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This article appears in the December 4, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Dr. Simón Levy

The following are excerpts from Dr. Levy’s closing comments.

Schiller Institute
Dr. Simón Levy

Congratulations to the Schiller Institute for this extraordinary exercise and opportunity to share extremely important information and feedback, including with people from different nations.

I would like to share my own experience as a California resident. I received my ballot one month ago from the USPS. It was extraordinarily easy to go and deliver my ballot. I went to the local spot and delivered it. In Mexico, we have a national authority which first checks to confirm the identity of the person who is voting. In California, it was extraordinarily easy to deliver the ballot, even if it was signed or not. …

Regarding the comments by journalist Daniel Marmolejo: In Mexico, we did have a situation with President López Obrador who ran in 2006 and there was a very small 0.56% difference between him and Felipe Calderón. We had a lot of evidence that we had a very bad situation and corruption in different institutions in Mexico. …

In the U.S., Biden had 6 million more votes than Trump. He won, or it seems he will get, 306 Electoral College votes. Even if we consider all the recounts in the closest states, I don’t think they will change the initial outcome.

We also have an unprecedented reality in the U.S. We have a pandemic situation that, of course, affects the way that American voters delivered their ballots. Second, there is an extraordinary amount of proof, of evidence, that the mass media and different stakeholders conducted, or manipulated, the behavior of the American voters. … There is also an enormous disparity in the way that American voters sent their ballots through the USPS.

Considering this, and considering all the information that we have heard over the last two hours, I can state that there were delays, and that there is an extraordinary amount of evidence of irregularities, of manipulation of people’s behavior. But this is not sufficient to label the entire election as a fraud. …

I cannot understand this, especially in the U.S.A.; there is no way this should happen. It’s extraordinarily dangerous that the mass media are trying to be the deciding authority in electoral terms, and that there is no confidence in the institutions. It’s extremely dangerous. The Electoral College and the electoral authorities in the U.S. should regulate the way, the power, and the behavior of the mass media. I think it is not a good precedent for the U.S. for the mass media to behave as if they were the electoral authority …

I believe there is a crisis in the democratic system in the U.S., so I encourage you to continue with these kinds of exercises, to bring more evidence to light … This hearing is an example of how we can build consciousness of the critical situation in the U.S.

I believe that Mexico and the U.S. need to strengthen their ties, both with the personal relationship between President Trump and President López Obrador, but also to build a common agenda of North America. China, as all of you know, has a worldwide strategy with the Belt and Road Initiative of Xi Jinping. So I encourage the Schiller Institute and all interested parties, to interact and create a greater common agenda that goes beyond the personal relationship between the two presidents, and make that into an institutional agenda.

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