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This article appears in the December 4, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Obama Wades Deeper
into the Sea of Blood

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Nov. 29—If you didn’t already know that Obama is a serial murderer, and that, for example, he has a “Terror Tuesday” meeting every week in the White House to choose the next round of murder victims from what are called “baseball cards,”—if you’re one of the few who has managed to remain ignorant of this for almost seven years,—then a decision handed down on Nov. 23 from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, will remind you of what the rest of us have long known.

That decision, as reported by Marcy Wheeler and also by Cora Currier, makes it clear that Obama’s lawyers are busy cooking up new, secret, “legal” justifications for Presidentially ordered murders, including murders of U.S. citizens. Do you still remember the secret legal opinions written by John Yoo and others in the Bush Administration? Well, Obama is doing exactly the same thing, but he’s doing it wholesale.

The Court had been at the point of releasing a 2002 Bush Justice Department memo on Ronald Reagan’s Executive Order 12333, which prohibits assassinations by the U.S. government. (It contains some other provisions as well.) The Court’s hearing record and its opinion, made it clear that the issue involved Presidential assassinations. For one thing, it cites speeches by Obama’s then State Department lawyer Harold Koh, by his then Attorney General Eric Holder, and by Obama’s then Assistant to the President John Brennan,—all of them justifying Obama’s right to murder at will.

Obama officials intervened to insist that this 2002 Bush Administration memo justifying Presidential murders, remain classified. Why? Only because lawyers acting under Obama’s orders, are using that memo right now as raw material to cook up new secret “legal” opinions, “legalizing” Obama’s murders.

Another blatant coverup by Obama for his own murders occurred on Nov. 25, when the Army leaked to the press its phony investigative report on Obama’s Oct. 3 mass murder at the Doctors without Borders (MSF) hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, where 30 or 31 patients and staff were massacred in the space of an hour by a U.S. warplane, while the doctors frantically telephoned the U.S. Army, which already had the coordinates of the hospital.

The phony investigative report blamed low-ranking U.S. service members and supposed equipment malfunctions. But Doctors without Borders does not accept it. That report raises “more questions than answers,” said MSF General Director Christopher Stokes. What about MSF’s hour-long record of documented telephone calls to the U.S. military to stop the bombing? And why are these damning reports being released the day before Thanksgiving (when the U.S. press is guaranteed to ignore them)?

Obama is plausibly a Satanic personality, said Lyndon LaRouche. He has all the characteristics. Why is he still President? Isn’t there something wrong with our constitutional processes? Aren’t they being violated? Isn’t this treason against the Constitution? But cowardice makes traitors of us all.

Mass killings: Never forget—Columbine, Sandy Hook, Kunduz . . .

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