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This article appears in the July 13, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Conference Program

Schiller Institute Conference

Bad Soden, June 30-July 1, 2018

The Urgent Need for a New Paradigm in International Relations

A Peace Order Based on the Development of Nations


10:00Conference Keynote: The Coincidence of Opposites—The World of Tomorrow
Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Chairwoman of the Schiller Institute


Panel I

How to Overcome Geopolitics and the
Danger of a New World War

• Russia’s Role in the New World Order

Vladimir Morozov, Program Coordinator, Russian International Affairs Council, Moscow

• Globalization in Reverse and the Challenge for China’s Foreign Policy in the New Era

Dr. Xu Jian, Vice President of China Institute of International Studies (CIIS), Director of CIIS Academic Council, and Senior Research Fellow

• The True Interest of the United States

U.S. State Senator Richard Black (video presentation)

• Interest Monsters: Democracy, Human Rights and Other Hypocrisies

Lt. Col. (ret.) Ulrich Scholz, former NATO planner

• The U.S. Refusal of a Multipolar World Makes the Transition Very Painful

Colonel (ret.) Alain Corvez, International Consultant, former Counsellor for the French Defense and Interior Ministries

• The President Trump Europeans Do Not Know

Roger Stone, U.S. Political Strategist of the Trump Faction in the Republican Party (live video presentation)


Panel II

How the Belt and Road Initiative Is Changing Africa:
The Only Human Solution to the Refugee Crisis

• Opening Remarks
Hussein Askary, Southwest Asia Coordinator of the Schiller Institute

• A Role for Europe in the Belt and Road Initiative

Wang Hao, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to the Federal Republic of Germany, 1st Secretary for Economy and Trade

• After the Transaqua Breakthrough, Nigeria Comes to the Fore

H.E. Yusuf Maitama Tuggar, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to Germany

• The Impact of Transaqua on the Future Development of Africa

Mohammed Bila, Expert Modeler, Lake Chad Basin Observatory, Lake Chad Basin Commission

The two panels of the second day of the conference, held on July 1, 2018, are covered in this issue—July 13—of EIR. The two panels of the first day of the conference—June 30, 2018—were covered in last week’s issue of EIR, dated July 6, 2018 [back].

• What Pan-Africanism on the Silk Road?
Amzat Boukari-Yabara, African Historian, General Secretary of the Pan-African League—UMOJA

• Challenges for Peace and Reconstruction in Yemen
Representatives of the Yemeni Association Insan for Human Rights and Peace

• Operation Felix: Yemen’s Reconstruction and Connection to the Belt and Road

Hussein Askary, Southwest Asia Coordinator for the Schiller Institute

Greetings to the Conference from Prof. Michele Geraci, newly appointed Undersecretary of State in the Ministry for Economic Development, Italy


Sunday, July 1

Panel III

The Future of European Nations—Cultural and Economic Grand Design within the New Paradigm

KEYNOTE: Europe’s Future Needs to Be Inclusive, with the New Silk Roads and the World Land-Bridge

Jacques Cheminade, President of Solidarité et Progrès, France

• The Re-establishment of International Law

Prof. Hans Köchler, President of Iternational Progress Organisation

• Has European Integration Gone Too Far?

Marco Zanni, Member of the European Parliament from Italy

• The Controllable Energy

Dr. Armin Azima, University of Hamburg


Panel IV

Economic and Political Potentials of
the One Belt One Road

• How Eastern and South-Eastern Europe Can Participate in Creating a New Global Economic Miracle
Elke Fimmen, Schiller Institute

• The New Paradigm from the View of the Balkans
Prof. Ivo Christov, Member of Bulgarian Parliament

• The Options for Integration of the Eurasian Customs and Economic Union and China’s OBOR Initiative
Folker Hellmeyer, Economist, Germany

• On the New Silk Road—Achievements and Prospects of Economic Cooperation between Serbia and China
Dusko Dimitrijevic, Ph.D., Professorial Fellow, Institute of International Politics and Economics, Serbia

• Necessary Regulatory Framework for Investments of German and European SME Economy in National Economies along the New Silk Road
Hans von Helldorff, Spokesman, Federal Association of the German Silk Road Initiative

• The Eurasia Canal and the New Silk Road
Professor Nuraly Bekturganov, Vice President of Academy of Natural Sciences of Kazakhstan

• The Integration of the Eurasian Continent
Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, former Ambassador of Greece, former Secretary General of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC)

18:00 – End of Conference