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This article appears in the April 26, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Mueller’s $35 Million
Gaslighting of the American People

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Robert Mueller failed to fulfill the British-run coup to unseat Donald Trump.

April 20—Special Counsel Robert Mueller has written a 448-page fictional novel, grounded in treason, about the British/Obama Administration intelligence hoax known as Russiagate. It is intended to preoccupy your mind for the next two years, at least through the 2020 elections. It is intended to stir your passions to support your absolutely mad Representative or Senator in enacting further sanctions and supporting the British drive to overthrow Putin’s government in Russia based on fictional events which, for the most part, never happened.

The British sponsored and oriented intelligence services that sponsored this hoax have also started a campaign to ensure that the same mad passions will destroy Donald Trump’s quest for new and peaceful relationships with China. Congressional investigations based on the “road map” provided by Robert Mueller are supposed to provide, on your taxpayer dollar, possible impeachment and, at the very least, opposition research for the 2020 Presidential campaign. This would fulfill the British vow, openly set forth in the December 2018 House of Lords report, “British Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order,” that Donald Trump must not have a second term.

But, most of all, it is intended to get you to doubt what is coming next. The President’s allies have promised an investigation of the investigators and a full accounting of how this sordid affair came to be. As Conrad Black discusses in the April 20, 2019 National Interest article, “What the Mueller Probe Really Means,”

[It is now known that] senior intelligence and FBI and Justice Department officials lied under oath to Congress, or lied to federal officials . . . in order to influence the result, and then reverse the result, of a presidential election. In terms of subversion of the highest constitutional process, the selection of the president and vice president of the United States, this sort of activity, that Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, former attorney general Loretta Lynch and others appear to have engaged in, is the last stop before there are tanks on the White House lawn and military control of the media outlets. Mueller, having failed to do anything to address the real crisis that threatened the country, failed altogether, and compounded his failure by his sadistic entrapment of General Michael Flynn, and hounding of Paul Manafort and others, far beyond what was necessary or excusable, in an effort to extort a false inculpation of the president.

As most know by now, the first part of the Mueller report concludes that there was no collusion between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s campaign to swing the election to Donald Trump. This conclusion occurred despite thousands upon thousands of hours of fake media claims, fed by British and American intelligence leaks, which made it an article of fanatical religious faith to many, that Donald Trump was a Putin dupe. According to Mueller’s report, while the Russians tried endlessly to infiltrate and steer the Trump Campaign, they didn’t succeed. Undaunted, Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appeared on television on April 18 to claim that Mueller found “passive collusion.” That is not an unfair characterization of the McCarthyite premises of Mueller’s report. According to Mueller, investigation of an American Presidential campaign was justified because Trump refused to toe the British line on Putin and Russia.

Here is how Mueller blithely reports it:

On June 16, 2015 Donald J. Trump declared his intent to seek nomination as the Republican candidate for President. By early 2016, he distinguished himself among Republican candidates by speaking of closer ties with Russia, saying he would get along well with Russian President Vladimir Putin, questioning whether the NATO alliance was obsolete, and praising Putin as a “strong leader.” The press reported that Russian political analysts and commentators perceived Trump as favorable to Russia.

Beginning in February 2016, the Report continues, the “press” began to report the connections of various campaign figures with Russia, namely, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and Carter Page. According to Mueller’s report, Trump pursued WikiLeaks during the campaign regarding the timing of further releases of Clinton Campaign and State Department documents, he said that he doubted that the Russians hacked the DNC and John Podesta, he falsely claimed that he had no business dealings in Russia, and the Campaign was involved in changing a plank in the Republican Party platform about providing lethal assistance to Ukraine. Contrary to this lying account by Saint Mueller, we know that the “press” were being steered by a British intelligence originated propaganda campaign aimed at preventing any U.S. accommodation with Russia.

Now that we know that the President is not a traitor, can we move on to address the thousands of opioid deaths, adolescent and other suicides, flooded farmlands, and crumbling infrastructure which have been pushed aside, as we were, trapped within the walls of this British-created delusion?

Left: facebook; right: Nadler.house.gov/videos
Left: Rep. Adam Schiff; right: Rep. Jerrold Nadler

Well, no, according to Mueller and his Congressional toadies, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff. Nadler, who looks and acts like a venomous toad, stuffing himself into over-sized suits which have that oh-so-subtle Manhattan mafia cut, vows to spend from now until 2020 redoing the Russiagate investigation. Schiff, who has constantly propounded the most fictitious crap possible about Russiagate, is just too invested to ever be sane, if he ever was.

Thus, the second part of Mueller’s report attempts to seamlessly switch the anti-Trump political narrative by presenting an entirely novel theory of “obstruction of justice” in which the President knew he was innocent, while those investigating him, knowing he was innocent, sought to exploit Trump’s emotions as they rolled a full scale coup right over him, hoping he would cross the line into illegal acts. He did not, according to both Attorney General William Barr and Mueller’s boss throughout this escapade, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Mueller also acknowledges this by saying he can’t charge Trump with obstruction of justice.

But Mueller also takes a cheap shot, designed to inflame the Congress and the public, saying he cannot “exonerate” the President, either. In doing so, he impermissibly shifts the burden of proof, under our Constitution, to imply that Trump must now prove his innocence. This is, of course, reminiscent of the Star Chamber.

Left to right: CC, Adam Hartman, FBI
Left to right: John Brennan, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe

When Donald Trump was informed by his then Attorney General Jeff Sessions that a Special Counsel was being appointed, he said, according to Mueller,

Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I’m fucked. . . . Everyone tells me if you get one of these independent counsels it ruins your presidency. It takes years and years and I won’t be able to do anything. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.

Perversely, this absolutely true statement by the President, borne out by months of an insane inquisition which crippled his ability to act, is cited by Robert Mueller’s crew of biased prosecutors for the proposition that the President repeatedly skirted obstructing justice. On April 17, Attorney General Barr said that Donald Trump confronted an unprecedented situation at the beginning of his presidency. The President was attempting to form an administration, while his own intelligence community was investigating him as an agent of a foreign power.

Barr might have added that Trump knew—and everyone else knew—that the “collusion” nonsense was just that. They knew it all along. In such circumstances, there was never any ability, in reality, to charge obstruction of justice, which requires a corrupt intent or motive. There can be no corrupt intent or motive where a President believes, rightly, that he is innocent, that he is being framed up, and that a coup is underway. He fights back, to preserve both the Presidency and the Constitution itself, breaking the rules of what Saint Robert Mueller considers to be appropriate conduct by those he targets—don’t say or do anything, just let us slice you up.

All the while, the Mueller report makes clear, Trump’s emotions about the coup are being recorded and/or falsely portrayed, minute by minute by those who would sell him out—some as traitors within, others, if only to save themselves. That is the reality. It was never obstruction of justice. It was a psyop against the President attempting to drive him mad.

The British, Not the Russians, Tried to Swing the 2016 Election

Mueller makes three significant claims about Russian interference in the 2016 election. First, page after page of his report attempts to paint an amateurish and small-bore social media campaign conducted by the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Russian internet marketing and click-bait operation, as exercising a hugely powerful lure on the American mind. Despite Mueller’s indictment of the IRA, which is pending now in Washington, D.C., and despite British intelligence’s five-year fixation on the IRA as the essence of newfound Russian powers in hybrid warfare, this is a hoax.

Aaron Maté, in his article, “New Studies Show Pundits are Wrong About Russia Social Media Involvement,” and Gareth Porter, in his article, “33 Trillion More Reasons Why the New York Times Gets it Wrong on Russia-gate,” and others, have demonstrated, conclusively, that the IRA spent minimal amounts of money on Facebook and Google in 2016, for a campaign which barely mentioned either candidate. Only 11% of the IRA activity even occurred during the election period.

The IRA effort spent a grand total of $46,000 on Facebook ads, compared to $81 million by the Trump and Clinton campaigns combined, and $4,700 on Google platforms. Its most-liked Facebook post was a gun-toting image of Yosemite Sam; its most shared Instagram post said, “Click here if you like Jesus.” Another favored meme featured Jesus counseling a young man how to stop masturbating. Otherwise, the IRA’s campaign was dedicated to creating revenue from themed t-shirts and LGBT-positive sex toys. Mueller never explains how this ad content impacted the election in any way, nor could he.

Mueller next focuses on the alleged Russian military intelligence hacks of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and John Podesta, for which he has indicted 12 Russian GRU officers, secure in the knowledge that they will never appear in a U.S. courtroom to contest the charges. The first fact lost in the sauce here is the fact that the files the Russians allegedly sent to WikiLeaks for publication demonstrated, truthfully, that Hillary Clinton was a craven tool of Wall Street and that her campaign was illegally rigging the Democratic primaries against Bernie Sanders’s insurgent campaign.

CC/Gage Skidmore
Hillary Clinton

Further, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), led by former National Security Agency (NSA) Technical Director William Binney and former NSA cryptologist Ed Loomis, have cast substantial doubt on Mueller’s entire theory that the Russians hacked the DNC. They conducted forensic studies demonstrating that what Mueller says about Guccifer 2.0 is fraudulent and that the claim that a GRU hack of the DNC computers resulted in the WikiLeaks releases does not square with any science known currently to man. The download speeds and file metadata point to a thumb drive or similar storage device and a human source, rather than a Russian cyber attack conducted over the internet.

Mueller’s failure to even talk to WikiLeaks founder and director, Julian Assange, reviewed in the article, “VIPS Fault Mueller Probe, Criticize Refusal to Interview Assange,” brings up the next question—why Assange and/or WikiLeaks were not indicted in Mueller’s grand GRU conspiracy indictment.

Instead, Assange was indicted on a highly dubious charge involving the 2010 Chelsea Manning leaks which may not even survive a challenge under the statute of limitations. Obviously, Mueller’s proof of his indicted Russiagate conspiracy falls short. Indicting Assange for the claimed DNC and Podesta hack conspiracy would necessarily allow Assange to prove that the Russian hack never happened, as he has long contended. It would expose how James Comey and Senator Mark Warner intervened in Assange’s early 2017 negotiations with the Justice Department, to ensure that the truth would never come out.

It was Comey, after all, who never secured the DNC servers for FBI forensic analysis, relying instead on the forensics provided to him by the Atlantic Council’s Russia-hating CrowdStrike, the unreliable vendor to the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. And it was Comey, it is reliably claimed, who relentlessly pushed the Russiagate narrative even after his lead case agent told him after months of investigation, “there is no there, there.”

If Mueller pursued the logic of his own indictment and included Assange in his fabricated GRU conspiracy, it would also have exposed exactly what happened after Bill Binney met with then CIA Director Mike Pompeo at Donald Trump’s direction on October 24, 2017, explaining exactly how the intelligence community was lying to the American President. Binney’s offer to collaborate in demonstrating what actually happened with the DNC and John Podesta has been successfully blocked to date.

Attorney General William Barr news conference on the Muller Report release on April 18, 2019.

The last prong of Mueller’s Russiagate plot involves all sorts of contacts with Russians who allegedly unsuccessfully reached out to the Trump campaign, in order to seduce them. Here the report just lies egregiously. We are told that Russiagate started as the result of a July 2016 report to the FBI by the Australian Ambassador to London, Alexander Downer, about a conversation he had in London with a 28-year-old Trump Campaign volunteer, George Papadopoulos.

According to Mueller, Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese professor with “connections to Russia” told Papadopoulos that the Russians had thousands of Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails, and Papadopoulos repeated this information in a meeting initiated by Downer. According to Mueller, when the DNC’s computers were hacked, the former Australian Ambassador to London remembered his early 2016 meeting with Papadopoulos in which Papadopoulos recounted Mifsud’s claim about Clinton’s emails. This tidbit, according to Mueller, launched a full-scale FBI counterintelligence investigation of a U.S. presidential nominee.

As Attorney General Barr has pointed out, including in his testimony on Capitol Hill, investigating an American presidential candidate is “a very big deal” and the Mifsud/Papadopoulos/Australian Ambassador hearsay hardly serves as adequate justification or predication. This is particularly egregious since the FBI knew that Papadopoulos never repeated to anyone in the Trump Campaign what Mifsud told him. And Mifsud is also a British intelligence asset, not a Russian intelligence asset, as suggested by Mueller’s rambling legal partisans.

Mueller, of course, never references the fact that Russiagate actually started way back in late 2015 when the British government started demanding Donald Trump’s head because of his sane view of Russia, a fact acknowledged by Obama CIA chief John Brennan in his Congressional testimony.

Nor does Mueller reference the fact that MI6’s Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier was the driver of Russiagate, and that Steele was a joint British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), U.S. State Department, and FBI asset dating back to collaboration on the 2014 Ukraine coup conducted jointly by the Obama State Department, CIA, and British intelligence. The Ukraine coup began a British march toward regime change in Russia, risking nuclear war, a march which was rudely interrupted by the Brexit vote in Britain and by the candidacy and election of Donald Trump.

The Real Story

The real story, the one now being promised by Trump’s allies and others, is that many of the alleged Russian outreach efforts cited in Mueller’s report, such as multiple entrapment efforts conducted against Papadopoulos and Carter Page, as well as the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting involving Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, were transparent British/State Department operations designed to plant and fabricate evidence, namely, Russian generated “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

Natalia Veselnitskaya

Mueller has completely avoided the real story, despite its public availability, in order to concoct his hit job. Each of these operations involved British intelligence personnel collaborating with Obama White House, the CIA and State Department. These entrapment efforts were designed as the pretext for creating and maintaining an FBI investigation. The FBI investigation in turn made the preposterous claims in Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier, that Donald Trump had been compromised by the Russians, palatable to the journalists who repeated Steele’s claims both before and after the election.

Like the Steele dossier itself, the dirt and allegedly Russian-sourced information about Putin and Trump did not originate with actual Russian “dirt” or with actual Russian sources. According to well-placed Congressional sources, Christopher Steele’s main source for his dodgy dossier is a former Russian intelligence officer living in the United States. But, no former Russian intelligence officer lives in the United States without reporting to the CIA. That is just a simple fact.

There is also evidence that the Trump Campaign was being flooded as early as May, with FBI informants acting as “pretend” Russian agents. Mike Caputo has documented just such an approach of FBI informant and Russian criminal, Henry Greenberg, to himself and to Roger Stone, offering “dirt on Hillary Clinton.” Papadopoulos claims that Sergei Millian, the alleged source of the infamous Ritz Hotel prostitute claim in Steele’s dirty dossier, sat silently as Millian’s friend told Papadopoulos that Millian was working for the FBI.

The Moscow Trump Tower project also consumes hundreds of words in Mueller’s screed. It was created by long-time FBI and CIA informant Felix Sater and his childhood friend, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, and was presented in emails by Sater in September of 2015 as a Russian project which would help elect Donald Trump President with Putin’s assistance. It was pushed, and pushed, and pushed by Sater, whose agreement to become an informant, was signed by none other than Andrew Weissman, Mueller’s chief henchman. Former CIA and State Department analyst Larry C. Johnson has fully demonstrated this chain of fabrications in an article on the Sic Semper Tyrannis blogsite.

As for the last portion of Part I of Mueller’s Report, portraying efforts to secure peace with Russia and in Ukraine during the transition as some sort of diabolical plot—Wow, just think about that. Can you seriously join Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller in treating efforts to establish the foundations for peace with Russia, as some form of criminal act? Or, as crazy, former Director of National Intelligence, Jim Clapper, calls it, “passive collusion”? This is, of course, the same Jim Clapper who claims that Russians are genetically predisposed to attack the United States.

As Professor Stephen F. Cohen, of New York University and Princeton University, continues to reiterate in an August 16 interview on the Real News Network, there are immense nuclear dangers in stoking hatred of Russia, compared with seeking a just accommodation. In that same interview, Professor Cohen noted that in the history of election interventions by the United States into Russia, even if you accept all of Mueller’s preposterous claims, what the Russians are accused of doing here, is equivalent to jay-walking. Compare the publication of truthful information about Hillary Clinton rigging the Democratic primaries, a juvenile and largely ineffective social media campaign, and numerous attempts to improve U.S. Russian relations, with the $10 billion the Clinton Administration provided to re-elect Boris Yeltsin, in 1996, for example.

Obstruction of Justice

Mueller’s screed of 250-plus pages about obstruction of justice focuses on 10 “episodes” where he says the President almost crossed the line into what he considers to be obstructive conduct. Mind you, he admits that, as opposed to most obstruction cases, there was no underlying crime which the President was trying to cover up. There were also never ever any acts like those Hillary Clinton’s crew committed, such as smashing cell phones with hammers and BleachBitting computers. In fact, the White House gave the Special Counsel everything he asked for, including notes of President Trump’s discussions with White House Counsel Don McGahn, over which Executive Privilege could rightly have been claimed—and many lawyers believe such privilege should have been exercised. Mueller interviewed just about everyone in the White House and on the Trump Campaign, with the President’s blessing and his urging them to “cooperate.” From this cooperation, Mueller’s minions concocted a hit job, designed to portray the President as unstable and irrational and out solely to protect himself, concealing derogatory facts from the American people in statements on his Twitter account and to the press.

Nowhere, however, even in this entire rabid prosecutor’s screed is there any act which the courts have recognized as obstruction of justice. Instead, Mueller’s argument is essentially this: “If you take all of this together, maybe it amounts to something, but I can’t decide, so Congress should just stick the knife in, already.” There is not sufficient evidence to charge a crime, Mueller says, but Trump has also not proved his innocence.

Here’s the CliffsNotes summary of the entire 448 pages: The President was under constant attack, including from within his own White House, in an obvious attempt to frame him up while claiming he was committing treason. He got angry and didn’t sit silently by while Mueller and his minions tried to frame him up. He complained loudly. Sometimes he even asked his staff to figure out how to proclaim his innocence. Under no conceivable construction is that obstruction of justice.

Institute of Politics/Kristyn Ulanday
Michael Flynn

Three incidents make the fraud in Mueller’s tedious novel very clear. First, Mueller babbles on about the President’s conduct concerning Michael Flynn’s firing, but he never references that Michael Flynn had been targeted by the British authors of the Russiagate hoax, the circles of Sir Richard Dearlove and his friend Stefan Halper, way back in 2014. They falsely accused Flynn of a dalliance with Russian historian Svetlana Lokhova at a Cambridge event both attended. What really flipped the British out about Flynn, however, was his exposure of support for Al Qaeda and similar groups in Syria by both the U.S. and British governments. Flynn had been a target of FBI investigation and surveillance based on British demands for his head since early 2016, if not much earlier.

When Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Russia in the waning days of his Administration, in retaliation for what his intelligence chiefs claimed was Russian “interference” in the 2016 election, the sanctions included implantation of a Stuxnet type worm in Russian state infrastructure. This might be considered by the Russians as a very hot potential act of war.

Flynn, the incoming National Security Adviser, had conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, to the effect that the Russians should not overreact to Obama’s sanctions, among other things. These conversations were intercepted, and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and Mary McCord of the National Security Division at DOJ, along with Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, plotted how to set Flynn up for undermining Obama’s dangerous threats and actions.

First, someone from a tight circle who had viewed these transcripts, leaked the classified transcripts to the Washington Post’s David Ignatius who wrote a loud column about Flynn colluding with the Russians to undermine Obama. That leak was a felony. McCabe then called Flynn as the article hit, saying that he was sending over two agents to talk to him about what this was about and telling him that involving any lawyers would be an encumbrance to a relaxed conversation.

Flynn couldn’t remember certain things the agents asked him about. They had the transcript of Flynn’s conversation and never showed it to him. In the course of the interview, Flynn made statements at variance with what he was known to have said in the transcripts. Nonetheless, the agents themselves said that Flynn had not deliberately lied to them when they reported back to the FBI.

After Flynn was fired for lying to Vice President Pence and others about the Kisylak conversations, FBI Director James Comey claims that President Trump pulled him aside and said he “hoped” Comey would let the Flynn thing go because Flynn was a good guy. The maniacal Comey insists that the President’s “hope” was an “order.”

James Comey

Comey, the fabricator, had previously insisted that the President’s alleged request for “loyalty”—at a point where all of Washington was talking about RESIST members covertly acting against the President from within his Administration—was somehow equivalent to a mafia induction ceremony.

Michael Flynn was subsequently convicted by Mueller of lying to the FBI in his White House interview despite the fact that the original agents concluded that no such lying even occurred. This was part of a coerced plea deal resulting from the fact that Flynn was bankrupted by the legal fees necessary to defend himself against Mueller’s inquisition, and threats by Mueller to indict Flynn’s son.

The Comey Firing

Then there is the Comey firing itself. Comey’s Congressional testimony, which Mueller never mentions, lays out that each time Comey met with the President he returned to compose contemporaneous memos of his conversations and to plan future encounters with a close group of associates who he characterized as a “murder board.” Such activities clearly indicate that Comey was engaged in attempting to set the President up. Comey told Congress and Trump that he was not under investigation in Russiagate but refused to tell the public that, knowing full well that the President felt it was completely hindering his ability to act, particularly with respect to Russia.

Rod Rosenstein

Mueller does disclose that, from the beginning, Trump railed against Comey because he was blocking what Trump wanted to do with Russia on trade and ISIS. In fact, Trump dictated a letter to Steven Miller firing Comey because he would not tell the public the truth about Russiagate and because it was hindering his ability to deal with Russia. Trump’s letter was rejected by White House staff, including then White House Counsel Don McGahn, who came up with the idea of firing Comey based on Comey’s misconduct in the Clinton investigation.

The President repeated the real reasons he was firing Comey publicly and almost immediately after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s letter detailing Comey’s misconduct in the Clinton investigation was released, and did so again, in an oval office meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Kislyak. This is hardly the concealment associated with obstruction of justice.

Furthermore, the firestorm following Comey’s firing illuminated the level of plotting against the President at the top levels of the Department of Justice—Rod Rosenstein seriously offered to wear a wire to record the President and participated in discussions centered on organizing the cabinet to orchestrate the President’s removal.

Mueller never mentions any of this in his report. Instead he adopts, wholesale, James Comey’s claim that Trump fired him to hinder the Russia investigation, despite the fact that the investigation was never hindered.

Mueller also never references Comey’s leaks of classified materials to a friend for media publication, in order to trigger Mueller’s own appointment as Special Counsel, or that everyone already knew, at that point, that there was “no there, there” with respect to collusion with Russia.

Instead, the game was on to frame the President, to build the case Comey had not been able to make about obstruction of justice. This proceeded through a series of calculated provocations and media leaks all designed to provoke the President into overreaction.

One of these is found in the episode involving the so-called attempt to “fire Mueller” which the media and Congress are salivating about. According to Mueller’s report, Trump called White House Counsel Don McGahn and told him to raise Mueller’s conflicts of interest with the Department of Justice and—according to McGahn—that Mueller could not be Special Counsel. This call occurred soon after the Washington Post published a leak that the President himself was under investigation by Mueller for obstruction of justice.

CC/Gage Skidmore
Don McGahn

McGahn construed Trump’s words as an order to fire Mueller, even though, by his own account, no such order to fire Mueller was stated. McGahn claims that he immediately decided to resign, although he never informed the President of this. No call was ever placed to the Justice Department, Mueller was not fired, and Trump never repeated what he allegedly said on one heated occasion to Don McGahn. Based on his drama queen account of this alleged aborted attempt at some undetermined act of obstruction, however, McGahn is being hailed by the anti-Trump media as a modern Sir Thomas More.

The President denies ever saying anything like this and there is considerable evidence in the Mueller report itself demonstrating that Trump’s repeatedly pronounced distrust of McGahn was fully justified. The kicker here is that even if Trump had followed through and fired Mueller, he would have been within his Constitutional powers to do so. There would have been plenty of political heat, but no obstruction of justice, despite McGahn’s ridiculous fantasy that he was being asked to re-enact Nixon’s Saturday night massacre. Mueller’s report otherwise shows White House Counsel McGahn, a total creature of the Washington Republican establishment who attached himself to Trump early in the campaign, keeping book on the President and taking notes on everything the President allegedly said—hardly something typical of normal lawyering.

So, despite this weekend’s huffing and puffing of the Democrats and the media about the Mueller Report, it is important to remember, first and foremost, that they suffered a bone-crushing defeat when Saint Robert Mueller’s magical curtain was pulled back, revealing a tale, full of sound and fury, but signifying absolutely nothing. Attorney General Barr will shortly conduct a seminar for the children in Congress when he testifies about the actual law.

The real story—the one about the attempted coup and treason against this President and its perpetrators—is coming, and it will come fast. A big opportunity is presenting itself to crush the British apparatus which has haunted this country since the end of World War II.

Act now, don’t get confused by the heat of battle, and we can take the country back.

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