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This article appears in the December 4, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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David Meiswinkle

Schiller Institute
David Meiswinkle

I want to thank the Schiller Institute and all the people that are here. It’s quite an honor. I’m holding in my hand what the last speaker was just referencing, the United States Constitution. Behind me is the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. I think that they are quite formidable; they give us all inspiration and strength. We’re all here because we are basically at the fork in the road. As a New York Yankees catcher used to say, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” And so, we’re there, whether we take it one way or the other way.

Now, I’ve seen the presentations, the hearings in Pennsylvania, and as I mentioned before, they were inspirational in the sense of people feeling connected to the Constitution, into the roots, which is very important. There was important evidence being discussed. I have read Sidney Powell’s complaint in Georgia. She speaks about lots of evidence, all kinds of evidence, in reference to Smartmatic and Dominion, and to the mail-in ballots, how they were counted, etc.

What’s important, is that we realize that the evidence we have before us senses an impropriety; it’s an appearance of impropriety. It says nothing until we get into a court, and we can examine it as evidence. The complaints don’t list the attachments, or you can’t really go into them, but there seems to be certainly a lot there. If you can overturn the election, in just one state, I think it would have a momentous carryover into the other states.

What we’re looking at here, is systematic. As Mr. Schlanger said, it’s really a criminal conspiracy. Especially in those swing states, it seems to be the same pattern repeating itself, over and over and over and over, again. Now, if these brave individuals can get this into the courts, and get it into the public, that would be sensational.

What we’re seeing, too, and I’d like to look at various contexts in which we exist and, again, we all bring our own backgrounds into it, to me this is really a global assault on the United States, the national sovereignty; we’ve seen it throughout the world. There was the Arab Spring. They’re trying to repeat it in this country; it seems that way. There’s a pushback now. We’ve seen it in Pennsylvania and other states—a pushback. People are going back to their roots—going back to the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, what this society was built on. We were built on overcoming and throwing out oppression, and at that time we were ruled by the British Empire.

So I guess to sum it up, there’s a lot of evidence, or a lot of appearance of fraud, without a doubt. As I said, an appearance of impropriety throughout all the states that were questionable; it seems to be a pattern, and it has to be investigated. It may take a while. We’ve not gone down this path before, so we don’t know what to expect. There’s both sides drawn; we probably all know people, good friends of ours, that are basically taking another position.

When the media is examined, I think we’ll find, as Harley Schlanger said, a very biased media—it’s almost a weaponized media. It’s weaponized to undermine the fabric of America, unfortunately. So, by stretching this out a bit, it draws a line for all of us to see, so people who were never activated at one time, or involved, they will tend now, to become more sensitized. In order to keep a republic, people have to be educated, and they have to be vigilant, and because of these different hearings, and because people in the states are coming to the forefront, they’re going to make other people vigilant.

Again, thank you for conducting this program, and thank you for inviting me to be on it.

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