Volume 35, Number 20, May 16, 2008


LaRouche Webcast: ‘Tragedy and Hope’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche delivered this webcast address in Washington, D.C., on May 7, the day after the Democratic primaries in Indiana and North Carolina. “The issue is not the election, he said. “The election is a battle in a war. It is not something unto itself. The result of this election, in itself, is a matter of indifference. It’s a question of how the battle is won and lost which is important.” We publish here the full transcript of LaRouche’s speech, and the extensive question-and-answer period that followed.

World Food Crisis

FAO June Food Summit: Showdown over Gorey/WTO Plans To ‘Let Them Starve’

by Marcia Merry Baker

The theme of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s coming summit is “High-Level Conference on World Food Security and the Challenge of Climate Change and Bioenergy.” But given the world food crisis of severe shortages and hyperinflation, many nations are seeking food security, through expanding agriculture and achieving food self-sufficiency. Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have launched an international mobilization to shut down the World Trade Organization (WTO), whose free-market ideology is causing the crisis.

Rice Research Body: New Green Revolution Needed

by Paul Gallagher

Why the Philippines Is Starving: How Shultz and the WTO Destroyed the Philippines Green Revolution  

by Michael Billington

Emergency Food/Fuel Measure in Alabama

Food Emergency News

World News

Obama’s Backers Make Their Threat  

by Debra Hanania-Freeman

Unless Sen. Hillary Clinton continues her campaign for the Democratic nomination until the Party’s convention in August, there is no presently visible chance that the United States will come out of the current skyrocketting hyperinflationary crisis in any form easily recognized as being, still, our Constitutional republic.

How British Agent Gore Got His Reward

by Anton Chaitkin

Convenient Lies Gored by Styrofoam Icebergs

Britain’s Gameplan: Soros Bids To Buy Up the Democratic Party

by Patricia Salisbury

The Crude Game: British Geopolitics and the Dollar  

by John Hoefle

The destruction of the fixed-currency-rate system by President Nixon in 1971, began the process that has left the United States with a bankrupt banking system and a rusted hulk of an economy.

British Empire Tries To Ban LaRouche from Australia

by Allen Douglas

International Intelligence

Science & Technology

A Conversation with Patrick Moore: Why Former Greenpeace Leader Supports Nuclear Energy

Moore, one of the co-founders of Greenpeace in 1971, is currently the chairman and chief scientist of Greenspirit Strategies, which he set up in the 1990s to promote scientific and pro-development solutions to environmental problems. Moore also serves as the co-chair of the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition and a consultant for the Nuclear Energy Institute.


London Is Moving In for the Kill  


In the May 9 print edition of EIR, there were several errors. In Lyndon LaRouche’s article, “H.G. Wells’ ‘Mein Kampf’: Sir Cedric Cesspool’s Empire,” on p. 16, the last sentence contained a typographical error. It should read: “Sarpi’s proposed remedy was, thus, his promotion of the irrationalism of Ockham, or what is otherwise known as modern Liberalism, whose extreme state of degeneracy is known today, variously, as Malthusianism and its by-products, fascism (e.g., neo-conservatism), positivism, and existentialism.”

Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s article, “Instead of Wars of Starvation, Let Us Double Food Production,” included several translation errors. She wrote that “approximately 2 billion” people are currently undernourished (p. 32). And on p. 34, two officials were misidentified: former German Agriculture Minister Renate Künast and EU Agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischler.