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This article appears in the June 4, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Next Schiller Institute Conference: June 26-27, 2021

May 29—The organizing for the upcoming two-day Schiller Institute online international conference is an integral part of the growing worldwide Anti-Malthusian Resistance. Think of Mahatma Gandhi’s unexpectedly successful routing of the British Empire in India, which Lyndon LaRouche, a Schiller Institute co-founder, witnessed, encouraged, and was deeply changed by, as a young American GI at the close of World War II. Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s presentation, “Gandhi’s Vision for a New Paradigm in International Relations, a World Health System, and Direct Non-Violent Action in Times of Social Breakdown,” at a conference of Asian scholars on Gandhi’s 150th birthday in October 2020, will help to deepen your understanding of the purpose and intent of this conference.

The conference will provide a quickening impulse to the great hope of humanity, to rid the planet of oligarchical geopolitics once and for all. Remember that seemingly weaker forces can, and have, throughout human history, overthrown dumb, cruel giants. We are at the edge of the potential to now do that worldwide.

At this moment, with the COVID pandemic raging in India, and spreading throughout Southeast Asia, more and more voices are speaking out, aghast at the growing famine, murderous sanctions, and seemingly never-ending war. We can, with the Schiller Institute, fulfill the intentions of those, such as Gandhi, Benjamin Franklin, and the many such courageous individuals who came before us, and we can, and in only that way, ensure a future to our posterity.

The Schiller Institute’s series of conferences is part of the continuous process of building a stronger and stronger anti-Malthusian alliance worldwide, incorporating a network of people who understand the profound importance of a Renaissance of Classical culture.

The impending hyperinflationary blowout, or a collapse of the financial system, is becoming very clear, and warnings are getting louder. The solutions—a win-win system of FDR-style Glass-Steagall, protection of commercial banks, not speculators, and Hamiltonian-type national banking system—will be discussed. In addition, the world needs a New Bretton Woods credit system, and a massive increase in productivity through international cooperation in fusion research and space exploration.

The science of climate change is not settled, and much of what is presented is not based on science at all. Leading scientists with the integrity and courage to buck dangerous “popular” dogma will discuss so-called man-made climate change, and the most-advanced science, including the galactic science of astronomical-scale oscillations. The suicidal trend in some European countries to stick with an anti-nuclear attitude will also be discussed.

Space science and exploration, and recent breakthroughs in controlled thermonuclear fusion, are the science drivers for a growing and prosperous human race. Man is surely a galactic species, and the realization of that idea has profound implications for everything from education and health care to the potential for new Beethovens and Mozarts. That issue of scientific and artistic creativity will be central to the conference.

The international expansion of the Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites, by establishing a dialogue between the initiating committee in the United States and like-minded people in other countries, will be a major topic. Be sure to review the proceedings of the Schiller Institute May 8 conference and spread the word. Clear your calendar for Saturday and Sunday, June 26–27, and bring others into this process.

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