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This article appears in the December 4, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Question of journalist Daniel Marmolejo (Mexico), and the response of Harley Schlanger of the Schiller Institute, who had provided expert testimony.

Daniel Marmolejo, Mexican YouTube host [excerpts, via translator]: Hello, I’d like to greet everyone who is participating in this extremely important event, which allows us to analyze the elections in the country which has tried to take democracy to the whole world. What happened in the United States is something that we lived through in Mexico in 2006, to some degree, because we had a spurious President who took the country into one of the biggest, terrible internal conflicts. There was a redoubling of violence and a whole series of relations with the Deep State in the United States, with the military-industrial complex, and with the international drug trade.

Recently, we have received in Mexico the return of a very important military man from the last government, General Cienfuegos, who they say is connected to organized crime, and most surely with the U.S. Deep State. He has the same charges against him as Genaro García Luna, who is a personal friend of the spurious government of Felipe Calderón.

Based on the evidence which has been presented here, the parallel is really very similar, separated only by a few years. What concerns me greatly are the statements which Colonel Black has made here regarding a military grouping in the United States that could possibly carry out a coup d’état. Different leaders, such as President Evo Morales in Bolivia, have quipped that, if there isn’t the danger of a coup, it’s because there is no U.S. embassy in the United States!

I would also like to express my solidarity, and that of the people of Mexico, with Leah Hoopes, and for the situation she is having to endure.

What I would like to know is if, within the American population, there is to be found something along the lines of universal truth, and if the justice system in the United States could be an example not only for the United States, but for the world. Will they be able to actually look into all of the details to make sure that this is a legally viable election; and to make sure that they would not have a spurious President as we did in Mexico?

This is directed to anyone of the panelists who would like to respond.

Harley Schlanger: That is a very important point. I think it’s interesting that the Mexican President has withheld the endorsement of Joe Biden, or the recognition of Joe Biden, because of what he faced in 2006 with vote fraud. The question that you are posing to us is really, how do you restore the tradition of the American System, of the American republic, at a point when the direction of the country is spiraling into a worse and worse economic crisis, a social crisis, and the group that’s trying to come to power through this vote fraud is committed to expanding the wars around the world, expanding the financial fraud, the outsourcing, the collapse of industry.

It is a moment where everyone has to take a very deep reflection as to what we’ve been tolerating from governments. And the stealing of the right to vote, the right to have your vote count, is one of the important things. It’s considered one of the sacred things about the United States, but this has not been addressed.

That’s why what I just spoke about a few moments ago is the direction we have to go in. We have to have a full and open reckoning with what’s been done to the country. This could have been done beginning four years ago, had there not been so much obstruction from the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the Bush networks, the media. President Trump ran head up against the so-called “Deep State.”

It’s not really a Deep State; it’s what Mrs. LaRouche refers to as the British Empire. This is what Lyndon LaRouche always identified as the enemy, where an oligarchy attempts to impose itself on the institutions of self-government. In particular today, that means destroying sovereign institutions.

What we just heard from the Senator from Pennsylvania is quite interesting, because the idea that the people will take back their government, acting through their local elected representatives, can restore confidence. Most people in the United States have no confidence that we’ll get honesty from the Congress. But we do know there are people, the whistleblowers like Bill Binney and others, there are good people in this country that have to step forward and fight this. It’s not a question of waiting to see what’s going to happen next week in the court. People have to be mobilizing, and by mobilizing, I mean get out the truth. The truth is not limited to the vote fraud fight; it’s the question of how we’ve given up our rights for self-government to the extent that we’ve stood back and allowed this to happen.

The Bush administration was a murderous administration. Obama was worse. What we’re seeing so far from Biden, if he’s allowed in, it will be even worse, at a point when the whole world is careening towards a systemic collapse. So, what we’re discussing here is not some abstract question of legal judgments or academic concerns, but something that should touch every single person who’s hearing this and mobilize for an outcome which includes the cleaning up of this gang of criminals that has taken over the United States.

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