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This article appears in the August 28, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Case for Ending Mike Pompeo’s
London-Run Grab for Power

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U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, in a roundtable discussion hosted by the Henry Jackson Society in London, July 21, 2020.

Aug. 23—The sharply escalating pattern of usurpation of Presidential authority by Anglo-Dutch political pawn Mike Pompeo requires urgent and uncompromising action. President Donald Trump must break out and draw upon his well-known ability to assert: “You’re fired,” quickly tossing Pompeo out of the cubby hole from which London’s intelligence apparatus guides the presumptive Secretary’s anti-China/anti-Russia provocations and war-game designs. As Trump knows, Pompeo never supported him during the election campaign, and he owes Pompeo nothing. Infamously, Pompeo denounced Trump during a 2016 Marco Rubio election rally in Kansas, siding with the craziest Democrats, and charging that Trump would be “an authoritarian President who ignored our Constitution.”

Today, it is Pompeo, a distilled by-product of international globalists’ poisonous, decades-long subversion of the U.S. political process, who is daily usurping Presidential authority and “ignoring our Constitution.”

Beginning late summer 2019, and far more dangerously since January 2020, Pompeo shifted away from being a manipulator who would verbally agree with Trump’s policies but then slip around to make sure his initiatives fizzled. It was soon after Trump fired National Security Advisor John Bolton that Pompeo began, step by step, to continue Bolton’s London-sponsored skullduggery. Donning the cloak of a self-righteous, even “religious” warrior, driven by the identical objectives of constant showdown with Russia, China and Iran that controlled the Bush and Obama years, Pompeo went “hyper” promoting precisely the agenda Donald Trump rightly campaigned against for leading to “ridiculous endless wars.” That Pompeo played this “chameleon” role of pretending to be with Trump, while being positioned by outsiders to become the potential primary cause of a Trump downfall, reflected a game-plan shaped by what can be identified as an underlying moral insanity that controls Pompeo’s behavior.

The character of that deep moral insanity, which causes him (reminiscent of British stooge Barack Obama) to never care about the consequences of his actions and words, was publicly boasted of by Pompeo himself in April 2019, one year after moving from his position as head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to Secretary of State.

Speaking before a packed auditorium at Texas A&M University, which howled cheers and laughter as he spoke, Pompeo described how it felt to be serving in a high-level cabinet post. Giggling uncontrollably in step with audience roars of approval and applause, Pompeo confessed:

It’s a tough world out there … In terms of how you think about problem sets: when I was a cadet, what’s the cadet motto at West Point: “You will not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.” I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stealed [sic] stole … We had entire training courses … It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment….[fn_1]

Thereby he admitted, as the trained pet of the Anglo-Dutch/Anglo-American financially based oligarchy, that the foremost personality trait that qualifies a controlled asset for admission to the globalists’ inner sanctum of employment, is your readiness to view life as a game, in which no values or principles are permitted to be cherished as sacred!

Thus, it should be no surprise that it was then CIA director Mike Pompeo who in 2017 crushed the possibility of closing down “Russiagate”—the invented scandal claiming Trump was a puppet of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. In November, there was a potential to put an end to this hoax. William Binney, former Technical Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), had issued a forensic analysis of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) server files reposted by WikiLeaks, as well as those published by “Guccifer 2.0,” showing they could not have been hacked by Russia. Donald Trump directed Pompeo to meet with Binney and get the real story. They met for one hour at CIA headquarters.

Pompeo heard what Binney had to say, and never acted on it. Had Binney’s conclusions been investigated and followed up by Congressional testimony and other avenues he proposed, the Russiagate conspiracy theory could have been shut down, Trump Derangement Syndrome could have been subdued, and our institutions of government would have been forced to pay attention to the true crises facing our nation and the world.

Those crises include the threat of war. Under the conditions of an already onrushing financial explosion which threatens to crush the world economy, continued toleration of Pompeo in the State Department could bring the United States and the world to military confrontation escalating into nuclear war in the short term. Several governments, referencing the effects of Pompeo’s insane behavior, have already warned that the danger of hot war now exists. Such warfare could spiral to nuclear confrontation even before the U.S. election. Former U.S. Ambassadors have stated publicly that the policies of sanctions, aggressive military maneuvers and threats of military deployment churned out daily and with abandon by the State Department against many nations, could erupt into hot war.[fn_2]

U.S. Navy/Ensign Samuel Hardgrove
The guided-missile destroyer USS Barry (DDG-52) conducting maneuvers in the Taiwan Strait, a potential scene for a global showdown, April 23, 2020.

Informed citizens must join with President Trump to end this design of madmen. This is not a partisan matter. All the potential scenes of showdown—such as the South China Sea, the Taiwan Straits, and Central Europe—are conflict zones that were pre-rigged by the lies and chicanery of the pro-British Bush and Obama Administration years. Anti-Trump deranged fanatics, such as those around Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, agree with Pompeo’s broadsides against China, and differ only in complaining that U.S. aggression against Russia is not going far enough.

Trump has been under siege since he was elected because he was an “outsider,” who opposed the games of the most powerful financial globalists and dared to insist there was a pathway to organize a peaceful foreign policy. In his own way, the maverick Trump evokes the living legacy of what brought President Ronald Reagan to collaborate with economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche, towards the goal of preventing nuclear war with the Soviet Union, based on the implications of the scientific design called the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).

Though a substantial portion of the American electorate recalls those Reagan years as a time of relative stability and cautious optimism, be advised: we will now show that for Mike Pompeo and his sidekick Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Ronald Reagan’s policies and aspirations—which challenged the encrusted power of the globalist system—have no meaning or value, and should, they believe, be stamped out from memory and history.

We document here the criminal mindset of Mike Pompeo and how he was fitted in to act as an asset of foreign-tied financial interests that have embedded their poisonous influence into U.S. corporate and political life over more than a century. We will review his matriculation at West Point Military Academy, and how that morphed into his association with the pro-Nazi Anglo-Dutch financial conglomerate Koch Industries. We will also show how Pompeo has been used by such London outposts as the Henry Jackson Society to increase the destructive force of the “Russiagate” plot, even though it has been irrefutably disproven as a London-contrived pack of lies. We will in total present the case that this morally twisted individual has no right to be in our government.

Pompeo is a failed personality, who once ousted will be barely remembered as less than a dent in world history. The purpose of providing this map of his degenerated mind and soul, is to strengthen the will of patriots among our citizenry and government institutions, to join President Trump in dumping him, and to thereby fling open the gateway towards reconstructing a legitimate process of deliberation and foreign policy within our Presidential system of Constitutional government.

The September 2019 Turning Point

What do we see when we watch Mike Pompeo? There stands an imperial “wind-up toy,” stiff as a board, flapping only the twitching muscles of his mouth without moving the rest of his anatomy. Such is the behavior of a well-trained puppet, whose aggressive insults and provocations hurled against much of the world, though primarily China and Russia (and often, Iran), advance no legitimate U.S. national interests, but rather please his controllers gathered around the London money-center.

When John Bolton was around (the man whom Trump denounced as trying to start “World War Six”), Pompeo played second fiddle to his ravings; according to “insider reports” in those months, Pompeo was painfully obsequious to Trump in public settings, and even publicly praised Trump’s declaration of friendship with Chinese President Xi Jinping.[fn_3] Beginning just weeks after Bolton’s dismissal, the situation began to change. Devious actions were maneuvered into place, to usurp Trump’s authority and to shift the functions of government into the hands of renegades including Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

Many unusual things began to happen in September 2019, months before the eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, extending to every branch of government.

The dismissal of Bolton (and of Ms. Kiron Skinner, a silly Hoover/Stanford infiltrator running the State Department Saturday morning seminars, who was helping Bolton spread overtly racist hatred against China) seemed to indicate that Trump was about to move faster in mid-2019 to secure trade agreements with China, and resolve dangerous hotspots through troop withdrawal. However, on August 23, a different agenda was suddenly thrust to the fore.

Emerging from the pit of secrecy, then Bank of England head Mark Carney spoke at a symposium at the Jackson Hole, Wyoming resort where a very select group of international bankers gather annually to plot their control over the world economy. Attacking the principle of national sovereignty, Carney called for the U.S. dollar to be replaced by a cyber-currency, completely managed by the “independent” central banks, beyond any control from sovereign governments. Carney justified this broadside against the United States, by complaining that the value of the dollar was undermining the success of central bank money printing aimed at bailing out the financial markets—ultimately an impossible task given their inherent bankruptcy.

CC/Policy Exchange
Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of England, and oligarchical spokesman for the “Green Agenda.”

Carney’s ravings were then seconded by the release of the private financial report circulated during the “cloak and dagger” Jackson Hole meeting. Authored by BlackRock, the largest hedge fund in the world (which means dirty money managers), the report called for central bankers to assert “regime change,” the new word for what used to be called coups d’état, or dictatorships, against every government, including the United States, on the planet.

The financial diktat from Carney was quickly supported by Michael Bloomberg, then a pop-up candidate for the Democratic nomination for President, as the two teamed up to promote the global, radical imposition of “Green Agenda” economics—policies that would slash economic productivity and reduce living standards (and the potential population level). While many features of their propaganda campaign were clownish,[fn_4] what must not be ignored is that the zombies of doom in the financial community had dropped their masks, and in fact admitted that they are completely committed to murderous policies of preventing physical economic development, worldwide, in order to keep their financial power.

CC/Tasnim News Agency
Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani, assassinated at the Baghdad airport on January 3, 2020.

Pompeo’s clique would play their part in the “regime change” design. Between September and January, Pompeo and Esper moved in to hornswoggle Trump into capitulating to disinformation and signing on to an attack on Iran which Trump had resisted for years. This pressure point became the January 3, 2020 assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. The evil form in which the assassination was motivated and executed shook the rafters worldwide, rivaling the pivotal acts of assassination and invasion that previously hurled mankind into World Wars I and II. Though global war did not erupt immediately, the shattering of trust between nations this act provoked, dangerously haunts all capitals of the world to this day.[fn_5]

If Pompeo had within him a scintilla of moral judgment, he would never have tricked Trump into this bloody “Soleimani” gimmick.

The West Point ‘Gang of Five’

Some have been deluded into believing that Pompeo is “very smart,” citing, for example, his having been at the top of his 1986 West Point graduating class. No grounds exist for accepting that assumption.

West Point was a formative experience that helped to cause Pompeo’s worst characteristics to come to dominate his personality and outlook. Born and raised in California, Pompeo arrived at West Point a fan of libertarian goddess Ayn Rand, a choice he states he made in rebellion against his fanatically liberal father. His sponsorship to enter the U.S. military academy came from Congressman Bob Dornan, known for his ties to the military-industrial complex and for his war-hawk proclivities. By graduation, Pompeo had abandoned his primary allegiance to Ayn Rand for a bent towards “End Times” faith to which he claims to remain loyal. In his references to “faith,” let alone his political conduct, one never finds a credible portrayal of Christian virtue, calling into question what he really considers religion to mean.

Mike Pompeo in a West Point photo.

During his first day on campus, according to all accounts, Pompeo struck up a friendship with four other freshmen, who subsequently remained in unbroken contact with one another, and continue to closely coordinate their careers. These are: Defense Secretary Mark Esper; State Department official Ulrich Brechbuehl (whom Pompeo earlier brought with him into the CIA); State Department official Brian Bulatao (whom Pompeo also brought earlier into the CIA); and David Urban, generally identified as the coordinator of Trump’s election victory in Pennsylvania. According to many sources, it was David Urban (and possibly also Steve Bannon) who persuaded Trump to appoint four-term Kansas Congressman Pompeo as CIA head in 2017, despite Pompeo’s hostility to him during the campaign, and the widespread evidence that Pompeo’s financial backers came from Koch Industries, a money power-house in U.S. politics that Trump disliked.

The West Point clique around Pompeo, which this author dubs a “Gang of Five,” with all the connotations such a designation implies, draws a lot of attention and debate from the swarms of West Point graduates who hold positions throughout the U.S. military. Some have stated openly they were offended and alarmed by Pompeo’s publicly delivered insult to West Point’s motto blurted out at the Texas A&M event. As has been stated to journalists by Academy graduates, it is obvious that Pompeo has little respect for truth, and a mendacious tendency to invent intelligence. (Recently, his obsessive referrals to Russian meddling in the U.S. elections, directly counter to all evidence, as well as to President Trump’s own insistence that Russiagate was always “fake news,” also shows that his feigned loyalty to Donald Trump is now rapidly eroding.)

The key to grasping the problem Pompeo’s circle developed at the Academy comes into focus, however, if one compares their current behavior to the lessons that should have been brought to their attention at West Point, the leading training ground for the U.S. military, at that earlier juncture in history.

The “Gang of Five” all graduated in 1986, meaning they were all in preliminary military training during Ronald Reagan’s first term. This marks a precise time when nothing short of a revolution in military-strategic thinking was being fought out around the Reagan Administration. Central in that fight was statesman and maverick Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche. The revolutionary change in thinking which LaRouche had forced to the level of a public policy debate centered around Reagan’s March 23, 1983 announcement of a new policy called the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), which designed a pathway for war avoidance in dialogue with the Soviet Union, as well as an entry point for advanced technological development of the U.S. and world economy.

Lyndon LaRouche

LaRouche’s role, with high-level security clearance, working with the administration circles loyal to President Reagan, in international discussions for that which became the SDI, was fiercely opposed by the corrupt forces of Vice-President George Bush, as well as in London and Wall Street. Through dozens of international conferences, national television appearances and on-the-ground organizing of the electorate, LaRouche’s movement was able to disseminate the substance of the LaRouche/Reagan collaboration to critical sections of the U.S. establishment and population.

Among the opponents to Reagan’s interest in LaRouche’s ideas were shadowy sections of the intelligence community and the military-industrial complex. The anti-LaRouche section of the U.S. military was grouped publicly around High Frontier, a pseudo-scientific alliance formed by General Danny Graham, a fanatic anti-Communist linked to the Moonies’ Unification Church. Protective of the power of the military-industrial interests steeped in government contracts, the Graham circuit ran a brainwashing operation in military circles claiming that the “new physical principles” LaRouche’s proposal would bring into being to stop nuclear war were impossible to develop.[fn_6]

The effect of this kind of propaganda upon military cadets can only be imagined: West Point originated for the purpose of creating an American peacetime Army Corps of Engineers responsible for building and/or maintaining rail, canals, water management, electrification, bridges and all systems associated with inter-connecting the distant components of the nation. Since the Cold War began after the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, this legacy has been under nonstop political attack.

EIRNS/Stuart Lewis
LaRouche and Reagan at a Presidential candidates’ debate in New Hampshire in 1980; below, Dr. Edward Teller, at New York University in 1983.
EIRNS/Stuart Lewis

Instead of studying the most important ideas relevant to revival of the American System of economics, the nation’s top-level military training has become dominated by a vapid, anti-scientific preoccupation with war games. In addition, as shown by personal accounts available to EIR, the cultural environment at West Point had degenerated way below the level for which it was known during the MacArthur and Eisenhower years. Messianic cults, such as that followed by Danny Graham, were allowed to function on campus, replacing a moral view that military deployment must always have a peace-keeping mission, with the delusion that God Almighty was the one preparing a wipeout of most of humanity.

These matters are relevant to the behavior today of Pompeo and his “Gang.” Observation shows that all five of these fellows are the product of an intense brainwashing operation—real victims of the counter-gang attack intended to never allow them to experience why Reagan would embrace LaRouche’s ideas. If you watch this circle, both as individuals and as a group, what is obvious is that they have no identification whatsoever with Ronald Reagan’s historic achievement as a President.

This contrasts fundamentally with Donald Trump, whose admiration for Reagan’s SDI program and moral attachment to Reagan were often cited by him in interviews he gave in the 1990s when he first entertained suggestions he should run for President. Trump of course is older than the “Five” victims of war game psychosis, and also came from a family that had direct personal interaction with Manhattan Project alumnus Dr. Edward Teller, Reagan’s science advisor who participated in developing the SDI, and knew of LaRouche’s role in first proposing how it could work.

That such matters are completely missing in the mindset of Pompeo’s mafia, is shown by their own behavior, as exemplified by the enthusiasm with which he and Esper leapt in support of the dangerous “militarization of space.” Reagan abhorred this perversion, while Dr. Teller portrayed his view of the matter in a memorable address delivered to scientists in 1986, in Erice, Italy, and then again later voicing the beautiful concept in post-Soviet Russia that the dismemberment of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact meant it was time for humanity to unite and develop “The Common Aims of Mankind.”

Pity to those for whom such profound ideas concerning the Good, do not exist.

Top left: DoD/Sgt. Nicole Mejia; top right: CC/ACG Consultants; bottom: DoS
Pompeo’s West Point “Gang of Five” clique (clockwise, from top left): Dr. Mark Esper, Secretary of Defense; David Urban; Mike Pompeo; Ulrich Brechbuhl, a State Department official; and Brian Bulatao, a State Department official.

Pompeo and the Koch-topus

Pompeo graduated, and moved on to a military deployment (before the Fall of the Berlin Wall) fixing tanks on the border between East and West Germany. There are no references that he served in the reserves, nor did he ever, like Esper, deploy in Desert Storm or any other combat area. Usually high-ranking graduates from West Point are sought after by the military to adopt longer-term careers, but there appear to have been no compelling offers made to Pompeo.

Instead, Pompeo moved on to Harvard Law School and worked at a top law firm. When he ran for Congress in 2010, reports appeared in newspapers throughout the country, describing him as a Kansas Tea-Party redneck, who had deployed in Desert Storm. He never acted to correct those reports, and up until his confirmation hearings for CIA director and Secretary of State in 2017-18, there were 51 citations from members of the U.S. Congress referencing his service in Desert Storm, even though it never occurred. The mendacious Pompeo never corrected them.

Pompeo may well rank second to Barack Obama as the politician about whom the least has been known, and the most invented.

Gradually, as journalists have dug more and more into his background, pieces of the puzzle have begun to come together. Sometime after 1995, Pompeo showed up in Kansas, his mother’s birthplace, where he received a $90 million loan packaged by Koch Industries to set him up in business. He brought in T. Ulrich Brechbuehl and Brian Bulatao, and they founded an aerospace supply company which they named after the first head of West Point, Thayer. Pompeo also divorced his California-born wife, and married Susan Mostrous, the Emprise banker who was handling his accounts. According to The New Yorker magazine’s 2019 profile of Pompeo, as well as the left-wing video group “Now This News,” Thayer was a failed company: they had late deliveries, failed to pay vendors, and ran up debt.

Thayer Failing

Since it is rare for Charles Koch to stick with poor performers in business, the dynamic in his early relationship with Pompeo is unclear. In 2003, as Thayer was going under, Pompeo was given a new job, and in 2006 dropped out of Thayer, which was sold under a new name, to a successful group of businessmen. The new job, President of Sentry International, required Pompeo to work with a part owner that was Chinese government owned. Recently, Pompeo admitted in a speech to U.S. Governors that he even worked for a while out of Sentry’s Shanghai office. Yet, “Now This News” claims that in a questionnaire from the Senate Intelligence Committee, Pompeo claimed he had never conducted business with a company owned by a foreign government.

Pompeo with Sam Brownback, “Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom.”

How he came into initial contact with Koch Industries is not known and may take some political shock effects to bring to the surface, since so much of Pompeo’s life has been disguised. Koch-generated contributions supported him heavily through four election campaigns, before he was tapped for the CIA. One has to scrutinize Koch, to grasp to what end they have operated. One clue as to why they may have picked up Pompeo as a project is provided by the overlay of his emergence with that of the daffy former Senator and Governor of Kansas Sam Brownback. Like Pompeo, Brownback is an “End Times” ideologue.

Since 2018, when Brownback was appointed by Trump to a bizarre position called “Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom,” a position Brownback invented in a bill he passed right before retiring from the U.S. Senate, Pompeo and he are known to coordinate. One can find them, for example, hopping around conferences in Washington, D.C., where Brownback will have assembled terrorists and anarchists he gathers from all over the world, claiming they are being persecuted for their faith, whom they will even inflict personally on Donald Trump with visits to the Oval Office. Brownback’s shenanigans on this matter are proven to be fraudulent when compared to serious interventions that have been undertaken by clergy and other patriots, who have worked with Russia and China to defend religious groups from ISIS and other murderous cults.[fn_7]

The Koch Brothers, Charles and the recently deceased David, have not been known for religious fervor. If they have any icons approximating religious faith, it is their loyalty to the fascist ideology behind the Austrian School of Economics. Fundamentally, they are opposed to the American System of Economics, and have poured billions of dollars since the late 1970s into U.S. university economics departments to influence the curricula and promotions of university personnel they handpick for agreeing with their ideology.

While they have never publicly been associated with attacks on Lyndon LaRouche, their funding and political preferences have been deployed through channels that directly aim to suppress LaRouche’s influence on economic policymaking, particularly in universities, as well as in Congress. Not because of religious sentiment, the Koch brothers seem however, to have liked to collect political assets that mix political agitation with “End Times” themes, presumably because the argument that the Lord wants to kill off the human species to reward the faithful, blinds the faithful to the Koch policies of accruing power to facilitate mass genocide.

How to Build an American Variety of Corporate Fascism

A three-generation spinoff of Anglo-Dutch financial interests embedded in oil and raw materials distribution, the Koch octopus in American industry and politics has exploded with sudden increases in financial wealth and political power twice in their existence. The first time was in the aftermath of President Nixon’s cancellation of the fixed exchange-rate monetary system named Bretton Woods. The second time was following the cancellation of the last, most critical bank regulation in American history, the law known as Glass-Steagall.

Unlike many other players in U.S. politics, the Koch system of influence has been developed over a period of more than 100 years. The association of Fred Koch, father of the current President of Koch Industries, with the John Birch Society and the Federal Bureau of Investigation is heavily documented. What until recently was less known, was the origin of Koch operations in Dutch financial assets, brought to the U.S. in the 1880s by Harry Koch, a personification of the Royal Dutch Shell mentality in wealthy Anglo-Dutch circles, who heavily supported the rise of the German Nazi Party. That legacy, whether cultural or enhanced by ongoing financial ties, continues to characterize the Koch System and its role in pumping up Pompeo’s career.

One person who has accurately discerned that there is a putrid odor emanating from Koch’s operations, both economically and politically, is none other than Donald Trump. The Kochs did not support Trump in the 2016 election, though they made several attempts to make amends with the President. On July 31, 2018, Trump tweeted:

The globalist Koch Brothers, who have become a total joke in real Republican circles, are against Strong Borders and Powerful Trade. I never sought their support because I don’t need their money or bad ideas. They love my Tax & Regulation Cuts, Judicial picks & more. I made them richer. Their network is highly overrated, I have beaten them at every turn. They want to protect their companies outside the U.S. from being taxed, I’m for America First & the American Worker—a puppet for no one. Two nice guys with bad ideas. Make America Great Again!

The best way Trump could live up to this insight would be to dump Pompeo who, in contrast to the President, owes them a lot. Recently David Koch died, and Charles, the long-term head of the firm, is also aging. The problem with Koch Industries is that it is a financial blob in the middle of the U.S. economy and political system, which will only go away if a real revival of American System economics, combined with a New Bretton Woods system, is brought into existence. As we illustrate here, the problem with Koch, which infects their business and political stooges whether they know it or not, is that their financial allies in London and Amsterdam are absolutely committed to destroying the real United States and turning it back into a colonial looting ground whose military they can deploy at will.

It is no accident that recently, the pro-fascist, beyond-Libertarian Koch apparatus has begun to coordinate with George Soros in designing a new era of think tanks that will merge the disorder of Black Lives Matter with schemes to crush China’s Belt and Road initiative, which is already advancing the industrialization of Africa and other impoverished areas of the world.

Brownback’s Entry

In 1996, when Bob Dole lost the Presidential race and retired from the U.S. Senate, the Koch Brothers moved in with big money and prepared media scandal attacks to grab Dole’s Senate seat. The person they stuck in that position was Kansas Agriculture Secretary Sam Brownback. The stunts enacted by Brownback in the Senate—like the creation of the Ambassador at large position—were laughable, but had an ominous intent.

In imitation of anti-Russia obsessive Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brownback would get up in the Senate and rail that Russia was threatening the now independent former Soviet Republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and that these must immediately be declared areas where the western NATO alliance had a right to militarily intervene. What was so blatant about Koch-man Brownback’s ravings is that the Anglo-Dutch financial circuit that operated through Koch Industries clearly were obsessed with controlling the raw materials in the former USSR, and were determined to prevent that part of the world from developing modern corridors of economic development, organized by sovereign governments.

It seemed incongruous at the time that a farm official from Kansas would be so impassioned on this subject—unless you knew who was paying for his career. Brownback twice sponsored a bill called the “Silk Road Strategy Act,” and didn’t back down until he managed to get it passed as an amendment to an appropriations authorization, stating in principle that this area of the world had to be brought under the Anglo-American/NATO umbrella of power.

What may surprise many today, is the reality that Koch Industries, with its current $100 billion annual revenues, and status as the second largest privately held corporate entity in the United States, was constructed over decades to fulfill exactly this goal: putting Central Asian energy resources under western control in opposition to Russia. How this relates to London and Amsterdam money center assets is unknown, because their operations, including foreign transactions, are entirely unknown—a matter pointed to by Donald Trump’s tweet.

Left: CC/Gavin Peters; right: Gage Skidmore
The Koch brothers, Charles (left) and David.

Like Grandfather, Like Son

In the 1890s, Harry Koch, an immigrant to New York from a wealthy Dutch family of merchants and doctors, moved to western Texas to invest in railways and real estate. He created a regional newspaper, ran real estate investments, and traveled eight times to visit Europe. He would proudly tell the story of his attendance at one of Adolf Hitler’s mass rallies.

Harry despised Franklin Roosevelt and his policies under the New Deal. He was contemptuous of poor people and editorialized venom against trade unions. Curiously, his son Fred, an oil engineer, moved to the Soviet Union about this time, to market a valve he’d invented but which was boycotted by American oil producers. Fred lived in the USSR for several months, eerily crisscrossing exactly the same areas of the Caucasus region that 65 years later Sam Brownback would be yelling about in the U.S. Congress.

Josef Stalin was not happy about Fred’s activities, and Fred eventually packed up and returned to the U.S., proclaiming himself a fanatic anti-Communist. He immediately joined the John Birch Society (JBS), to help them build their membership. The JBS had extensive ties to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Fred himself must have aroused interest in the circles around J. Edgar Hoover for his experiences in Stalin’s USSR.

Fred took the revenues he got from his patent sales, and bought into a joint venture with J. Howard Marshall, who owned a Minnesota-based oil refinery in the town of Pine Bend. That partnership evolved over time to become the bedrock source of cash for the Koch business empire. When Fred died in 1967, control of the firm shifted to Charles Koch, with David at his side. For decades, they remained in business with Marshall, the only non-family member to hold the private shares in the Koch system. Marshall, the original seed of their wealth, was a renowned degenerate, and his profile is consistent with that of an organized crime asset of the FBI.

Koch began its operations as a “bottom feeder” in the oil industry, picking up scrap and low-grade operations like Canadian crude which the major producers didn’t want to touch, out of which they squeezed cash to redeploy. To maximize that cash flow, they became devoted to union busting and to illegally saving money on maintenance and safety. They were joyful when Nixon cancelled FDR’s “New Deal” offspring, the Bretton Woods System, and grabbed that as the opportunity to go all out for turning cash into expanding “bottom feeder,” low-maintenance operations.

To maximize their clout, in 1971 they carefully planned out a ruthless showdown with the chemical workers’ union in Minnesota, to break the work rules at Pine Bend. In a nine-month confrontation kept together by military-type tactics, they busted not only the local union, but provoked shakeouts throughout the region. Not accidentally their game—all in the spirit of the Austrian Economics creed that governments have no right to shape the economic direction of their nations—presaged the brutal union-busting operations the FBI would soon be conducting nationally through such thug operations as Brilab and Abscam, which put a lot of union leaders as well as Congressmen, in jail.

Charles and David, just like their father, were fanatic in support of Austrian School Economics. In 1977, Charles teamed up with Richard Fink, a post-graduate economics student originally from Rutgers University, to set up a system for financing university programs based on Austrian School apologists for the Nazis such as Friedrich von Hayek and Ludwig von Mises. During the Reagan years, Fink set up a program called the Mercator Institute at George Mason University, through which the Koch brothers have funneled huge amounts of money into influencing the hiring practices and curricula at universities throughout the U.S.

The promotion of this Austrian School ideology that economy is really the tricks by which money invents more money, by manipulating the transfer of goods which are required for human survival, is the enemy of the scientific approach to economics associated since Alexander Hamilton with the American System. It denies the requirement of human creativity and scientific discovery to provide the transformation and growth in physical output required to meet the needs of a growing human population. The Austrian School is just a re-jiggered version of the British Imperial ideology embodied in the British East India Company, which thrived on mass genocide directed against populations throughout the world.

If the Kochs like “End Timers,” it is precisely because the “Faithers” are the ones who view genocide as merely a step in the direction of God’s eventual rapture.

This is the context in which to view the pattern of events generated by Pompeo since January 2020.

The Final Act on the Stage

The assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, by a drone launched by U.S. forces into a diplomatic, non-combat setting at the Baghdad airport, marked a turning point. This was not just an assassination: it was an act designed to denigrate every standard of conduct between nations of the world. Pompeo and Esper had finally stepped over the bounds. No longer was the job of the Secretary of State defined as “Diplomacy.” Rather, terrorization, or what the Nazis called Schrecklichkeit was to be a norm, as Pompeo went beyond his Constitutionally defined powers, and began to cast more and more, the lurking image of “acting President.”

From that moment, Pompeo began to include surveillance and prosecution of naturalized U.S. citizens, but also of duly elected officials on the state level, including state governors, as targets of his raving anti-China/Russia/Iran hit list of policies.

Pompeo should have been nailed and fired all the way back in 2017, but Trump was under such unceasing attack, he probably didn’t recognize the role Pompeo was playing. Recall that in 2017 Trump told then CIA director Pompeo to get on top of the Russiagate hoax by meeting with former NSA technical director William Binney, who had been working with Lyndon LaRouche’s movement to set up public events and interviews wherever possible to get out his evidence that the supposed hack of Democratic computers leading into the 2016 election was a fraud.

Pompeo showed up for a scheduled one-hour meeting with Binney at CIA headquarters. Pompeo could have become a national hero by meeting Binney’s simple, single demand: set up interviews with the CIA and with Congressional committees so Binney could present his evidence that the DNC files released by WikiLeaks were not stolen by a hack, but rather were downloaded by someone physically in the DNC office, excluding the Russian government from the list of suspects.

Pompeo heard Binney’s argument, and simply grunted that he “believed the intelligence assessment,” a direct contradiction to President Trump’s own beliefs. Rather than advancing this powerful defense of Trump, Pompeo did nothing to alert others to the importance of NSA expert Binney’s work, nor did he recontact him to coordinate how to follow-up. Binney’s intrepid determination, and the nonstop support of the LaRouche movement, are bringing these rock-hard findings into the public discourse.

Even if he has convinced Trump of his “loyalty,” Pompeo has never “served the President.” Like Shakespeare’s character Iago—who convinces his General, Othello, that he’s his best friend, while he leads him to madness and death—Pompeo aims to sink Trump through insane behaviors which contradict Trump’s electoral mandate and personal convictions.

UK Government
Sir Kim Darroch, disgraced UK Ambassador to the U.S.

John Bolton tried for months to persuade Trump to sign on to the assassination of Soleimani; Trump resisted firmly, leaning towards a completely different track. Following the firing of Bolton, Trump acted with Presidential authority, demanding that British Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch—the secret instigator behind the neo-conservative madness that Bolton typified—leave Washington, D.C. in disgrace. British newspapers admitted that Darroch had been conducting surveillance to pin down Trump’s closest circles of friends and personal advisors, to intersect them with whisperers who would work them over to get the President to adopt British imperial policies he opposed. Disappointed in Trump’s earlier decision not to launch a strike on Iran, Darroch wrote, hopefully, that “Just one more Iranian attack somewhere in the region could trigger yet another Trump U-turn. Moreover, the loss of a single American life would probably make a critical difference.”

What was the evidence that convinced Trump that Soleimani posed an immediate threat to American lives? The “intelligence” evidence that Pompeo and Esper apparently showed Trump to get him to sign on to the drone deployment into a diplomatic, non-combat setting to accomplish the murder, has never been released. It would be useful for some government or well-placed individual to demand that evidence be revealed, knowing Pompeo’s professed propensity to “lie, cheat and steal.”

Pompeo’s Moral Virus

Once the COVID-19 outbreak became a true pandemic—a calamity warned about decades before, but ignored because of budget and healthcare austerity measures dictated by the cancellation of the Bretton Woods stability system—Pompeo spiraled out of control. His behavior has become so debased that he is now a laughingstock in many parts of the world, with the noteworthy exception of London (where he is laughed at in a different way). However, he has also engineered more life-threatening actions, and is clearly being used to attempt a wrecking operation against Russian President Putin’s excellent call for a September summit meeting of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner in May, Pompeo admitted he viewed COVID-19 as an “opportunity” to line up world opinion against “a rising Beijing.” From the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, in fact, that was all he had in mind, being the first official to mouth the awful phrase “Chinese virus” in official statements. True to form, Pompeo played out the game, finally publicly accusing the Chinese Communist Party of deliberately allowing the spread of COVID-19, to build economic supremacy. All of the shabby evidence supporting this characterization, not surprisingly, came from British sources.

At some point earlier on, following public recognition that the disease was highly contagious, Pompeo asked Maryland Governor Larry Hogan that he be allowed to address the annual U.S. Governor’s Conference scheduled for February 8. Only days before that event, it was made public that Americans were trapped on cruise ships where the infection was spreading at a very rapid rate. Complex transportation and health issues were mounting at a rapid rate, and dramatic decisions needed to be made concerning how people would be safely transported for treatment.

Pompeo stood before the Governors, all of whose states were affected by this hourly-sharpening crisis, and said not one word about COVID-19. Only one subject was on his mind: terrorize the Governors that they were all becoming dupes of the Chinese Communist Party and the State Department was watching their every move!

Posturing that his 15-month stint as CIA director made him more qualified than mere Governors to judge China’s intentions, Pompeo warned that the U.S.-China Governors’ Collaboration Summit—where President Trump’s trade expansion strategy could be openly discussed by state leaders from both countries—was really nothing more than an espionage front for “foreign influence” run by the Chinese Communists. Flaunting his credentials, Pompeo condescendingly ignored that many of these Governors had interactions with Chinese state officials, academic representatives and immigrant communities going back in some cases for decades. Some of them probably knew more about China than Pompeo.

DoS/Ron Przysucha
Mike Pompeo with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan at the U.S. Governors’ annual meeting on February 8.

Painting Falsity

The following required excerpts from his February 8 talk summarize, yet again, the Pompeo style for constructing a fake reality:

Last year, I received an invitation to an event that promised to be “an occasion for exclusive deal-making.” ... Deal-making sounds like it might have come from President Trump…. It was co-hosted by the Chinese Peoples’ Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. Sounds pretty harmless. I was lucky. I was familiar with that organization from my time as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency…. How many of you made the link between that group and Chinese Communist Party officials?... Indeed last year, a Chinese government backed think tank in Beijing produced a report that assessed 50 of America’s governors on their attitudes towards China. They labeled each of you “friend,” “hardline,” or “ambiguous.” I’ll let you decide where you think you belong. Someone in China already has…. Under Xi Jinping, China is moving [in the direction of] more repression, more unfair competition, more predatory economic practices; indeed a more aggressive military posture…. I would be surprised if more of you in the audience have not been lobbied by the Chinese Communist Party directly.

That suffices to provide the gist of the Mafia-like aroma of threats Pompeo blew in the Governors’ faces. None dared to speak out and question him, and the event received little press coverage. But the drumbeat—just like the concoctions about Saddam Hussein, Soleimani, and for that matter the “Russiagate” accusations that continue to legitimize the hallucinatory mindset of Trump Derangement Syndrome, contrary to all solid evidence—streams from Pompeo’s flapping lips, sometimes uttering “Chinese Communist Party,” other times doling out sanctions.

On July 21, Pompeo had his homecoming, arriving in London to glorify what he proclaimed “the U.S.-U.K. Special Relationship” as he tripped down the yellow-brick road to visit the Wizards of Oz headquartered at the Henry Jackson Society, which was founded by the ultimate inventors of the Russiagate scandals directed against President Trump, such as former British intelligence chief Sir Richard Dearlove. Pompeo salivated at the chance to prove to his ultimate masters that he hates China’s economic successes even more than they do.

Seeing these players in action, it is often difficult to calibrate why and how they wield so much dangerous power. They are shallow and worse than fools, but much more driven to control the world than those who desire the onset of better times.

The U.S. was founded to change the principled basis upon which influence and power in the world are organized. We are potentially weeks away from a series of international summit meetings that could overturn the reign of madness that has particularly dominated U.S. relations with Russia and China in recent decades. The patriots within the U.S. political system, including the population itself, must cease to be fearful of overgrown playground bullies like Pompeo, and the money interests which buy their way into politics. If we act, this country, in peaceful alliance with other nations worldwide could enter into an era of prosperity and well-being beyond most peoples’ imagination. Do we have the moral fitness and inner commitment to clean out the corridors of power from the likes of Pompeo and to work together to make that future come about?

—Renee Sigerson, reneesigerson@gmail.com

[fn_1] Pompeo’s Q&A session at Texas A&M can be viewed here. His opening remarks are available here. [back to text for fn_1]

[fn_2] See the open letter, “It’s Time to Rethink Our Russia Policy,” published August 5 in Politico Magazine, signed by 103 American foreign policy experts, including former ambassadors to Russia. A noteworthy response to the letter is that issued by Dr. Edward Lozansky, physicist, Russian émigré, and head of the American University in Moscow. His reply, “Urgent Call to Rethink U.S.-Russia Policy,” published August 13 in the Washington Times, showed what the signers should have added to their criticism. [back to text for fn_2]

[fn_3] Throughout 2018, including during Pompeo’s first official visit to Beijing, Pompeo expressed total support for President Trump’s working relationship with President Xi and for maintaining respect for China’s “One China” policy relating to Taiwan and Hong Kong. During that time, Bolton played the “war-monger,” and Bolton’s side-kick Kiron Skinner was running internal State Department seminars featuring anti-Xi Chinese immigrant Miles Yu, a victim of the Maoist period who has really made a career out of arousing distrust of China. Pompeo played Uriah Heep echoing Trump in this period, with the Washington Post and Washington Examiner later claiming—after Bolton and Skinner were removed—that Pompeo had come under Yu’s influence. Rather, this combination of players worked together to usurp Trump’s authority. [back to text for fn_3]

[fn_4] One can too easily forget how Mark Carney and Michael Bloomberg joined in early September with “Child of Doom” Greta Thunberg to announce that from that time on, all capital investment they would allow would go into “Green” projects to shrink the world economy. Alarmed observers worldwide referred to Greta as the victim of psychological abuse. [back to text for fn_4]

[fn_5] Schiller Institute founder and chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche responded to the atrocious and profoundly destabilizing attack by immediately calling for an emergency summit of the U.S., Russia, China and India, where the heads of state—all reasonable advocates of war avoidance—could assemble for an honest dialogue on how to restore trust and a perspective for avoiding war. Russian President Putin soon thereafter proposed a summit, but composed of the Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council. Zepp-LaRouche supports Putin’s effort. [back to text for fn_5]

[fn_6] Graham was also an ignoramus concerning science. In angry retort to both LaRouche and Reagan, Graham claimed it was impossible to develop high-powered laser systems that could penetrate nuclear warheads. Instead he demanded that the military only use known technologies to confront the threat of nuclear attack, which meant for him strictly kinetic designs, sending up rockets to stop rockets—not much better than giant slingshots. Stuck in his pro-British loyalties and faith obsessions, Graham was a hard-core Newtonian. [back to text for fn_6]

[fn_7] Truly religious people can be named who have acted, for example, to protect their religious brethren from being murdered by ISIS. In every case, such individuals have worked with many governments, including Russia and China, to achieve these results, and avoid portraying themselves as world defenders of all faiths. One cannot help but speculate that Brownback was mainly invented to blur the positive role some religious leaders are able to fulfill in crises, through conscientious dialogue, or in the case of Trump’s personal friend Franklin Graham, through a legacy of serious medical missionary work. [back to text for fn_7]

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