Volume 45, Number 28, July 13, 2018


Part One | Conclusion of the Schiller Institute Conference

Schiller Institute Conference Leads Way for Europe To Enter the New Paradigm!  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Conference Program  

Conference Panel Three

Europe’s Future Must Be Inclusive with New Silk Roads and World Land-Bridge  

by Jacques Cheminade

The Re-Establishment of International Law  

by Prof. Hans Köchler

Has European Integration Gone Too Far?  

by Marco Zanni

The Controllable Energy  

by Dr. Armin Azima

Conference Panel Four

How Eastern & Southeastern Europe Can Join a Global Economic Miracle  

by Elke Fimmen

The New Paradigm from the View of the Balkans  

by Prof. Dr. Ivo Christov

Options for Integration of the Eurasian Economic Union and China’s OBOR  

by Folker Hellmeyer

The New Silk Road: Achievements & Prospects of Serbia-China Economic Cooperation  

by Duško Dimitrijević

Necessary Regulatory Framework for Investments of German/European SME Economy Along the New Silk Road  

by Hans von Helldorff

The Eurasian Canal and the New Silk Road  

by Prof. Nuraly Sultanovich Bekturganov

The Integration of the Eurasian Contient  

by Ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos

Uniting Europe on a Higher Level: Italy, Greece, Germany and the European Union  

Selected discussion at the conclusion of Panel Four.

Part Two | How Man Makes History

You’re Human! Do You Know What That Means?  

by Robert Ingraham

Part three of a series.

Part Three | Epistemology and Economy

The Dynamics of the Global Economic Breakdown  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 2, 1995.