Executive Intelligence Review

Volume 48, Number 47, November 26, 2021



U.S. Fusion Power Breakthrough—But No Fusion Program! 

by Paul Gallagher

I. International

Project Ibn Sina: Restore Afghanistan’s Ancient Greatness 

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Biden-Xi Meeting: China Asks, Will U.S. Deeds Match Its Words? 

by William Jones

International Briefs 

China Briefs 

II. Schiller Institute Panel: The Science of Physical Economy

Conference Program 

The Strategy for Destroying Dope, Inc. in the 21st Century 

by Dennis Small

Make the Schiller Institute Plan To Develop Haiti Known Everywhere 

by Billy Anders Estimé

Haiti and Afghanistan: Needed Lessons for Nation-Building, Not Chaos 

by Eric Walcott

Greetings to the Schiller Institute and Distinguished Guests 

by Jhonny Estor

Urgent Need for World Health System—Not To Care Is Unforgiveable 

by Dr. Joycelyn Elders

Infrastructure and Education: Key for Haiti and Dominican Republic 

by Domingo Reyes

U.S. Reserve Army To Aid in Reconstruction in U.S. and the World 

by Maj. Gen. (ret.) Carroll Childers

Community Healthcare Workers in DC: Model for the World 

by Dr. Walter Faggett

Healthcare Is a Basic Human Right, Not a Privilege 

by Dr. Ernest Johnson

Greetings from the Christian Democratic Party of Peru 

by Carlos Gallardo

Second Discussion Session 

German Green Law Ranks Wolves Above Farmers and Food 

by Alf Schmidt

Greetings from Kansas 

by Robert Baker, Riley Robbins, and John Ney

III. Economics

For a Possible Second Edition of Dialectical Economics 

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

April 12, 1985

Windsors’ Carbon Footprint Is Oligarchy’s Biggest Fortune 

by Richard Freeman

Science & Technology Briefs