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LaRouche: Don't Permit an ICC Crime Against Africa

Feb. 18, 2009 (EIRNS)—"It's the International Criminal Court (ICC) which is criminal," said Lyndon LaRouche today, in discussing the possibility of support by the Obama Administration for a criminal indictment by the privately-run court against Sudan's President al-Bashir. The ICC is not part of the UN. "The issuance of such an indictment would be a criminal attack on Africa, and we must not let a crime be committed against Africa, by the Obama Administration," he continued.

LaRouche reiterated that the ICC is simply a tool of Britain's Mark Lord Malloch-Brown, the head of the United Kingdom's Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and his buddy, the world's largest drug-pusher, George Soros. EIR's dossier on the funding of the ICC by Soros was first published in June 2008, and is available on the www.larouchepub.com website.

As for the Obama Administration's UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who has expressed her support for an indictment of the Sudanese President, despite ongoing negotiations between the Sudan government and the largest Darfur-based rebel group, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), LaRouche said "she should be re-educated." We must not allow her to carry out a crime against Africa. As a Rhodes scholar, Rice made an extensive study of the implementation of British financial imperial policy in Africa.

An EIR report on the Anglo-Dutch imperial origins of the ICC published in 2008, is available here. A prescient memorandum by Lyndon LaRouche in 2002, when the drive to create the ICC was underway, is available here.