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LaRouche: 'Glass-Steagall and
Defeating Satan Are the Same Thing!'

May 6, 2011 (EIRNS)—In his appearance the Lyndon LaRouche PAC Weekly Report May 4, Lyndon LaRouche launched a new intensified phase of the battle against the British Empire. Central to his message was the release of a document by the Environmental Advisory Council to German Chancellor Merkel, named the WBGU, which calls for the virtually immediate phase-out of not only nuclear, but all fossil fuel forms of energy for the nation of Germany.

On April 30, Helga Zepp-LaRouche had issued a call of mobilization to resist the findings of the WBGU document, which is entitled "World in Transition—Social Contract for a Great Transformation." The document, which was prepared by WBGU chairman Prof. Dr. Hans Joachim Schellnuber, relies on a series of wild anti-scientific frauds to demand the "decarbonization" of society in a way that could only be called "A Master Plan for the Collective Suicide of the Human Race." Zepp-LaRouche definitely proves that Schellnhuber's work is not only incompetent, but the handiwork of the British Malthusian establishment, which has employed him, and honored him as a Commander of the British Empire, throughout his long career.

Lyndon LaRouche picks up on his wife's call, and draws the implications for the United States as well. We quote:

"This is pure evil. The policy is one of genocide, for the human race, though the proposal here, for June adoption for the European Union, is specifically European Union. But obviously, this is intended a global campaign of pure genocide, and the text of this thing will speak for itself on that. There's no doubt about it. You read this: This is genocide, beyond anything Hitler actually did, or proposed. ...

"The very fact that genocide is being pushed, actually by the British monarchy, using its Germany puppets for this particular operation, [doesn't limit it to Germany.] The intention is against the United States, as well. And the current President of the United States, who is merely a British puppet, and always was; he was put into the Presidency by the British, who put the vast amounts of funds through the campaign, to get him elected as President. That's how it happened. So this guy is a British agent, he is a complete no-goodnik. He should be thrown out of office as a mental case, under provisions of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, Section 4: He qualifies fully for expulsion from office, on those grounds. And he must be removed, or effectively removed, immediately, under those conditions, if we're going to save the United States."

LaRouche then insisted that, to defeat the WBGU's genocidal policies, Obama must be removed, specifically by implementing the restoration of Glass-Steagall, for which H.R. 1489 has now been introduced into the House of Representatives.

"We must ram Glass-Steagall through, in order to defeat this worse-than-fascist policy, coming out of Britain, now via the European Union. That is the first priority, of everyone. It's not two different issues: Glass-Steagall and defeating Satan, are the same thing. Because this thing that I have here [the WBGU document], this is Satanic! It is not science, it is not bad science, it is Satanic! It is British in origin!"