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This article appears in the December 4, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Prof. Marino Elsevyf

Prof. Elsevyf spoke in Spanish. The following are excerpts from his closing comments, via interpreter.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to be with you here today, with people who are so courageous and so qualified.

The United States has an opportunity in this crisis to move forward. … We have to preserve the law governing electoral rights and the role of the Constitution in the electoral process. We have to preserve the institutions of the United States, and we have to tell the world of the danger facing the democratic institutions of the country whose American System has been a model of growth, of the dignity of man, of the idea that all human beings are equal before the Creator. This is what Lyndon LaRouche spoke about: the cognitive powers that all human beings have, to transform the world. This must be brought forth and made functional again in the United States, to move forward democratically and preserve the institutions.

The legal battle that the lawyers have before them clearly addresses a certain principle, and that is that fraud corrupts everything. If there was electoral manipulation, if the voting machines of Smartmatic and Dominion were used to commit fraud in the U.S. elections, the perpetrators must be punished under law. If “fractional” methods were used, and that can be proven before a court of law, there have to be consequences.

This is contrary to the democratic spirit of the Founding Fathers of the United States. As Lyndon LaRouche wrote in January 14, 2000 about the founding of the United States, in a document called “The Issue of America’s Manifest Destiny for Today,” the United States must rid itself of Britain’s imperialist approach, and instead understand that all human beings are created equal.

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