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This article appears in the November 25, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Sare Candidacy Puts U.S. ‘Democracy’ Under Scrutiny

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Nov. 20—Diane Sare is the internationally known independent candidate who challenged the powerful neocon Democrat, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, in the just concluded U.S. midterm election. On November 15, she announced her second run for the U.S. Senate, saying:

Nuclear war and economic Armageddon remain the only relevant issues facing the people of the United States and the world, and very few, if any, of our “elected” representatives are addressing either of these life-and-death matters, so I hereby announce my intention to challenge incumbent U.S. Senator from New York Kirsten Gillibrand in the November 2024 general election.

Sare’s first candidacy was remarkable for several reasons. Sare was able to achieve ballot status after the New York powers-that-be had taken unprecedented measures to block access for independent candidacies. And when Election Day arrived, she may have been the only candidate in America whose vote totals actually decreased as the election-eve tally reports came in.

As the lives of American citizens become increasingly precarious due to hyperinflation and the nuclear brinkmanship of the “Atlanticist” bloc, there will be a tendency for the voters to look for alternatives to the establishment candidates whose policies have led inexorably to this crisis (as Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere once said, “The United States is also a one-party state, but with typical American extravagance, there are two of them.”) If the ruling elites hope to persuade struggling Americans (who cannot simultaneously pay for their rent, their groceries and their medical bills) that it is a fine idea to send $60 billion to a regime in Ukraine that officially celebrates its World War II Nazi collaborators, and whose armed forces flaunt their Nazi insignia, they must take special care to exclude independent or third-party candidates because of the possibility that such candidates may encourage the voters to question these policies.

In the case of New York State, they took the step of requiring independent or third-party candidates to collect 45,000 valid signatures in order to attain ballot status, which is triple the number required for candidates representing the Democratic or Republican parties. Well-established third parties such as the Green Party and Libertarian Party were unable to overcome this obstacle and did not appear on the ballot. However, Sare’s dedicated volunteer organization successfully submitted over 66,000 signatures, to the astonishment of state officials.

Once she attained ballot status, Diane Sare quickly became exactly the sort of problem that the establishment had feared. She spoke out against the proxy war being waged against Russia in Ukraine, and purchased a highly visible billboard with the message, “U.S. OUT OF NATO—Dump Schumer.” She was excluded from the only televised candidates’ debate, which was sponsored by the regional cable news channel Spectrum News. Officials from Spectrum told the Sare campaign, and anyone else who inquired, that her candidacy had not fared well in a number of opinion polls. An investigation found that her name was not offered as an option to the respondents! (See EIR of October 28, 2022, “U.S. Senate Candidate Diane Sare Fraudulently Excluded From Debate.”)

War or Peace

Nonetheless, she participated in other fora and conducted interviews which received international attention, earning her the distinction of being placed on the official “kill list” of the Ukrainian government’s U.S.-funded Center for Countering Disinformation. Sare raised this issue in a public encounter with New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, noting in her Nov. 15 campaign announcement:

I told her that I was still awaiting a response to my and former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter’s inquiries about her and Schumer’s repeated votes to send billions of dollars to a Nazi-infested regime in Ukraine, which had placed two of her constituents, myself and Ritter, on a hitlist, put out by the Ukrainian “Center for Countering Disinformation.”

She lied and claimed that the list “isn’t what you think it is,” and was actually “Russian disinformation.” She then made the ludicrous proposal that if I felt threatened, I should contact the FBI, as if the FBI doesn’t have a long history of maliciously targeting political leaders.

Therefore, she has made herself worthy of expulsion from the U.S. Senate.

The announcement of Sare’s candidacy coincided with the “wayward” missile that landed in Poland, killing two people. This was immediately blamed on Russia by British media and their American acolytes, although as the facts emerged, it was revealed that the missile was launched by the Ukrainian regime. This was yet another instance in which a hasty response, such as invoking Article 5 of the NATO treaty, could have led to a full-scale nuclear war. Her statement, that “preventing the annihilation of the human race in the near term is therefore the number-one issue in this campaign,” resonated more strongly in the following hours and days, with that startling event and the fanfare for world war coming from Ukraine’s President Zelensky and much of the Anglo-American media.

A New Level of Fraud

While Sare’s insurgent candidacy was not favored to win versus Schumer, the powerful incumbent, apparently from the point of view of the ruling elites, it was not enough to simply defeat Sare at the polls. Her vote total officially shrank as the vote tabulations came in, sending a message to the candidate and her supporters to cease and desist forever. A very peculiar drama unfolded on election eve. A screenshot of the election returns from The New York Times at 2:59 a.m. shows Sare with 51,554 votes for 0.9% of the total with 88% of the vote in. Two days later, her total had declined by half to 25,829 with 95% of the vote counted. The candidate told this new service that she received a similar report from an observer in Paris, France, who was dumbfounded to see votes disappearing in front of his eyes in reports he was viewing on the Internet from official American sources. Many in Europe had been encouraged by the emergence of a sane and intelligent American voice, and her disappearing vote was all the more shocking to many watching the returns come in.

Needless to say, this is not what one expects as more and more votes are counted during an election tally. The story of the mysterious vanishing votes received attention, with coverage as far away as Australia in The Spectator.

Allegations of election tampering have a long history in the U.S. In recent presidential elections, Democrats blamed Russian social media posts for the election of Donald Trump in 2016, while Republicans launched various allegations of rigged voting machines and tampering with mail-in ballots. The Democratic allegations led to years of “Russiagate” and a significant escalation of the recently revived Cold War, while allegations in 2020 by the Trump camp became so vociferous that YouTube, on December 9 of that year, actually announced a decision to ban any video that included allegations of electoral fraud. The Democrats added a new dimension of rhetorical flair to the debate in 2020, by accusing their opponents of “election denialism,” moving the discussion from the arena of political controversy into the realm of religious doctrine.

A controversial study was published in 2014, in which researchers from Princeton and Northwestern Universities concluded that the U.S., despite its incessant proclamations, may no longer be considered a democracy, but rather an oligarchical system where wealthy interests determine the policies and the majority of citizens are politically disenfranchised. Following the 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, corporations and special interest groups are able to donate unlimited amounts of money to election campaigns, overwhelming the efforts of ordinary citizens. The corporate news media, instead of playing a watchdog or adversarial role, are complicit, as illustrated by the decision of Spectrum News to exclude Sare from the debate, and a similar exclusion of Tulsi Gabbard from later debates in the 2020 presidential primary races.

In an interview published on Nov. 1 by the Pakistani publication UrduPoint, Diane Sare said,

I want the world to know that the idea of democracy in the United States is a complete fraud. I’m telling you this without saying anything about what happened in 2020, but merely my own experience, what I had to do to get on the ballot, and then blatantly rigged opinion poll to keep me out of the debate.

Following the Nov. 8 midterm elections, there were numerous complaints of election irregularities, but none so egregious as Diane Sare’s disappearing votes. However, if American oligarchs had hoped that this would intimidate or discourage Ms. Sare, it would appear that it has had quite the opposite effect.

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