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Reverberations of the LaRouches'
Intervention at Rhodes Conference

Oct. 27, 2009 (EIRNS)—The speech Lyndon LaRouche gave at the World Public Forum—Dialogue of Civilizations in Rhodes on Oct. 10, 2009 on his proposal for a Four-Power Agreement has been picked up in Russia, India, and China, and is being hotly discussed, privately, in Washington.

The most prominent coverage appeared in Russia, through an interview with LaRouche by the Russian weekly Zavtra in Rhodes. The Zavtra interview, published Oct. 21, is rapidly spreading through Russian-language Internet sites, appearing on RIA Novy Region, Biznes Online, the Rossiya—Ring of Patriotic Resources portal, and the site of the Movement for the Rebirth of Russian Science.

LaRouche told Zavtra that the world is facing two interrelated historical problems: One, is the utter bankruptcy of monetarist economic policies, which are rooted in the Middle Ages (in the original, LaRouche spelled out their Venetian provenance). Those policies are now "leading the world to a total crash." The second problem, LaRouche linked with V.I. Vernadsky's conception of the Biosphere and the Noösphere: the exhaustion of natural resources by human activity, faster than mankind is restoring and creating such resources through technology.

Zavtra highlights LaRouche's counterposition of the Hamiltonian American System of political economy, oriented toward "physical economy," to the monetarist swindles and financial bubbles of recent years. It also takes up the Homeowners and Banks Protection Act proposed by LaRouche in 2007.

This in-depth coverage of LaRouche's economics in Russian, is complemented by the attention he's getting in China, where LaRouche's entire Sept. 8 webcast was translated into Chinese, and published on a website under the title "Lyndon LaRouche hits the mark: Death to the British Empire."