Volume 40, Number 36, September 13, 2013


The Pacific Development Corridor: Maglev Across the Bering Strait  

by Benjamin Deniston

From a new 21st Century Science & Technology Special Report, “Nuclear NAWAPA XXI: Gateway to the Fusion Economy.” Benjamin Deniston of the LaRouche PAC science unit writes that the development of the nuclear-thermonuclear NAWAPA XXI “depends upon the highest levels of technology and energy-flux density achievable,” and rapid reversal of the last four decades of economic stagnation and attrition. The consequent leaps in economic development will drive the growth of the entire world.

The Vostochny Cosmodrome and Space Industry Cluster

by Rachel Douglas

Eurasia-North America Multimodal Transport

by Dr. Victor N. Razbegin

A reprint from the Sept. 28, 2007 EIR of a speech by Dr. Razbegin, deputy chairman of Russia’s Council for the Study of Productive Forces, delivered to a Schiller Institute conference in September 2007.


The Danger of Attacking Syria: Israeli Missile Test Could Have Launched World War III

by Nancy Spannaus

Russia’s military went on high alert Sept. 3, following Israeli ballistic missile tests which sent two missiles eastward across the Mediterranean, on a path like that which they would take if headed toward Russia. Deputy Defense Minister Antonov warned on Russian TV, “that the Mediterranean is close to the borders of the Russian Federation.” President Putin was promptly briefed.

French General: Give Geneva II a Chance

by Christine Bierre

Hamid Bayat, Iranian Ambassador to Denmark: No Military Solution to Syrian Crisis  

by Tom Gillesberg

An exclusive interview with Ambassador Bayat, conducted the chairman of the Schiller Institute in Denmark. The Ambassador offered his frank views on the civil war in Syria, the use of chemical weapons, and the need for Geneva II negotiations rather than military action.

Reagan, Bush Gave CBW Agents to Saddam

by Edward Spannaus


President Obama Walks Himself into Syria Impeachment Trap  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The intense and growing opposition to a strike on Syria, from within Congress, and among the American people, poses a dilemma for President Obama. Whatever he may choose to do, the threat of impeachment is now a Damocles Sword hanging over his head.

Syrian Parliament to Congress: Our Common Enemy Is Saudi-Funded Al-Qaeda

Ex-CIA: Obama, Kerry Lying About Syria

by Larry Johnson

A statement by a former CIA officer.

Interview with State Sen. Richard Black: ‘I Will Do Anything To Stop This War’

Virginia State Sen. Richard Black gave an exclusive interview to EIR in Munich, Germany Sept. 4. Black, who sponsored a bill to restore Glass-Steagall last year, spoke on both the war and the economic crisis. We present his views on the threat of war.


Push Through Glass-Steagall Now, and We Will Survive

by Nancy Spannaus

The drive for war against Syria, Iran, and beyond, reflects the desperation of the London-based bankrupt global financial empire, which seeks to impose world domination and depopulation. The only solution is the re-imposition of Glass- Steagall in the United States.

Chinese President in Kazakstan: Xi Jinping Calls for ‘New Silk Road’

by William Jones

President Xi, speaking at Nazarbayev University, called for the rapid development of a New Silk Road, stretching “from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea.”


End the Wall Street Nightmare: What If Wall Street Had Died Now?  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The distinction of the human species from all others known to us presently, lies within the development of qualitative, more than merely quantitative, upward transformation of human society.... [T]he quality of fire-like upgrading of the abilities of our species, is the most essential feature of beneficial ‘evolutionary effect’ on which the continued success of our species depends.... Those specific kinds of effects ‘reside’ in the most unique distinction of mankind from all other presently known species.”


Beyond the Obama Breakdown