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War Danger Grows with Obama's
Expanded Naval Deployment

April 25, 2012 (EIRNS)—The U.S. Navy, under orders from President Obama, is scrambling to pre-position sufficient military forces in the Persian Gulf region to launch a full-scale attack on Iran at any time between now and early Autumn. While the U.S. military—led by Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey—has made its opposition to any military action against Iran at this time clearly known to the President, his top national security advisors, and to top Israeli government, military, and intelligence officials, senior Pentagon sources confirm that there is no confidence among the top American military brass that the President is paying any attention.

According to one senior Pentagon source, the nightmare fear is that if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu orders an attack by the Israeli Defense Forces against targets in Iran, President Obama will order the U.S. military to "finish the job." These fears are based on three years of experience with this President, and the growing recognition that he is in a reckless "Emperor Nero" frame of mind.

According to several recent news accounts, the U.S. Navy now has as many as 430 Tomahawk missiles forward deployed in the Persian Gulf region. There are now two U.S. aircraft carrier groups—the USS Enterprise and the USS Abraham Lincoln—in the vicinity of the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf. And the missile-launch submarine, the USS Georgia, is also in the area. A senior Pentagon official further confirmed to EIR that any attack on Iran ordered by the President will also involve the U.S. Global Strike Forces, including B-2 long-range bombers that can be deployed from the continental United States.

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