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Lyndon LaRouche and Maria Elena Milton

LaRouche Democrat Maria Elena Milton Wins Arizona Congressional Primary

PHOENIX, Sept. 11, 1996 (EIRNS)--LaRouche Democrat Maria Elena Milton won a smashing, upset victory yesterday in the Democratic primary in Arizona's Fourth Congressional District. Running in a two-way race against Dr. Stuart Turnansky, who was endorsed by the Democratic Party, she not only defeated the party's choice, but positioned herself to take on one of the top allies of Newt Gingrich, incumbent Rep. John Shadegg, in the November 5 general election. Turnansky has offered his support to Milton in the final election.

With all 285 precincts reporting, Milton won 53.50% of the vote (8,146 votes). Shadegg, a freshman Republican who heads Gingrich's national fundraising outfit called GOPAC, won the Republican primary against a weak opponent.

Milton is also a co-plaintiff in a federal Voting Rights Act suit by Lyndon LaRouche's primary presidential campaign, which names Democratic Party National Chairman Donald Fowler, Arizona Democratic Party Chairman Sam Coppersmith, and others, for their illegal attempt to stop LaRouche's campaign. In their defense, Fowler and Coppersmith cited exclusively "Jim Crow" legal precedents. In Arizona, Coppersmith resorted to slander and dirty tricks to stop Milton's campaign. Last night's victory was a real setback for what Milton called the "Jim Crow wing" of the Democratic Party.

Milton, an Hispanic American and mother of four, ran an aggressive campaign, targetting Rep. Shadegg for his support of the GOP "Contract on Americans." In her victory statement released last night, Milton claimed the mandate of her Democratic constituents to "defeat 'Congressman Valujet' Shadegg and destroy everything that Newt Gingrich , Governor Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania , and Gingrich's GOPAC stand for." She calls Shadegg "Congressman Valujet" both because GOPAC is funded by top financiers of Valujet and because, like Valujet, Shadegg's policies kill people.

"Shadegg is the head of Newt Gingrich's GOPAC," Milton said. "He is responsible for Gingrich's attempts to steal hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare. These Medicare cuts will kill. These cuts in Medicare threaten the lives of millions of our senior citizens. GOPAC's hero, Governor Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania, has already pushed cuts in medical care that are expected to kill 3,500 innocent people by denial of medical services. This is exactly the crime for which we hung the Nazis at Nuremberg.

"Shadegg is a leader in the hushing-up of Gingrich's plan to loot Social Security after the November elections. I'm going to lead the crusade against these Nazi-style economic policies that threaten the lives of sick and elderly Americans, by defeating 'Congressman Valujet' Shadegg in the November elections."

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