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Kentucky State Senator:
These Are Incendiary Times

Aug. 18, 2011 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Under fire from media and a few party hacks, but supported by many of his constituents, Kentucky state Senator Perry Clark has issued a new statement, standing by his blistering August 8 call for President Obama to resign, and for Congress to pass Glass-Steagall, after passage of "the brazenly unconstitutional debt ceiling and austerity legislation." The second statement was picked up and posted by several Kentucky blogs two days ago.

Sen. Clark writes:

"My recently released statement asking President Obama to resign was calculated to be incendiary and brash. I am unapologetic for its tone and delivery and believe it in its entirety. I am using the call for the President to resign to garner attention to an important issue which is getting little consideration in the media and in Washington. As the messenger who started the tempest, I will attempt to clarify my position. Do the research yourself and join me in keeping the heat on the President and Congress because action needs to be taken.

"The disappointment with the Obama presidency and Congress is waxing great among many constituency groups. The President and Congress are first in line to do the bidding of the Wall Street/International Banksters by embracing austerity measures that threaten to swiftly erode what is left of the economy and ignoring the real issues."

He then enumerates Obama's and Congress's disasters:

  • ignoring the Angelides and Levin-Coburn reports on the avoidability of 2008-2011 financial crisis,

  • refusing to re-instate the entire Glass-Steagall Act,

  • supporting the "Super-Congress... which is antithetical to the Constitution,

  • letting the Fed run on with its $16 trillion bailout,

  • continuing Bush's wars,

  • cutting entitlements, etc.

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