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LaRouche Warnings on Danger of Wider Mideast War Featured on Leading Russian TV Channel

August 17, 2006 (EIRNS)—On the evening of Aug. 16, Russia's biggest prime-time TV news show featured warnings from Lyndon LaRouche, and his magazine, Executive Intelligence Review, in its 9:00 p.m. nightly broadcast. LaRouche, who had been interviewed that morning by Russia's First Channel (1TV), was shown, and quoted, along with other experts, including former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeni Primakov.

Three minutes into the prime-time broadcast, correspondent Grigori Yemelyanov presented a segment titled "Experts comment on the outcome of the war in Lebanon." The segment emphasized that the truce was fragile.

After quotations on how Israel failed in its objective to wipe out Hezbollah from Primakov, Knesset member Roman Bronfman, and Lebanon's Minister of Energy Muhammed Fneish, the broadcast shifted to the evaluation of EIR. The clip began with displaying the headline of an article in the Aug. 11 EIR on the danger of an "October Surprise," and then cut to footage from the interview with LaRouche.

As LaRouche, identified as editor-in-chief of EIR, was shown speaking to First Channel's correspondent, the Russian voiceover continued to excerpt from Steinberg's article: "If events develop according to that scenario, Iran would be unlikely to stay out of the conflict. And then it would already be impossible to stop a big war in the Middle East. Instead of seeking a compromise at the negotiating table, the American administration is doing everything it can to provoke a full-scale war."

The fact that 1TV is largely owned by the Russian government, clearly indicates that the Russian state itself considers LaRouche's warnings to be of crucial importance in the current strategic situation.

The news broadcast, in Russian, can be viewed on

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