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EIR Releases Offprint of ‘History Closing In on Obama,’ with New Fact Sheet on Nazis in Ukraine

May 14, 2014 (EIRNS)—Even as the May 16 issue of EIR entered final preparation for delivery to subscribers, an offprint of the Feature package was being printed for delivery to the U.S. Congress, and to influentials around the world. This package has been conceived to provide the necessary strategic focus, and the iron-clad documentation of the British Empire’s role in creating the “Ukraine crisis,” which together will create the conditions so Congress can finally act to remove Obama, and open the way to a new just world economic order of cooperation and progress.

LaRouche’s introductory article, “History Is Closing In on Obama,” proceeds from the long wave of history to define the level on which a war of extinction can be avoided, and the basis for a new Constitutional system in the United States—a prerequisite for the necessary global shift—established. That long wave of history points inexorably toward the doom of the British Empire, and Obama.

Its companion, “The British Imperial Project in Ukraine,” is an object lesson in that strategic method applied to the neo-Nazi takeover now aiming to use Ukraine to trigger world war. Our research team rips the mask off the leading players in the Ukraine gambit, exposing them as the diehard Nazis they are, and presenting the challenge: Will the Western “democracies” really go to war to defend these Nazis, as British monarchy outlets like the London Economist demand?

The dossier is divided into the following sections: 1. Fascist Axioms; 2. The Post-Coup Ukrainian Government; 3. Right Sector: Not a Radical Fringe; 4. Who’s Spinning “False Narratives”?

EIR’s first fact sheet, issued Feb. 2, on the neo-Nazi pedigree of the Ukraine coup, shook Washington, but did not move it off the war path set by British stooge Obama. This one is intended to finish the job.