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UN Issues Genocidal Assault
on Population

May 13, 2011 (EIRNS)—The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) yesterday released a program for genocide over the next 40 years which could achieve Prince Philip's and Hans Joachim Schellnhuber's prescriptions for reducing the global population to less than 2 billion people. Called "Humanity can and must do more with less," the document coincides with two grand conferences to brainwash world leaders on the necessity of mass murder. These include the "UN Commission on Sustainable Development," 19th session, in New York, being held from May 2-13, and the Fourth UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries on May 9-13, in Turkey.

When briefed on these conferences, Lyndon LaRouche said they should be asked: "How do you prove this is not genocide?" The burden of proof is on them.

The UNEP, a major player in both conferences, argues in the paper that the problem facing the world is the "growth of both population and prosperity," which together are using up resources "far beyond what is likely sustainable," using the usual lies about "finite world resources" and "planetary boundaries."

The paper explains that the average person today consumes annually 10 tons of "minerals, ores, fossil fuels and biomass," with 16 tons per capita in the developed world and 4 tons in the poorer nations. At this rate the world will "exceed all possible measures of available resources" before 2050.

What is needed, they argue, is that "industrialized nations reduce per capita consumption by two thirds and other nations remain at current rates, resulting in a global per capita consumption rate of 6 tons." They admit that this is rather "unappealing to politicians," and is unlikely to be achieved, but "even such tough measures would maintain global consumption levels many scientists still consider unsustainable."

The only way to gain "convergence" to this genocidal goal, the UNEP writes, is "if national economic improvement is defined in terms other than physical growth." This will allow us all to unite, to "at least freeze per capita investment in wealthy countries and help developing nations follow a more sustainable path." This lunacy is dubbed "decoupling" economic growth from resource consumption.

The UNEP poses "Challenges ahead," which define their brainwashing goals, including, "policymakers and the general public aren't yet convinced of the absolute physical limits to the quantity of resources available for human use."