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This article appears in the December 4, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Harley Schlanger

Mr. Schlanger is a long-time collaborator of Lyndon LaRouche, and spoke here as a representative of the Schiller Institute.

Schiller Institute
Harley Schlanger

I’m going to give an overview. I hope you will conclude from the picture that I present, that there was large-scale fraud in the 2020 election. Contrary to the media claim that it’s baseless to say that there’s fraud, that there’s no evidence of fraud, there is a basis, as you will see. In fact, the attempt to dismiss charges without an investigation, is part of the fraud. With the widespread irregularities, the anomalies that Bill Binney has pointed out, to dismiss it by saying, “Well that’s just an election, and we have to move on, and Trump should walk away and concede gracefully,” is not just a fraud in an election, but an assault on the Constitution and on the American voter.

Significant evidence has already been provided, and I think all of you received links to some exhibits: The Sidney Powell Michigan filing, which is I think 75 pages. The Michigan affidavits. The Georgia filing, which is 104 pages. And the dossier of Smartmatic’s Lord Malloch-Brown. Smartmatic is one of the firms that is most significant in the tabulation of the vote totals. I will point out that we’re facing a problem with censorship in that Sidney Powell’s Twitter account was prevented, people were prevented from retweeting her file for a period of time. It was then later lifted, but this is what we’re facing in the United States today with the merger of big tech with the military-industrial complex, which I’ll get to in a moment.

Motivation, Opportunity, and Capability to Commit Large-Scale Election Fraud Against President Trump

I’m going to start with the context for this. As a backdrop to the assertion that there was fraud, you have to look at the fact that there are die-hard opponents to Donald Trump who carried out a four-year campaign to discredit his election in 2016. When they say that Trump is not accepting the result of the votes in 2020, when did Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and others ever accept Trump’s victory in 2016? The charges against Trump from 2016 are actually baseless and without evidence, despite their constant repetition.

I’m going to show you that these forces, these die-hard anti-Trumpers had a motivation to commit fraud, they had the opportunity to commit fraud, and they also had the capability to commit fraud.

In discussing the anti-Trump networks, let me just identify to whom I’m referring. We’re talking about networks of British intelligence who are involved in the operation in Russiagate, who have a very close eye on the United States. This includes British intelligence, the monarchy, GCHQ—which is the NSA equivalent in England—MI6, and the City of London. Their position was laid bare in December of 2018 in a House of Lords report which said that Trump cannot be allowed to get a second term, because that would be the end of the “special relationship.” So, they had a vested interest in defeating Donald Trump.

Secondly, the Obama intelligence team, whose fingerprints and activities are all over Russiagate, and all over this election. This includes the CIA, including John Brennan, who was its former Director, and Gina Haspel, one of his protéegés, who is now its head and who is refusing to let documents be released. The Director of National Intelligence [James] Clapper; the FBI; the permanent bureaucracy in the Justice Department. All of them are part of this anti-Trump network which possesses the motivation, the opportunity, and the capability to run a fraud.

We’re also talking about the Republican “Never Trumpers,” the Bush network. And their involvement consistently in trying to undermine President Trump. Then, the broader term of the “military-industrial complex,” which includes Wall Street and the related corporate cartels—including the media cartel—and also now, big tech and social media.

What’s the motivation? What’s the hostility to Trump? This is the network which launched and continues to insist on carrying out the endless wars that President Trump promised to end. The regime changes, which not only are they carrying out all over the world, but now this fraud represents regime change in the United States. It’s an anti-Russian policy, anti-China, but it’s designed to keep Trump and Russian President Putin from ever working together.

Secondly, they’re pushing global financial restructuring. Why? Because the system is collapsing. It wasn’t saved after 2008; in fact, the instability was increased by the build-up of debt. This is also the network which is pushing the anti-science, Green New Deal globally; which will lead to global starvation, the lack of energy and food production, expansion of disease and pandemics. This is a network which has been committed to policies that will allow that to increase as a danger.

Look at who they’re bringing in if Joe Biden is certified as President. The same network. The people behind Russiagate and the Ukrainegate impeachment. The ones who have the technical capabilities to commit fraud, and which are poised, if they do come in with Biden, to storm into Washington to take us back to the good old days that the American voter rejected in 2016. This is the crowd that established the post-Cold War order; a unipolar world run by the City of London and Wall Street, through agencies such as the International Monetary Fund. The U.S. military was the chosen power to enforce this. That’s what the “special relationship” is; the U.S. military imposing the global bankers’ dictatorship of London and Wall Street.

Donald Trump represented an existential threat to that. We need to recognize the system is bankrupt and the potential financial system of sovereign nation-states centered around Russia, China, and the United States in an alliance, is something that they feared Trump was trying to pull together. That’s why he was such a threat.

As for the opportunity, let me just call your attention to two things. One of them is the sabotage of an effort in 2017 by Donald Trump to actually ensure security in the voting system. If you buy into the line that the Russians were hacking into the system and trying to elect Trump because of their hostility to Hillary Clinton, then shouldn’t you have some way of assuring that we have a more secure system? Trump, on May 11, 2017, issued an Executive Order to create a Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. This was sabotaged by the very people we’re talking about, because they said that if you try to have voter security, that’s really just an excuse to have voter suppression; to disqualify voters, to intimidate voters.

At the same they were successfully sabotaging Trump’s initiative, they were putting out the story that there were 21 states whose electoral records were hacked by the Russians. This was the Department of Homeland Security that said Russian hackers had targetted 21 states. The Washington Post admitted that these cyberattacks were unsuccessful, but said that you have to project integrity, or belief in the integrity of the system, while expressing concerns about future threats. You have to have a balance there. What did they mean by that? They meant you have to stop Donald Trump. This was the same network that was responsible for what Bill mentioned—the fake polls that were a run-up to the election and the attempt to give Joe Biden a pass in his election campaign.

One other aspect of this is something called Red Mirage. I won’t go into the details, but Michael Bloomberg, who spent over $100 million to defeat Trump, set up a data system firm called Hawkfish. Its purpose was to create a credible story that Trump will be ahead on election eve, but when the mail-in votes come in, Biden will win. But you have to watch out, because Trump is going to use the Red Mirage of the early voting to proclaim a victory and refuse to leave. So, this was part of the whole set-up for the vote fraud. Keep in mind, the media is key to this.

As to the capability, you just heard from Bill Binney about the capability that exists through the cyber systems. We’ve seen this since Edward Snowden came out and exposed the moves towards using these technologies to set up a surveillance state, which is not only to watch you, but to control and manipulate you. What Sidney Powell in her filings presented, was an argument that these technologies can shift the votes or switch votes out of sight instantly, and probably get away with it.

Smartmatic and Dominion
Vote Mis-Counting Machines

One of the cases that she brought up is the case of Smartmatic, and I’m just going to review this very briefly. You have EIR’s lengthy article, “Lord Malloch-Brown: Another British Crown Coup Maker Behind U.S. Vote Fraud,” that goes through this. But here you have what should be seen as a blatant conflict of interest.

First of all, if you’re concerned about foreign influence on U.S. elections, why have a company whose CEO and one of the top board members is a member of the British Privy Council, a long-time ally and probably supporter of George Soros, who’s been involved in all the anti-sovereignty activities of George Soros, who has a record that he brags about of interfering in election campaigns? Doesn’t that seem to set up some red flags? In particular, the fact that he was a promoter, a coordinator, a liaison between the Privy Council and Barack Obama in 2007-8. He was oriented toward an Obama-Biden administration. This is the man whose company was involved in counting the votes in a number of states. Smartmatic was banned in Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, the United Kingdom and the Philippines from counting votes. The Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden did a study where they said, we have found security gaps making it possible to totally change the result of an election. I believe it was the U.K. investigation that said, “This is a fraud-prone system.”

We have it from Lord Malloch-Brown himself. He was involved in the Philippines, where Smartmatic was used. In a 2015 interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, he said that he issued a fraudulent exit poll in favor of Corazon Aquino, which then became the basis of a regime change operation that put her in power. He said about former President Ferdinand Marcos:

Marcos never recovered from that. It’s a very exciting experience to watch. I’ve done an awful lot of campaigns since, but I still say I learned my whole business on the Cory Aquino campaign.

So, an open admission that he engaged in fraudulent election practices. Then we have the statement of the Smartmatic CEO in 2017; this is Antonio Mugica, who is a Venezuelan who made this statement when he was asked about charges that they tampered with the Constituent Assembly election that kept Hugo Chavez in power. He admitted the votes “were tampered with and manipulated”; this is his admission in 2017. He said, “For the system to work, there must be people auditing the system.” They didn’t have poll-watchers in Venezuela, and that affected 1 million votes. Keep that in mind when we get to the specific charges from Sidney Powell about the refusal, which Bill has already mentioned, to allow poll-watchers in the contested, so-called “battleground” states in the 2020 election.

Finally, I’ll just mention very briefly the role of the Department of Homeland Security in setting up a cybersecurity operation under Christopher Krebs, who is a former security official from Microsoft. Again, big tech. The committee he set up included Smartmatic, and Dominion—the other voting machine company that’s under investigation for involvement in the fraud. According to an article in Bloomberg News in November 2018, “Private equity controls the gatekeepers of American democracy.” They write that there are three companies, including Smartmatic, which dominate the U.S. voting machine industry, and that they are all controlled by obscure private equity companies that operate in secret.

If you think about this, what we’ve seen so far is that you had the motivation, opportunity, and capability to commit fraud in the hands of a very small group of people tied to intelligence networks, very wealthy groupings of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood. So the question is, what do they do? We know there were irregularities and anomalies, some of which had been pointed out so far.

Old Fashioned Ballot Stuffing

So, what Sidney Powell identified in the first track is what she called “old-fashioned ballot stuffing,” the standard fraud that’s visible. She and Giuliani have put together at least 400 sworn affidavits from people who saw some aspect of this fraud; the standard fraud including counting ballots from the absentee voters whose signatures weren’t checked, they weren’t delivered properly, they were delivered late. They were added after the polls closed.

Sidney Powell cited a study by a team that was headed by President Trump’s former data security advisor in 2016. They said they ran major analyses of voters who had moved out of state, but still voted in the state they had left, which is illegal; voters who registered to vote using a post office box rather than a residential address as required; voters who requested a mail-in ballot and sent it in, only for it to not be counted; voters who didn’t request a mail-in ballot, and didn’t receive one, but discovered that a vote had been cast in their name; as well as research on people who voted more than once, and those listed in the death index. By the way, Joe Biden swept the dead vote, probably 100%; not surprising.

The numbers of voters they identified with these issues, this team of data analysts, was 1.25 million. Here’s what they found in three states; I’ll just reference the three states.

Georgia: there were 138,221 voters who had issues such as the ones I just identified—different addresses, not requesting ballots, requesting ballots and not receiving them, but found out they had voted and so on. 138,000+. Biden technically leads in Georgia by 12,670 votes. So, that needs to be investigated.

Wisconsin: 26673 votes with these issues. Biden allegedly won Wisconsin by 20,000 votes. Again, this has to be investigated.

Arizona: almost 20,000 votes fitting this category of issues, and Biden won by 10,457.

So, in Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona alone, you have enough to overturn the results based on a full investigation of this. Again, irregularities and anomalies.

Let me just bring up a somewhat humorous aside here on this question of anomalies. The comment by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she was asked, “How come the Democrats lost House seats and yet defeated Trump? How do you explain that?” She said, “Well, the fact is that President Trump, to his credit, turned out a big vote.” He turned out a big vote for Biden? Even from the dizzy Nancy Pelosi, that’s pretty wild.

We also have reports of large batches of ballots that were received after the shutdown, the pause in counting, of which the reports are of 100% for Biden; not a single vote for Trump. Again, 400 affidavits that are included, some of them are included in the filings by Sidney Powell.

On the refusal to allow access to poll watchers, they have examples from Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. In Georgia, what happened in the largest area—Fulton County, which is Atlanta—a water pipe broke. They emptied the vote counting area, except for three or six, depending on different accounts, election officials who remained and counted while all of the poll watchers were removed. This is something that they have video of; that people were removed. There’s video footage in Pennsylvania of people being physically removed from the area where poll watchers were supposed to be. And in Michigan, where they put cardboard boxes up on the glass windows so the poll watchers couldn’t see in.

You also have a very significant case coming up in Georgia, where the Secretary of State violated the law passed by the legislature, which required signature verification. This is a primary aspect of election law. The Secretary of State has no right to change these things.

A Constitutional Remedy in State Legislatures

By the federal Constitution, these are laws that are set by the state legislatures. The same thing is at the center of the Pennsylvania fight. As Jason Ross mentioned at the beginning, there is a motion to have a vote in the House and Senate of Pennsylvania on Monday, November 30, to overturn the award and certification of the Biden electors, based on the many examples of fraud which were presented at a hearing at Gettysburg November 25.

But one of the issues that comes up is that the legislature had set the law on the deadline as to when votes had to be in to be counted. That was changed at the last minute by the Secretary of State, who has no right to do that. And so, once again, we see changes that were made by local Democratic officials that violate the Constitution and the laws that were set by various state legislatures.

We’ll see what happens with this hearing on Monday, but this is something that the Trump campaign is saying will also be investigated, or they’re going to have a similar hearing in Arizona, and I think Nevada—I’m not sure of the other state.

But now, the second track that Sidney Powell looked at, and as I said, this is what we just went through as standard aspects of fraud. Well, the harder question is cyber-theft.

Now, first of all, you can start with the fact that there were repeated warnings about the Smartmatic system, including from Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. In Georgia, even Stacey Abrams, the darling of the liberals there, had warned about moving to the Dominion system, which was the other system. When you’re talking about Dominion and Smartmatic, you’re talking about the machines that are used in counting most of the votes in the country.

Dominion equipment was used in the battleground or the states that would determine the Electoral College margin. These are North Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. Altogether there were 28 states that used the Dominion equipment, and they were used in states that had 40% of the U.S. voters, as well as some of the largest counties, like Maricopa County in Arizona, Clark County in Nevada, 47 counties in Michigan in which there were a number of irregularities.

In Georgia, there was a so-called “glitch,” in Morgan and Spaulding Counties due to an upload the night before, which is highly unusual; in Michigan, there was one county in which a swing of 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden was caught by an observant election worker, and the votes were returned to Trump—were there other counties like that? In Gwinnett County, Georgia, which is a suburb of Atlanta, they found 4,000 votes that were lost due to a bad data card. So you have a number of these kinds of cases.

But then you have what Sidney Powell put together, is expert testimony on the ability to manipulate the counting, using cyber techniques. Dr. Andrew Apple from Princeton claimed that in looking at the Dominion machine, he was able to hack it in seven minutes, using a screwdriver. There’s also another expert, Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, who reported that—and he’s someone who has long experience in the intelligence community, and this goes to the question, I believe, that one of the panelists just asked—he said, “intelligence has developed tools to infiltrate foreign voting systems,” and Dominion is vulnerable to such data manipulation.

So you have experts, including Bill Binney, now, who have testified to this as a danger. There’s also testimony on back doors that exist—openings to the internet—which would allow someone to come in and hack these systems. We also have the real anomaly of 130,000 votes in Michigan, which came in, all for Biden. These expert analyses all are part of Sidney Powell’s case. This is just a sampling of what’s documented in her case. Yet, the media refuse to report it, except to say it’s “baseless.”

Dealing with Cyber Fraud

Now on dealing with cyber fraud, there’s a request to impound all the Dominion Voting Systems machines that were used. I would ask Bill Binney if he could comment on whether a back-door switch which would allow votes to be traced, if that’s something that can be discovered through impounding a machine?

Ultimately, as Roger Stone told me the other day—and Roger, as you probably know, is an expert on elections and election activity—in his view Sidney Powell has compiled overwhelming evidence that fraudulent cyber activity took place. But—and this is a big “but”—he said the proof lies in the files of the CIA and the National Security Agency, and should be investigated by the FBI. The files must be opened.

Associates of Lyndon LaRouche, such as myself, are familiar with 45 years of dealing with fraudulent elections. This goes back to the attacks on Lyndon LaRouche in New Hampshire in 1980, where his vote never appeared, even though we had more signed affidavits in a number of precincts than they gave him actual votes! We actually did an investigation in 1976, into the Carter-Ford race, and found that in Ohio, Gerald Ford probably won, which would have made him President—but he decided not to fight the case.

What we’re dealing with here is a battle for fair elections, the full accounting of all legal votes, and the exclusion of illegal votes. Those with the capacity to commit fraud are accustomed to acting in the dark; that’s why they’re sometimes called the “deep state” or the “shadow government.” But this is a crime so large, that its full exposure would shake up politics worldwide, precisely because these are techniques that have been used by U.S. agencies in other countries, and now they’re being deployed against the American people.

This is not to be allowed or tolerated. If it’s allowed to stand, we, in the United States will not be allowed, or not be enabled to refer to ourselves any more as a republic, because we will have betrayed the very principles of our republic and our nation. And that’s why the full transparency is needed, and not just in the voting, but should be extended to what I identified at the beginning, the lead-up to this, in the four years of the regime-change coup that was being conducted against Donald Trump, which they think they finally succeeded in, by fixing the vote on November 3. That’s my report.

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