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This article appears in the December 4, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Question of jurist Marino Elsevyf, professor of Constitutional and Criminal Law at the University of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to Col. Richard Black (USA ret.), who had provided expert testimony, and his response. Col. Black is a former chief of the Army Criminal Law Division, Office of the Judge Advocate General at the Pentagon.

Both photos: Schiller Institute
Left: Prof. Marino Elsevyf; right: Col. Richard Black

Marino Elsevyf: Col. Black, at this moment, the “deep state,” which Lyndon LaRouche used to refer to as the “international synarchy”—interests that are above nation states—since they have tried in the past to carry out a coup d’état in the United States, and they’ve tried to do that in the middle of a pandemic, do you anticipate an American Autumn like the Arab Spring, where in the middle of all this crisis—the murders, violence, and burnings which are occurring across the U.S.—are we perhaps facing that kind of a crisis?

And secondly, do you not believe that the strategy of the mass media that are supporting the international synarchy—their line that there is no proof of fraud—that this could be made to backfire? There is the issue of Smartmatic and Dominion, the issue of “fractional accounting,” the ethical violations which occurred as documented by Sidney Powell.

Col. Richard Black: One thing that has happened in the background, through all of this, has been that we have evolved, over several years, basically since Trump went into office, into a censorship state. We often criticize other nations—China, for example—and we say, “Well, look, they’re censoring their equivalent of Twitter, and their social media, and so forth,” and yet, if you watch what has happened here over several years, the social media have become quite draconian, and there are many very responsible internet news outlets that have simply been shut down. …

So, we’ve seen this transition over time, where Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, all of these have tightened, and tightened, and tightened the screws. I did some videos, very factual, not inflammatory in any way, but they dealt with the situation in Syria. And someone went back to refer to one—it was four years ago; it’s not as though people are looking at them every day—and he discovered that they have deleted it. They just censored it, not because it’s false, but because it’s true! And because it does not meet the narrative of the Central Intelligence Agency.

You have this purging of history. History has to be eliminated. You see the same thing with the riots going on, the tearing down of statues. They started with Confederate statues—they were the easy target. Then they went to Christopher Columbus; they started tearing him down.

There was one of the Gang of Four Democrat female congresswomen, the very radical group headed by AOC, and the one said, we need to tear down that statue of the Catholic priest who voluntarily joined a leper colony, knowing that he would be infected with leprosy, knowing that his digits would fall from his body, that he would die this horrific death; and yet, he did it voluntarily so he could serve the needs of that community and he could preach the Gospel.

And so, basically it is anyone who stands for decency and honor and civilization, we’re going to destroy it.

This is the same thing I saw when I was in Syria, and I went to Palmyra, this wonderful city, this historic city. And ISIS had gone in and they had destroyed and burned and looted all of the historic monuments, some of these went back 4,000 years before the birth of Christ!

Anywhere that you see revolutionaries, you’re going to see an attempt to purge records of civilized activities. And we’re seeing that in this country.

Now, I will say that, going back to the idea of “American Autumn,” I think that we’re not quite to the point where they can pull off an Arab Spring type thing in the United States. There’s a little too much resistance, a little too much left of our cultural architecture that has not yet been dismantled and destroyed. But they’re making progress all the time, and if they’re allowed to continue, particularly if they should prevail in this election and can go on, they will eventually try to simply disassemble the country, and its culture completely. There is a communist, a Bolshevik underpinning to the whole thing. It has the whiff of the French Revolution and that type of thing, and that is ultimately where they are headed.

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