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Kentucky State Senator
Tells Obama To Step Down

Aug. 16, 2011 (EIRNS)—Kentucky State Sen. Perry Clark, (Democrat-District 37) issued a statement on Aug. 8, calling on President Obama to resign, or face impeachment. His statement has stirred up spirited debate, and inspired others around the country, as the actual content of Obama's policies and character increasingly hits home. Among other things, Clark writes:

"My fellow citizens, after much reflection on the passage of last week's debt ceiling and austerity legislation in Washington, I have decided that 'enough is enough'. This legislation is brazenly unconstitutional, and I hereby call for a series of emergency actions to undo the damage, beginning with the resignation of President Barack Obama."

Clark then goes through the financial collapse, and the unconstitutional debt ceiling law, with its Super-Congress, and states:

"President Obama was at the center of instigating this legislation, and once he affixed his name on the bill, he crossed the line. Many members of Congress have since denounced the bill, and other national leaders have pronounced it unconstitutional. Is it necessary to go further? I am joining with American statesman Lyndon LaRouche in calling for the President to step down or face impeachment."

He then goes on to endorse the new Glass-Steagall legislation that has been introduced in the House of Representatives as H.R. 1489, by Rep. Marcy Kaptur.

Clark's statement provoked a huge controversy in the media in Kentucky, and beyond. So far, efforts by the Obama machine to organize a backlash against him have fallen flat.

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