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This transcript appears in the November 26, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Jhonny Estor

Greetings to the Schiller Institute and Distinguished Guests

This is the edited transcription of a video greeting received from Jhonny Estor, founder of Renaissance Haiti, delivered during Panel 2, “The Science of Physical Economy,” of the Schiller Institute’s Nov. 13-14 Conference, “All Moral Resources of Humanity Have To Be Called Up: Mankind Must Be the Immortal Species!”

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Schiller Institute
Jhonny Estor

I am Jhonny Estor, founder of Renaissance Haiti, from the Caribbean nation of Haiti.

It is heartwarming to become an associate of the LaRouche movement, whose objectives to champion the rights and needs of all people resonate with me personally and with the work of Renaissance Haiti.

My concern to rescue and develop Haiti, my homeland, brings me into contact with you.

Perhaps, our Creator blessed me to have, at an early age, interest and to study the building of Europe’s railroads, especially those of Russia. As an adult, I have drawn upon this knowledge in drafting my reconstruction design for a modern Haiti.

Eighty percent of my people, in Haiti, depend on the informal economy, which has collapsed, for making a living. They are without health care, without clean water, without modern power. The places and faces of millions of people set to perish unnecessarily in Haiti, and many other nations, from disease, starvation, and neglect may seem strange, very far away, and unreal to many of you. Imagine what would you do, if these were your children, if these were loved ones of yours?

This situation is very, very real and entirely unnecessary.

I think the reconstruction plans of the Schiller Institute and Renaissance Haiti go hand in hand.

I look forward to an opportunity to elaborate more on this in the near future. Thank you.

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