Volume 42, Number 48, December 4, 2015


Obama Wades Deeper into the Sea of Blood

Obama Wades Deeper into the Sea of Blood  

I. One Minute to Midnight

Obama’s Shootdown of Russian Military Plane Puts the World on the Edge of Thermonuclear War  

A transcript of the LaRouche PAC webcast of Nov. 27, 2015.

The View from Paris

EIR co-editor Tony Papert interviews French political leader Jacques Cheminade.

Obama and the Indonesian Murder Cult

by Mike Billington

U.S., British, and Australian embassies in Jakarta orchestrated the mass murders of 1965-66.

EIR Reconstruction Proposal Receives Unprecedented Attention in Syria

by Ulf Sandmark

A report-back on a visit to Syria, where the Phoenix Policy Syria was presented.

World Forum on China Studies Focuses on China’s New Global Role

by William Jones

A first-hand report on the conference in Shanghai.

II. The Manhattan Project

Now That Obama Has Brought Us to the Brink of Thermonuclear War  

Lyndon LaRouche’s dialogue with the Manhattan Project on Nov. 28.

You Have Very Little Time To Change Your Thinking

Bob Wesser interviews Phil Rubinstein on Roosevelt’s struggle with polio.

What Is the Manhattan Project?  

by Dennis Speed