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LaRouche Campaign Issues Special Report:
'How to Defeat Global Strategic Irregular Warfare'

This release was issued Oct. 7, 2001 by Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche's campaign committee.

LaRouche in 2004, the campaign committee of Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, has just released a 208-page special report with vital background for dealing with the assault on the United States which violently erupted Sept. 11.

Over a period of decades, Mr. LaRouche has established himself as one of the world's foremost experts on modern irregular warfare. As such, he has warned from the outbreak of the current attacks, that any simplistic "anti-bin Laden" approach would be a dangerous diversion from the crucial investigation into the "rogue operation" from within the United States intelligence and security community, which had to have been involved in pulling off the highly coordinated and sophisticated Sept. 11 events.

"How to Defeat Global Strategic Irregular Warfare" is comprised primarily of three special features from Executive Intelligence Review, the newsweekly of which Mr. LaRouche is the founding editor. In 1995, EIR published three voluminous dossiers on "the new international terrorism," which documented the evolution of a vast network of "Afghansi mujahideen," the creation of a narco-terrorist armed threat in the Americas, and the Revolutionary International Movement, which could also be called a narco-terrorist international.

In addition, the Report includes EIR's January 2000 Open Letter to the State Department, demanding that Britain be put on the list of states sponsoring terrorism, and a reprint of a July 2000 EIR article on the New York Council on Foreign Relations' "war game" around an impending financial crash.

LaRouche campaign supporters intend to provide this report to policymakers throughout Washington and world governments, as indispensable background for stopping what can only be described as a coup in process in the United States.

The Report is available from LaRouche in 2004, Box 730, Leesburg, Va. 20178. There is a suggested contribution of $75.

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