Volume 34, Number 12, March 23, 2007


U.S. Mortgage Crisis Can Trigger Collapse of the Global Casino

by Richard Freeman

The accelerating meltdown of the $1.2 trillion U.S. subprime mortgage market reflects the reality only Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized: “The entire financial system is coming down.”

38 Mortgage Lenders Who Are Bankrupt, or Ceased Operations

by Richard Freeman

How the Now-Bursting Bubble Was Created

Loudoun County Waits For Next Shoe to Drop

by L. Wolfe


Gore Climate Change Swindle Exposed on European Tour  

by Mary Burdman

Gore’s real mission, as his speeches in Copenhagen and Edinburgh showed, is to let the London locusts loose on what remains of the world economy.

Climate Campaign Is a Diversion; Real Danger Is Financial Meltdown  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche is chairwoman of the Civil Rights Solidarity Movement (BüSo) in Germany.

Changing World Map for Nuclear Fuel

by Marsha Freeman

The worldwide drive to reinvigorate the nuclear power industry is creating an enormous demand for uranium, and a scurrying by nations like Russia and China to secure supplies for the long term.

Towards a New Central Europe

by Yuri Tsarik

Yuri Tsarik, coordinator of the World Development Network and a student at Belarus State University, tells how the European Union has betrayed the hopes of people in Eastern Europe, and offers a more optimistic view for the future.


High Crimes and Misdemeanors Propel Double Impeachment  

by Edward Spannaus and Jeffrey Steinberg

Without warning, the Bush-Cheney White House is once again overwhelmed by new evidence of crimes by both the President and Vice-President that could lead to impeachment.

With Congress in Tow, AIPAC Targets Iran

by William Jones

What Is AIPAC?

EIR’s Gore Dossier  

Highlights of EIR’s more than 15 years of investigative reporting on the philosophy, political connections, and activities of Albert Gore, Jr.

The Wyly Coyotes of the Global Warming Hoax

by Paul Gallagher

Walter Reed Review Moves Quickly Ahead

by Carl Osgood

Funding Slashed for Life-Saving Imaging

by Patricia Salisbury

The Deficit Reduction Act of 2006, passed by the then-Republican controlled Congress, reduces Medicare reimbursement for imaging technologies, threatening to turn the clock back on one of the most important breakthrough areas in the history of medicine.

Nuclear Medicine: Why The U.S. Lags Behind

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

National News


Can Arabs Stop Cheney’s Drive for World War III?

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The crucial strategic reality that must be dealt with is that the Bush-Cheney war party is targetting Russia, China, and India, not just Iran.

LaRouche: I Defend President Jimmy Carter

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Carter: Time for Israel To Comply With International Law

by Michele Steinberg

German LYM Brings in ‘New Politics’

by Rainer Apel

The deployment of the LaRouche Youth Movement behind the campaign of Wiesbaden mayoral candidate Alexander Hartmann, palpably changed the political environment.

Arab World Needs ‘New Politics’ in U.S.

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Muriel Mirak-Weissbach reports on a visit to Egypt.

U.S. ‘Surge’ in Iraq Is To Prepare Attack on Iran  

An interview with Gen. Mahmoud Khallaf (ret.).

Pakistan Plans To Bury NATO in Afghanistan  

by Ramtanu Maitra

Zimbabwe Ambassador: Africa Shows How Globalization Equals Imperialism

Dr. Machivenyika J. Mapuranga is the Ambassador from Zimbabwe to the United States. He was interviewed on The LaRouche Show.

International Intelligence


Gen. Mahmoud Khallaf  

Dr. Khallaf is a strategic analyst and retired major general; a fellow of the Nasr Higher Military Academy; a Member of the Royal College of Defense Studies in London; and honorary member of the Association of the United States Army, Fort Benning, Georgia.

Book Reviews

Carter: Time for Israel To Comply With International Law

by Michele Steinberg

Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, by Jimmy Carter.


See the Film That Pops Gore’s Bubble