adorno prescribed. President Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy—all potential advocates for advancing Roosevelt’s vision, had been mowed down by assassins’ bullets. The nation was mired for years in the genocide of the war in Viet Nam, creating a cultural pessimism which persists to this day. Widespread use of drugs, sexual hedonism, and blaring atonal rock music produced mental oblivion in large swaths of the American population, the alienation which Adorno had pronounced as his goal.

The revelation that the entirety of post-war American culture was one intelligence community-manufactured mess, should have sparked a popular revolt, to return America to its republican roots in the Constitution’s model of an educated and engaged citizenry, through its representative institutions, deliberating national and international issues. Instead, as a result of the counterculture, featuring the likes of Herbert Marcuse and others, the revelation became the cynical rationale for the edict: “tune in, turn on, drop out.”

III. Fast Forward to 1981-83: Another Version of Democracy

Reactions to the shattering emergence of the post-industrial paradigm, the Watergate scandals, and the Viet Nam War, largely set the cultural terms for Ronald Reagan’s ascension to the Presidency. Reagan’s election was preceded, however, by a new retooling of American “democracy” and foreign policy by the Wall Street and City of London elites.

In May 1975, the Rockefeller-dominated Trilateral Commission issued a report entitled, “The Crisis of Democracy,” at a conference at Kyoto, Japan. The report, authored by Samuel Huntington, Michel Crozier, and Joji Watanuki, under Zbiginew Brzezinski’s direction, recognized that the Anglo-Americans faced a governance problem in the transition to a post-industrial society.

World Economic Forum
Samuel Huntington, Chairman, Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies, speaking during the “When Cultures Conflict” session of the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 25, 2004.

The collapse of the Bretton Woods system in 1971, presaged by the 1965-67 recessions, resulted in a decade in which Wall Street’s elite were only barely able to hold off total economic collapse, through their use of the oil shocks of the 70s and the savage wage and price austerity measures undertaken by the Nixon Administration. At the same time, Third World nations were calling for real development of their economies, in a new just economic order which would turn their economies from colonial raw-materials satrapies into modern nation states. Lyndon and Helga LaRouche played an extremely significant role in leading this fight, setting forth an agenda of great projects, debt moratoria, and an International Development Bank.31

Huntington warned about a “democratic surge” afflicting the United States and others. Too many people wanting too many things from government, and ultimately too much participation in government, was making governance too difficult. Expectations had to be thwarted, new counterinsurgency institutions needed to be forged. The crisis demanded corporativist solutions—what one Trilateral apologist openly called “fascism with a democratic face.” One of the key proposals was a new institute for the “cooperative promotion of democracy.” This proposal would come to fruition in the form of the National Endowment for Democracy under President Reagan.

In lockstep with these developments, the Council on Foreign Relations engaged in a set of studies modernizing the forms of the Anglo-American Empire, the “Project 1980s” prospectus of the CFR. The studies were also overseen by Brzezinski and future cabinet members of the Carter Administration including Cyrus Vance, Leslie Gelb, Richard Cooper, Marshall Shulman, and W. Michael Blumenthal. The focus of this project was countering the “Hamiltonian” pro-development perspective and demands of the developing world. The CFR proposed “controlled disintegration” of the world’s industrial economies, ruralization and destruction of cities in the developing sector, and a strategic approach to Russia which would force it to limit the growth of science and technology or face general thermonuclear war. It proposed to develop and police a series of alternate paths, or “critical choices,” for arriving at the specified objectives. The mandate of Anglo-American foreign policy was to compel other nations to choose among these selected alternate paths. The fact that they got to choose their own path to self-destruction constituted “democracy.”

The most succinct presentation of the CFR’s concerns was presented by Fred Hirsch, editor of London’s Economist in his book, Alternatives to Monetary Disorder. He asserts that the central conflict in economic theory is between the American System (Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich List, et al.) and the British liberal system of Adam Smith, Ricardo, et al., and he ascribes the developing world’s demand for a new economic order to the taint of the “mercantilist” American system. He claims that Russia and China also suffer from this American taint in their development proposals. He attacks Hamilton and List by name.

EIR rightly labeled the incompetence inherent in “controlled disintegration” of the world’s economy as “A Conspiracy of Morons” at the time.32 However, these morons were also murderers, bent on the genocidal goal of reducing the world’s population through famines, wars, or whatever means. That policy had already been formalized the previous year by Henry Kissinger in National Security Study Memorandum 200.

In the meantime, the Trilateral Commission-sponsored Presidency of Jimmy Carter featured Wall Street’s Paul Volcker continuing the relentless war on U.S. living standards through the interest rate policies he set at the Federal Reserve Bank. Working Democrats and farmers, decimated by this economic warfare and faced with a Democratic Platform which embraced the cultural priorities of the New Left, began leaving the Democratic Party in droves. The Blimps went to work building a new homogenous political culture featuring an anti-Soviet Democratic Party covering the left and center, and a Republican anti-Soviet conservative and neoconservative right. Each would endorse the free market, post-industrial society nostrums of Wall Street, and counterinsurgency operations against neutral, nationalist, or pro-Soviet regimes.

While the CCF’s funding had been taken over by the Ford Foundation after its exposure as a CIA operation, it had, nevertheless, been severely weakened by its exposure as a CIA/MI6 front. Its last, grand hurrah was a conference in Princeton, New Jersey in 1968, attended by Brzezinski, John J. McCloy, and Henry Kissinger, in which its traditional liberals engaged in a brawl with members favorable to the “New Left”33 By 1981, the “Committee for the Free World” was being founded by Midge Decter, Norman Podhoretz’s wife. True to form, its founding took place in Britain, and it was thoroughly integrated with the economic shock therapy and belligerent foreign policy pogroms of Margaret Thatcher. In her founding speech, given at Leeds Castle in England, Decter raved that the West was besieged by sloth and appeasement, and that the only way to ensure the demise of the Soviet Union was war. Irving Kristol added, “Our Marines are not just for parades.”

The Committee for the Free World included all of the leading political devotees of the fascist Leo Strauss in the United States, Britain, and France. It was headed initially by Raymond Aron, the Carl Schmitt groupie and disciple of Alexandre Kojève. Its funders included foundations which have long been associated with CIA projects including the Smith-Richardson Foundation, the John M. Olin Foundation, and the Scaife Foundations. The infamous Project for a New American Century organization (rightly called the “Committee to Blow Up the World”) emerged from this entity for the campaign which launched the Iraq War.

In Europe, the CCF remained active under the rubric of the European Foundation for Intellectual Freedom, functioning also under the auspices of the Ford Foundation. It had based its “anti-Soviet” cultural subversion operations on the new regime of individual human rights embodied in the Helsinki accords, and the communitarian ideas of democracy emerging from the New Left. As will be seen, the entire network of dissident intellectuals associated with this movement was sold, by the Ford Foundation, to George Soros for his Open Society Foundation operations.

As part of this retooling, George H.W. Bush, the Anglophilic traitor, and William Casey, meticulously rebuilt the Secret Government to manage the new democratic police-state before and during the Reagan Administration. While President Ronald Reagan’s collaboration with Lyndon LaRouche on the Strategic Defense Initiative could have changed the course of human history for the better, and did result in the demise of the British-infested Soviet state, the Reagan Administration was, ultimately, fatally turned by an assassin’s bullet and the infections of Blimp ideological diseases.

There were three initial features to this rebuild:

EIRNS/Stuart Lewis
Lyndon LaRouche and Ronald Reagan appearing at a 1980 presidential candidates debate at Concord, N.H.
  • Executive Order 12333, reorganizing, expanding, and privatizing the U.S. intelligence community;
  • NSDD 77, rebuilding U.S. and international media and propaganda operations which had been discredited by the 1974-75 exposés; and
  • The National Endowment for Democracy, an agency now tasked to engage in revamped worldwide regime change operations under the cover of building “democracy.”

E.O. 12333 consolidated all U.S. intelligence operations in the National Security Council; authorized the NSA to engage again in warrantless surveillance so long as the targets could be described as foreign; authorized the FBI to once again engage in COINTELPRO so long as the operations were approved by the Attorney General; and, most significantly, allowed the intelligence community to outsource its operations to allied agencies (such as the British) and private entities without disclosure. These private entities were called “quangos.” In the name of protecting sources and methods, it was widely acknowledged that officials operating under E.O. 12333 were allowed to lie about even the existence of these operations. Many of the counterintelligence programs initiated at that time remain classified to this day, including the protocols regarding warrantless NSA surveillance. Needless to say, the Constitutional violations extant in this order only became worse after the Bush/Cheney coup in the wake of 9/11.34

E.O. 12233 was authored by Kenneth deGraffenreid and signed by President Reagan in 1981. Its outlines, however, had already been set in a series of seminars throughout the 1970s, run by Roy Godson at the National Strategy Information Center (NSIC), where deGraffenreid also worked. NSIC was an intelligence community asset incorporated by William Casey and funded by the Richard Mellon Scaife foundations. It is alleged to have provided the funds for Brian Crozier to reconfigure his CIA/MI6 media front, Forum News Features, into the Institute for the Study of Conflict, an institute deemed critical, by many, to Margaret Thatcher’s election. Roy Godson’s father, Joseph Godson, had played a key role in post-war CIA operations, working directly under Jay Lovestone and J.J. Angleton, serving as the labor attaché in London, and running the Labor and Trade Union Press Service which was 100% subsidized by NATO.

In June 1982, President Reagan traveled to Britain, and in speech before the British Parliament at Westminster, labeled the Soviet Union the “axis of evil” and called for a mobilization of “democracy programs” to counter it. Reagan’s speech was written by deGraffenreid and Kissinger crony Lawrence Eagleburger, among others. As usual, The National Endowment for Democracy which Reagan called for, was to have a British sister institution, the Westminster Foundation, dedicated to the same programs.35

National Security Council Decision Directive 77 (NSDD 77), “Management of Public Diplomacy Relative to National Security (SECRET),” coordinated all-agency propaganda campaigns on behalf of U.S. national security interests. Its author was Walter Raymond, a long-time CIA propaganda specialist tasked to the White House by Donald Gregg, George H.W. Bush’s assistant, and William Casey. With Raymond and cohorts running the show, such democracy stalwarts as David Rockefeller, Archer Daniel Midlands Chairman Dwayne Andreas, British wheeler-dealer James Goldsmith, and Rupert Murdoch were brought to the White House to discuss funding various intelligence projects overseen by Raymond and Leo Cherne. Cherne, the longtime ally of Jay Lovestone and founder of Freedom House, was operating at the time as Chairman of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.

As Raymond explained his method, all news was to be painted in white or black colors—friend or foe. No nuance from reality was to interfere with this White Hats–Black Hats world. Every evil known to man was to be ascribed to the individuals wearing black hats. The standard was defined by the ability to mobilize popular rage and emotion, not anything so mundane as the truth. This was the long-time British/CIA psychological warfare/regime change method. Raymond’s linguistic bible was complemented by the dumbing down of the news media, implemented in the 1970s and 80s by such figures as Roone Arledge at ABC. This linguistic dumbing-down process can be traced back to Winston Churchill’s demand that the English language be reduced to 850 basic words for propaganda purposes, a project he called BASIC.

The rebuilding of the Secret Government quickly became engulfed, however, in the Bush-directed, Ollie North-executed Iran-Contra debacle, coming very close to toppling the Reagan presidency. Congressional investigation revealed not only an Administration operating, against Congressional mandates, for an armed revolution in Nicaragua, but financing its Contra army by providing missiles to Iran and, more significantly, by massive drug dealing which fueled the murderous crack cocaine epidemic in the United States. But the media’s blacklisting and hyena-like attacks on reporter Gary Webb, who exposed the Contras’ crack dealing and its impact, proved that “public diplomacy” was now in complete control, once again, of the U.S. news media.

The other reference point for seeing this fascist rebuild in action is the prosecution of Lyndon LaRouche, which bears some similarities, particularly in its vile and completely controlled, orchestrated, and hate-filled media attacks, to the insurrection presently confronting President Trump.36 Richard Morris, the former aide to Reagan National Security Advisor Bill Clark, testified in court during the LaRouche cases that deGraffenreid, Godson, and Raymond were the main players in a successful campaign to destroy LaRouche’s influence in the Reagan Administration. All of the social democracy/CIA apparatus played a role. Lovestone and Angleton spent their retirement years plotting against LaRouche. John Train, who managed the CCF’s Paris Review, functioned as an early front for CIA operations, directed through George H.W. Bush’s Zapata Oil, including running black propaganda ops on behalf of the Anglo-American mujahideen in Afghanistan. It was Train who orchestrated the media campaign against LaRouche. The entire prosecutorial campaign was instituted when the British demanded that the FBI go after LaRouche as someone whose activities were in line with “Soviet propaganda interests.”37

Case Study: The National Endowment for Democracy

The NED formally came into being in 1983 after Congress passed enabling legislation. Its structure is telling. With the conjoined operation of E.O. 12333, NSDD 77, and the NED, the possibility of media or Congressional discovery of illicit intelligence activities is effectively stymied. Relationships to operations can be maintained at multiple layers of private and public entities, creating deniability and making responsibility hard to trace or find.

The media themselves are engaged in cross-government public diplomacy initiatives, featuring salacious, carefully composed, “newsworthy” leaks from the highest levels of government. As Walter Lippmann demanded, their stories have been prepared for them. Take, for example, Judith Miller’s lying reportage for the New York Times justifying the Iraq War, based on selected and orchestrated leaks from high government officials. Another example is the outing of Valerie Plame, engineered by Dick Cheney.

Most significantly, under the NED, Congress, which under our Constitution should be a check on these quango operations, is instead directly involved operationally in the NED. So is the extremely diminished trade union movement in the United States, which should be a natural enemy of this leviathan.

One of the founders of the NED, Allen Weinstein, let the cat out of the bag in a 1991 interview with the Washington Post, stating, “A lot of what we [the NED] do today was done by the CIA 25 years ago.” Weinstein has also referred to the NED publicly as the “democracy quango.” In 2003, the NED claimed that it had financed and influenced over 6,000 organizations in the world.

The NED is composed of four entities: the International Republican Institute (IRI), representing the Republican Party; the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), representing the Democratic Party; the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) run by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; and the Free Trade Union Institute, now renamed the American Center for International Labor Solidarity, run by the AFL-CIO.

Put simply, the IRI seeks to influence, train, infiltrate, and control international parties on the right; the NDI does the same on the left with specific alliances in the Socialist International. The CIPE seeks to spread the ideology of so-called “market economies” throughout the world, while opening all markets to U.S. products. One of CIPE’s offshoots, Transparency International, serves as a monitor on economic activity throughout the world, and is an essential actor in most “corruption” scandals at the center of regime change operations. In 1987, CIPE was credited with transforming what was the European Management Forum into the World Economic Forum at Davos.

The Free Trade Union Institute, now suitably washed and renamed, is simply the old international section of the AFL-CIO and the CIA labor networks of Irving Brown and James J. Angleton.

There have only been three Chairmen/Presidents of the NED since 1983: Allen Weinstein; John Richardson of the State Department and of the Dulles brothers Sullivan and Cromwell law firm; and Carl Gershman. All have been associated, in one fashion or another, with the Social Democrats U.S.A. All have worked at one time or another at the CIA-created Freedom House.

The NED’s roster of directors over the years is a bi-partisan mélange of powerful members of the establishment: Henry Kissinger, Brzezinski, Frank Carlucci, Charles Manatt, and Paul Wolfowitz, for example, who can hardly be considered “democrats.” Neither can the current Democrats in the NDI, among them Donna Brazile and Will Marshall of the Progressive Policy Institute. Brazile and Marshall are neoconservative spawn of the Democratic Leadership Council. Marshall is a founder of that body. The present head of the IRI is the self-professed defender of the New World Order, John McCain. The present head of the NDI is Madeleine “the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children is a legitimate price to pay for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein” Albright.

2012 Munich Security Conference
Henry Kissinger
Madeleine Albright

The actual amount of money poured into subversion efforts by the NED is difficult to quantify. Part of its operating expenses are authorized by Congress, and go through the U.S. Information Agency and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). But, it also receives direct private financial support, not only for itself but directly to its subsidiary NGOs. It is also part of the Defense Department budget. And, when actual regime change operations are underway, its NGOs, of course, receive covert funding from the CIA and from its “Five Eyes” intelligence “partners,” most specifically MI6. This does not even take into account the documented use of drug monies in such operations, as was done with the Contras.

Author Thierry Meyssan has tried to track the cumulative totals in the case of Libya, estimating that over the five-year period which included the assassination of Muammar Qaddafi, “democracy promotion” was financed to the tune of $1 billion in a country which has only four million inhabitants.

The NED’s color revolutions have followed a familiar script. In Bulgaria, for example, in 1990, the Bulgarians made the “mistake” of electing a majority communist parliament. While European observers declared the elections legal, the pro-American opposition screamed about fraud, and took to the streets until a pro-American was elected President. A similar regime change operation, in the form of a challenge to the results of elections, occurred in Kyrgyzstan—“the Tulip Revolution.” It resulted in the overthrow of the elected leader, sale of the country’s assets to U.S. companies, and the setting up of a U.S. military base in Manas. In 2003, in Georgia, the U.S.-backed opposition claimed fraud in legislative elections and took to the streets in the so-called “Rose Revolution.” This operation was simultaneously supported by George Soros and Britain’s Lord Malloch Brown. President Eduard Shevardnadze fled the country and his successor, Mikheil Saakashvili, opened Georgia up to U.S. and other Western economic interests, breaking off relations with Russia. As the economy collapsed, Saakashvili imposed a dictatorship, while still enjoying NED support, and bombed the population of South Ossetia, killing 1,600 people, most with Russian citizenship. Moscow struck back, but Georgia had already been economically devastated by the “democracy promotion” exercise.

This scenario is the pattern in case after case of these democracy promotion exercises. A change of leaders from someone with whom the Blimps have a beef, to someone favored by them, followed by continuing economic devolution.

As EIR and others have repeatedly pointed out, the main mechanism for these color revolutions is the propaganda operations flowing from NSDD 77 and E.O. 12333. Thierry Meyssan summarizes Walter Raymond’s “black hat” methods, as accusing the scapegoat “of all the evils plaguing the country for at least one generation. The more he resists, the angrier the mob gets.” All available media, and planted and false stories spun endlessly through public and social media, are directed to this purpose. “After he gives in or slips away, the normal division between his opponents and supporters reappears.”

The mob does not put forth a positive program for the country in question, nor does it name its own preferred choice for a new leader. That has all been prepared in advance by the NED and other controllers of the event. Witness Victoria Nuland of the U.S. State Department dictating that “Yats” will be the new leader of Ukraine in her famous and widely circulated taped conversation. This after Barack Obama’s United States, in the name of democracy, consciously used neo-Nazis to foment a violent coup d’état. Nuland and the NED’s Nadia Diuk were the case officers for this process.

creative commons
Riots at Maidan square in Kiev, Ukraine, that led to the coup (above). Victoria Nuland; Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs (below) distributing cookies to the Maidan square demonstrators.

Another aspect of this insurgency planning is the ironically named United States Institute of Peace (USIP), created in 1984 and operating under the provisions of E.O. 12333 and NSDD 77. USIP in turn was spun off from the Albert Einstein Institute of Gene Sharp, documented by EIR and others as being the “color” inventor for color revolutions and the inventor of other symbols employed to rally emotional support. Sharp stated that his mentor through all his endeavors was not Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or others who have used peaceful resistance to effect political change. It was, instead, the CCF’s Sir Isaiah Berlin.

IV. Finally, the Golem: George Soros, a Case Study

EIR and LaRouche PAC have published repeated exposés of George Soros over the years. You can find almost all of our reports at by typing “Soros” into the search function. Our case study here only highlights the most essential aspects of what the Soros British project is all about.

In his preface to the June 2008 LaRouche PAC dossier, Your Enemy, George Soros, Lyndon LaRouche compared Soros with John Perkins, the author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Perkins had, in his book, confessed his role in inducing Third World countries to accept debt slavery on behalf of the international elite. Perkins, LaRouche said, has a conscience. George Soros, LaRouche said, does not. “He does not own Obama,” LaRouche noted, “other people do.” But Soros was crucial to Obama’s election. LaRouche characterized Soros as “a political-economic hitman, like a mafia thug sent to kill a friend of yours, but only a hitman for the really big financial institutions, hired out to rob your friends, and you, of about everything, including your nation and your personal freedom.”

Soros’ adolescent role under the Nazis, working under forged identity papers in his native Hungary to confiscate the property of his fellow Jews, is now very well known. In a 1998 “Sixty Minutes” interview about this perfidy, Soros stated that he had no guilt or regrets. Had he not acted in this way, somebody else would have. He said the experience had formed his character.

World Economic Forum/ Michele Limina
George Soros at the 2015 World Economic Forum.

In 1947 Soros moved to London, matriculating at the London School of Economics, where he became a life-long disciple of Sir Karl Popper. Popper, one of a bevy of British ideologues tormenting the human race, founded the Mont Pelerin Society in 1947, as previously noted, with von Hayek and von Mises. Popper’s imperial views are otherwise illustrated by his claim that the British Empire had liberated Third World nations too soon, the equivalent of leaving a kindergarten to itself. These nations must be “civilized,” by war, if necessary.

Popper’s central philosophic theses, like those of Leo Strauss, are based on a complete fabrication of Plato. Where Strauss animated his neocon cult with the claim that the key to Plato was propounding the noble lie, Popper claimed that Plato actually was an advocate of dictatorship and totalitarianism, based on a very deliberate misreading of the Republic. In order for mankind to enjoy an “open society,” the term Popper employed, mankind must abandon the idea that there is any ascertainable truth. There is only an evolving “experience” in which happiness can never truly be gained by humans. He ridiculed the idea of God as well as science. He was a devout follower of the cult of Aristotle, the Greek philosopher rightly ridiculed by Edgar Allen Poe as championing a “creeping and crawling” mode of inquiry, permanently trapping mankind, like animals, in the hedonistic domain of sense perception.

From London, Soros went to New York, working as a portfolio manager at Bleichroeder and Arnold, an old European firm favored by European oligarchs and custodian of the funds of the Rothschild family. In 1969, Soros left Beichroeder and Arnold, taking several investors with him to found the Quantum Fund N.V., based in the off-shore tax haven of the Netherlands Antilles. Soros has consistently structured his companies to avoid oversight by United States authorities, although he was subject to SEC investigation in 1979 for manipulating the stock of the Computer Sciences Corporation. The Open Society Fund was founded in the wake of that investigation. From 1979 to 1981, Quantum suffered major losses in bond trading. It also lost $840 million in the 1987 market crash. So much for Soros’ claimed Midas touch.

Quantum survived only because of investments in it by very old and very fascist European families, including Britain’s Queen Elizabeth of the House of Windsor, considered to be Europe’s wealthiest individual. Quantum’s directors are Swiss, Italian, and British financiers, the most important of which are the Rothschilds. They are members of the Club of the Isles and retainers of the British royal family. Sir James Goldsmith, a frequent business partner of Soros who died in 1997, was a cousin of the Rothschild family.

N.M. Rothschild and Sons is considered by City of London sources to be one of the most influential parts of British intelligence tied to the Thatcher free-market, Mont Pelerin Society wing of the Conservative Party. Dr. Alfred Hartmann, the managing director of the BCCI Swiss subsidiary, Banque de Commerce et de Placements SA, was a board member of N.M. Rothschild and Sons, tying the Rothschilds directly to the BCCI banking scandals which came to public notoriety during the George H.W. Bush Administration. U.S. and other investigations proved that BCCI was nothing but a laundromat for drug monies internationally, which were then funneled into covert Anglo-American intelligence operations, such as Bush’s Project Democracy Contra operation against Nicaragua. Indictments and continuing criminal investigations led to the closing of BCCI.

George C. Karlweiss, of the Edmond de Rothschild’s Swiss Banca Privata, is said to have provided Soros significant startup money for the Quantum Fund. Karlweiss also sponsored the career of fugitive dope money launderer Robert Vesco. The very dirty-money-linked Marc Rich, who made his money in the triangular trade of weapons, oil, and drugs; Shaul Eisenberg of Israeli arms fame; and Rafi Eytan, at one time the Mossad’s contact with MI6, are, according to EIR’s various sources, in the Quantum Fund’s environs. Edgar de Picciotto, who sat on the Board of Soros’ Quantum Fund, merged his Swiss Union Bancaire Privée with Edward Safra’s Republic Bank. Safra was notorious for outrageous and dangerous drug, weapons, and terrorist dealings; he was ultimately murdered.

EIR’s earlier work demonstrated that Soros is the visible side of a vast and nasty secret network of private financial interests, called the Club of the Isles by its members, which is headed by the Windsors, and built upon the wreckage of the British Empire after World War II. It is, in many ways, modeled on the seventeenth-century British and Dutch East India companies.

Beginning with destroying the British pound—done for Club of the Isles strategic purposes in 1992—Soros has profited from numerous speculative activities against the wealth of nation states. These operations, often characterized as hit-and-run by the financial press, are more appropriately termed smash-and-grab. Soros has at various times attacked the currencies of Britain, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, and many other countries, each time reflecting current British strategic interests, and each time leaving behind a collapsed local market and financial ruin of national investors. His operation against the pound, for example, emerged from a meeting on the Queen’s yacht, the Britannia, and is considered to have been an essential step in bringing about the Maastricht treaty.

So, our past work has shown, in example after example, irrefutably, that Soros is a British operation. For purposes of this report, we will focus, however, on just what the Open Society preaches—the evil ideology now being deployed against the President of the United States. As we emphasized previously, “following the money” only gets you a peek. What you find is myriad groups that have, for the most part, undergone political action training. The question is, training for what?

The Economic and Cultural Looting of the East Bloc

The Open Society’s operations against the East Bloc began well before the fall of the Berlin Wall. They were facilitated when Soros was handed the entire extant network of intellectuals associated with the former Congress of Cultural Freedom—the European Foundation for Intellectual Cooperation or FEIE.38

This grouping was a spinoff of the International Center for Cultural Freedom, based on the specific desires of the Ford Foundation for a “third generation” intellectual foundation for its insurgency operations. The subversive philosophy championed was a focus on “individual human rights” and individual human “development” against the alleged depredations of the nation state. In response to a split within the former International Center for Cultural Freedom around the rampages of the New Left, this group primarily took the side of the New Left. It is hardly accidental that Human Rights Watch (HRW), the instrument of coups against governments which buck the elites, became the key weapon of the Open Society Institute at the same time. As previously referenced, it is run by Aryeh Neier, a former director of the CIA’s student League for Industrial Democracy, which produced the SDS.

HRW and its close ally, the British Foreign Office’s Amnesty International, constitute an international hit-squad against nations which oppose free trade and globalization. For example, in its 1995 “Human Rights Watch World Report,” HRW launched a violent attack on those individuals and governments who shared a vision “that equates economic self-interest with the common good” and it labels that outlook a “mercantilist threat” to its concept of human rights. Singled out, in this respect, was the statement by then U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown in 1994: “Our strategy of commercial engagement, is, we believe, the most effective strategy to have a positive impact on labor rights and human rights.”

Soros’ first effort on behalf of culturally deconstructing the Soviet Union was a university, Central European University, based initially in Budapest but with branches in Warsaw and Prague. It was staffed, for the most part, by FEIE intellectuals and other British-influenced “bread scholars” (to use the appropriate term from Schiller), and chartered by the State of New York. The university focused on promoting appropriate ideologies for controlling populations in a de-industrialized state. The central ideology preached at the CEU was “communitarianism,” the “participatory democracy” otherwise associated with Mussolini’s fascism and the New Left, and recently resurrected by the Occupy Wall Street movement. One of the big operations of the CEU is the promotion of the notion of “ethnicity,” as a defining feature of identity. Cambridge University’s Ernest Gellner is considered to be the godfather of this movement. Before his death, Gellner was promoting the idea that governments should hire “social anthropologists” as chief advisors to make sense of what was going on in the world.

At the July 12-14, 1996 First Communitarian Summit in Geneva, the communitarians’ modern guru, Amitai Etzioni, said: “I am very close to George Soros; we have been friends for twenty-five years.” This period was, of course, the critical time for this “shaping of new paradigms” crowd. The late 1960s saw the launching of the Club of Rome (the modernizer of Malthusian genocide models), and the allied International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), which LaRouche identified as the key weapon subverting Soviet science. The long range plan, as previously noted, was to break down the sovereign nation state and replace it with a culture of “self-expression,” “irrational individualism,” and the system analysis-vectored policies of One World federalism. The purpose of the CEU was to prepare a new elite to implement these policies. It was funded not only by Soros, but also by Ford, Rockefeller, Mellon, the German Marshall Fund, the Mott Foundation, and the Washington, D.C. based Eurasian Foundation.

The CEU is deeply tied to another Soros-funded institution, the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna, which every year awards the “Hannah Arendt” prize. Arendt’s work on behalf of the Frankfurt School and CCF was seminal in the evolution of the idea that a person’s assertion that there are intelligible truths is proof that the person is an authoritarian personality. The president and rector of the CEU, as of 1997, was Alfred Stephan, a collaborator of Luigi Einaudi, who sat on the board of the NED’s Journal of Democracy.

At the same time that Soros acquired the intellectuals from the FEIE, he “acquired” the remnants of the CIA’s Radio Free Europe and Radio Free Liberty for purposes of propaganda for his operations in the East Bloc.

Ariel Gutierrez
Malloch-Brown is the British agent, who has teamed up with confessed Nazi George Soros (left).

In 1990 Soros, always in conjunction with his British masters, such as Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, planned his assault on the Soviet economy, the so-called Shatalin Plan. Shock therapy—applied through the precepts of von Hayek and Milton Friedman, as modernized by Harvard’s Jeffrey Sachs—shut down and looted the Soviet military-industrial economy. Prices were “liberalized” (they skyrocketed), state industry was entirely privatized, severe austerity was imposed, and the social safety net was cut. Soros provided minimal stipends to scientists so that they could eat but do virtually nothing else. Thousands fled to the West. Rotten deals were made to sell off strategic raw materials and society became an open field for criminal trafficking in raw materials, weapons, and drugs. In only five years, the labor force had largely shifted from production to criminal activity, the living standard plunged, and the former Soviet region saw the fastest expansion of the drug trade and drug use in the world.

Implementing Bertrand Russell’s Worldview

Our previous work on Soros documented, in depth, Soros’ sponsorship of drug legalization in the United States, and through his collaboration with the NED and Wall Street, the transformation of Ibero-America into one huge drug factory. Not only does Soros money flow into his Drug Policy Foundation and the Lindesmith Center, at the center of the drug legalization movement—but also, his operations with the NED, British intelligence, and Wall Street have fostered the drug trade in numerous countries, particularly Peru and Columbia. The Soros and NED apparatus have attacked all nationalist governments which went after the drug trade as authoritarian, ultimately overthrowing them.

Cover of the Aug. 29, 1997 EIR, exposing Soros’ pushing drug legalization.

In Peru, for example, Soros was caught directly funding pro-drug candidate Alejandro Toledo, to the tune of $1,000,000, in his efforts to overthrow Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori. Toledo’s attempted color revolution, the “March of the Four Corners,” was set up at a forum organized by the NED’s Madeleine Albright. Albright otherwise authorized the journey of New York Stock Exchange chairman and CEO Richard Grasso to meet with and celebrate Colombia’s FARC drug and terrorist gang. Soros personally invested in the Banco de Colombia of the Cali, Colombia-based Gilenski family, cited by both U.S. and Russian intelligence agencies as a drug money laundromat used for purchasing properties in Russia and Crimea.

ANCOL/Fernando Ruiz
Richard Grasso, president of the New York Stock Exchange, embracing Raúl Reyes, negotiator for the drug-running FARC rebels, June 26, 1999.

Soros’ other major cultural funding thrust in the United States has been the “death with dignity” movement—the idea that individuals wracked by disease should simply die, rather than waste society’s precious resources on life-saving interventions. This is the “useless eaters” idea embraced by the eugenics societies and by Adolph Hitler.

In 2003-2004, after the initial Bush-Cheney attempt at an outright fascist coup following 9/11 had to be modified into the slow creep of a privatized and largely outsourced police-surveillance state, Soros turned his funding emphasis to the United States. As we have documented, Soros supported the British-controlled candidacy of Barack Obama, opening vital flows of funds, and himself donating extravagantly to Obama’s 2008 campaign. At the same time, Soros deployed his funding, as he had in Eastern Europe, to hundreds of NGO-type political advocacy organizations operating in Obama’s orbit and gutting the traditional Democratic Party. These trainees have become the leaders of the movement now deployed under the banner, “Resist” on behalf of the same British policies elaborated throughout this report—Bertrand Russell’s policies for universal fascism.

In addition to his various political training institutes, Soros has provided millions and millions of dollars—by one estimate well over $48 million dollars by 2011—to over thirty U.S. media organizations. He started by funding the Columbia Journalism Review, considered the standard bearer, if you can imagine such a thing, for the U.S. media. ProPublica, the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Center for Public Integrity, and the Investigative News Network all receive major funding from Soros while other funding sources for investigative journalism have completely dried up. Soros’ funding also extends deeply into the major journalistic associations, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, the Committee to Protect Journalists, and the Organization of News Ombudsmen. He funds Media Matters, led by the very dirty Obama/Clinton operative, David Brock, in current operations against President Trump. He is also funding Facebook’s current third-party fact-checking team, checking for “fake news.”

Conclusion: What To Do

This report should disturb you and move you to action. Everything is at stake in this great moment, and victory depends, as Schiller made clear, on our citizens becoming a great people. There is a political and economic program by which we can exact a just punishment for the Blimps, making them a historical relic—something studied as a horrible historic disease, a disease which was permanently cured by human beings becoming truly human in the year 2017. LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery, mastered by you, is the tool kit from which a Great Renaissance can be built. That, and joining China’s great offer to develop the entire world and explore space, opens an exciting future to the minds of our youth—a great purpose for what can be a wonderful life. Please join us in making that happen.

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