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This Editorial appears in the May 16, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

London Is Moving In for the Kill

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"There is a new Middle East crisis being orchestrated," Lyndon LaRouche stated May 9, "which is using this very peculiar kind of action going on in Lebanon right now. The obvious implication is the targetting of Iran as well. It's a London-steered threat of a new general war in Southwest Asia, and whatever the hell that means.

"The U.S. operations against Hillary Clinton," LaRouche added, "and the London side of the operation against Hillary, and the threat of a new Middle East war, are all one and the same thing, and they are immediately triggered by what was done, a massive fraud which was orchestrated in the recent primary elections in North Carolina and Indiana. It was massive. Because the voters to back up those vote numbers don't exist.

"This is strategic. That election operation was run to set something up. That set-up includes not only the escalated campaign against Clinton, steered from London as well as the U.S., and steered from high-level financial political circles, but also is stirring up, almost unexpectedly, a crisis in Lebanon which actually involves everything, and leads directly to the prospect of an Anglo-American attack on Iran.

"The plan is to get international fascism, fast. This is a fascist operation, and it involves an attempted coup d'état against the Constitution of the United States—very much like what was planned by the British interests in trying to prevent Franklin Roosevelt from being nominated and elected. It's the same kind of operation. It's a British operation, aimed at destroying the United States as a Constitutional form of government, run by the Anglo-Dutch Liberal financial faction, very much the same kind of people who put Hitler into power, and Mussolini into power earlier in Europe. It's the same crowd; they're at it again, and the U.S. is the target. And there are many Americans who are complicit in this criminal activity, including some very well known ones.

"The same kind of thing was done against Roosevelt. And the problem is the London forces and traitorous pigs in the United States who see Hillary as a potential replication of FDR, and therefore they want to kill her.

"This is World War III, buddy," LaRouche emphasized. "That's what they are headed for right now. The intensity of the financial crisis is what's driving them. That's their timetable, which is based on the fact that they know they've run out of time. They are going to go in for the kill right now."

Why are the British in such a hurry? The fact is that they are desperate to try to prevent any U.S. Presidency which could take up the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt, before the financial blowout crisis hits with even fuller force. Roosevelt overtly took on the British on the question of their imperial colonialism (including in the monetary system), and if he had lived into the post-war period, that period would have been very different. Instead, the Churchill stooge Harry Truman, whom the British and the U.S. right wing had insisted upon as vice president, was put into place, and was able to sabotage the anti-colonial program which Roosevelt had envisaged.

The British, and their U.S. collaborators, have done their damnedest to try to destroy the FDR tradition over the past 60 years, but they know they have not quite succeeded. The threat that JFK would take up that tradition was brutally taken care of. But, to their horror, the threat of a new Rooseveltian President reared its head again in the Clinton Administration. The British went bonkers about the direction of Bill Clinton's foreign policy (including his threat to cancel the "special relationship" between the U.S.A. and Britain), and it is no secret that the highest circles in London were the driving force behind the Clinton impeachment drive.

Today, the FDR threat to British imperial rule emerges again, with both the Clinton candidacy and the discernible role of Lyndon LaRouche in shaping the Presidential election campaign. Thus, we again see the British moving in for the kill.

Won't you join LaRouche in moving to stop them?

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