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Kesha Wins Again!

May 30, 2012 (EIRNS)—This editorial appears in the June 1 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

When LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers won the Democratic primary election in the 22nd District of Texas in 2010, on a platform of impeaching Barack Obama and reviving the NASA space program, Democratic Party officialdom—from the White House on down—underwent a slow burn. They were determined that the national leadership shown by Rogers would never be permitted to win such a victory again.

Thus, in the course of the 2012 primary elections, when Rogers ran again as part of the LaRouche National slate, the entire focus of the dwindling number of Democratic Party officials still loyal to Obama was to "stop Kesha." The local party leadership even admitted that their alternate candidate would and could not beat the incumbent Republican, but that Rogers had to be defeated at all cost. By such antics, they did succeed in suppressing the vote in the May 29 Democratic primary to abysmal levels—but Kesha won again.

Whatever the immediate or ultimate electoral outcome of this victory, the shockwaves are going to be felt internationally. And if American patriots, and their compatriots around the world, take the lesson of Rogers' courageous leadership, a slightly wider window of opportunity has been opened, to forge a positive future for humanity.

The day after Rogers won in 2010, none other than the London Economist, voice of the Empire, took notice of her declared war against London, in a sarcastic item called "America on verge of war with British empire." But clearly the message had gotten across that there was a mood among the American people which made it responsive to LaRouche's leadership—and that was reason for alarm. Similar alarm obviously spread through the London-aligned U.S. establishment, and they've done their best to bully any opposition to Obama that might have been encouraged by Rogers' win.

It will be more difficult now. Two years later, the American population is increasingly disgusted by this President, as well as his anointed opponent, and is running away from the political system as rapidly as possible. Rogers' victory, as part of the National Slate which is pursuing a unified campaign for Glass-Steagall, a national credit system, NAWAPAXXI, and ousting Obama, will potentially moralize them into action.

Get the lesson clearly. Rogers, like the other members of the LaRouche National Slate, did not campaign on local issues, or play on local prejudices. Her concerted focus was to present a program of national leadership, a veritable Presidential platform, which would address the needs of the nation as a whole. She and her small campaign organization hit the street corners, and went house to house, to give out a message of hope and challenge for a national solution, if citizens would only take up their identity as patriotic fighters for the nation.

For lawful reasons, the population in the Texas district where Rogers was campaigning is among the most demoralized in the nation. Not only have they lived under the Bushes and their like for years, but the corruption that goes with a loser mentality has dominated the Democrats. It was clear throughout this campaign that many "regular" Democrats admired Kesha's courage and her vision, but were intimidated into keeping silent. Yet, a sufficient number came forward on election day to give her a narrow, but decisive win.

Rogers, in her preliminary statement, pledged her continued commitment to fight for the Slate National Program, which must be implemented long before the November election. Her leadership is proven. The question is whether enough will join her.

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