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This article appears in the December 4, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Closing Comments of Witnesses, Experts, and International Jurists

Leah Hoopes

I would like to say, since I’m given the opportunity, I think it’s important, especially now, for events like this to happen as often as possible, and to be able to push out this message, and for more people to step up. This is actually very refreshing, to have these conversations and listen to everybody, because the truth is being suppressed.

I’m very fearful that at this point in our country that the propaganda has taken over, and that you have a bunch of Americans who are very comfortable in their ignorance, who are afraid to speak up, or they just don’t understand what their freedoms are; they don’t feel they have a right to speak up, or whatever it may be. But I truly feel, just at this point, we’re on the precipice of a revolution, and I’m happy to be on the right side of that, and I’m hopeful that this message that you guys have today really gets pushed out as much as possible, because it’s super important. It’s not happening enough; it really isn’t.

I truly feel bad for the upcoming generation, who are just completely lost and are being indoctrinated by these left-wing institutions. Something as simple as public education. Only 31 states have a one-year requirement for civics; ten states have half a year requirement, and nine states have no requirement whatsoever. How do you know that you’re losing your freedoms, if you’re not educated as to what they are? I think there are so many angles that we really need to attack this, and it’s not going to come down from our legislation, it’s going to come down from the people.

Thank you for letting me ramble. But this has been more than refreshing to speak to all of you and feel like I’m normal. And what I’m seeing is not a theory: It’s very real. I’m excited for what’s coming up—anxious and excited. Thank you again. And I just say, God bless America, and to everybody else across the world on this panel, thank you for the support: It means a lot. Thank you.

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