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This editorial appears in the September 13, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Beyond the Obama Breakdown

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It's obvious to any clearheaded observer: The Obama Administration is crumbling, stumbling around with no direction, and overripe for collapse. The President's criminal decision to call for unilateral military strikes against Syria—against sane military advice, international and Constitutional law, and popular abhorrence of a new war—inaugurated the breakdown phase of his Presidency, from which it is highly unlikely he will recover, even temporarily.

What happens to Obama at this stage is of secondary, although crucial, importance. He should be either impeached, or, more simply, pushed to resign in light of his dangerous and unstable mental state. The crucial difficult question, as emphasized by Lyndon LaRouche in his discussion with the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee Sept. 9, is, pulling together a new Presidency, around the necessary concepts to create a future for the United States.

Those concepts are: the revival of the principles of the American System of Political-Economy—the Hamiltonian principles of scientific and technological progress which have been increasingly abandoned since the death of Franklin Roosevelt, and more emphatically so, since the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Today, those principles can only be fulfilled by dumping Wall Street through the adoption of Glass-Steagall, and the full-steam-ahead crash program for developing a thermonuclear-fusion economy, around which NAWAPA XXI and a rebuilding of U.S. industry will be organized.

LaRouche PAC is bombarding Congress with the program for a thermonuclear-fusion economy, recently elaborated by its scientific team, this week. In the midst of the chaos swirling around the nation's capital, there is nothing more necessary that the presentation of the solution to the current crisis, the only sure pathway to stability and sanity.

It can be reliably reported that Congress is not ready yet to rally around this program. The politics of negativity is dominant—the rejection of Obama's war, of Wall Street, and of the drive toward dictatorship. Obama is losing his constituencies, right and left, not to mention internationally. But those opposing him, outside the LaRouche movement, have not coalesced around a positive vision for solving the problems of the nation, and the world. That vacuum, it is clear, can only be filled today, by the forces associated with Lyndon LaRouche and his ideas.

If the resistance to Obama (who is, of course, only acting out the program of his British sponsors) remains simply negative, the United States runs the real danger of falling into chaos. Too often in history, populations have risen in rejection of evil, only to find themselves crushed because they lacked the leadership with the ideas that could lead the nation to safety. There is perhaps no better example of that than the French Revolution of 1789, as compared to the American Revolution. In America, the leadership of Franklin, Washington, and Hamilton provided the well-grounded vision for how the nation could pull together, and progress. In France, the politics of rage allowed the restoration of the oligarchy to power.

Today, the LaRouche leadership has defined the tasks clearly: An all-out drive for Glass-Steagall, the thermonuclear NAWAPA, and the removal of Obama, all as part of a unified program for restoring national sovereignty, ending the threat of thermonuclear war, and achieving the permanent breakdown of the greatest evil on this planet, the British oligarchy.

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