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This transcript appears in the August 27, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Carlos Gallardo


Carlos Gallardo is the President of the Christian Democratic Party of Peru. This is an edited transcript of the English interpretation of his video greetings delivered in Spanish to the August 14, 2021 LaRouche Legacy Foundation seminar, “On the 50th Anniversary of LaRouche’s Stunning Forecast of August 15, 1971: So, Are You Finally Willing To Learn Economics?”

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LaRouche Legacy Foundation
Carlos Gallardo

I’m Carlos Gallardo Neyra, the President of the Christian Democratic Party of Peru, and I greet you from this beautiful country, bathed with its coasts on the Pacific Ocean; with extremely high mountains with brilliant, radiant snow-capped peaks; and its mighty rivers with exotic climate—to which we invite all of you to come and visit.

But the purpose of this message is to greet you on this 50th anniversary of the forecasts made by Lyndon LaRouche in favor of a Christian economy for the world.

Allow me to take this opportunity to send a big fraternal “abrazo,” embrace, from Peru, from my country, to Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who is witness and a living testimony to the sacrifices of Lyndon LaRouche over the years, with his writings, including from the shadow of prison.

We wish to salute you for the immense sacrifice of Lyndon LaRouche over the 50 years of his activities; today his leaders in different countries around the world provide proof that the flame of his efforts and concern for the development of the poor, and the improvement of the living conditions of the weak, is still a promise and a challenge to be fulfilled.

Thank you all very much, and from Peru I send you our fraternal “abrazo,” as President of the Christian Democratic Party.

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