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Program Summaries: 1998
339 - 388

Updated August 17, 2007

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Program No. 377

[No program issued with this number.]


Program No. 378
EIR Talks: October 21, 1998

A rapidly expanding political movement in America and, increasingly, worldwide, is demanding that President Bill Clinton tell the truth about the economy, and bring in Lyndon LaRouche as his economic advisor to deal with the exploding global financial crisis.

This week’s edition of The LaRouche Connection, taped October 21, opens with Nancy Spannaus, Editor-in-Chief of The New Federalist newspaper, briefing viewers on an October 17 rally in Washington, and introducing some short video clips from it:

·         Rev. Walter Fauntroy, former District Delegate to Congress

·         Rev. James Bevel, former Director of Direct Action for Martin Luther King

·         Amelia Boynton Robinson, civil rights heroine

·         Nancy Spannaus

·         Matthew Fogg, member, U.S. Marshall’s Service.

Richard Freeman, economic writer for EIR magazine, next takes up an aspect of Mr. LaRouche’s special competence, by discussing the dangerous exposure of household savings to the stock market, especially mutual funds, and Alan Greenspan's insanity in trying to prevent the seizing up of a financial system laced with derivatives.

Prof. Taras Muranivsky, president of the Schiller Institute in Russia, joins in the program by telephone from his office in Moscow. After 7 years of so-called free market reforms, 40% of Russians how live below the official poverty line. Dr. Muranivsky provides an assessment of the new Primakov government, the prospects for especially food security this winter, and the critical role of the Schiller Institute in Russia.

Winding up the program is William Jones, EIR magazine's White House Correspondent, who files a report from Washington on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reliance on the political atmosphere created by the likes of fake Christians Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, to avoid a just settlement with the Palestinians; and the fact that the Monica Lewinsky affair is so contaminated with various intelligence agencies, means we may never know who sent her to the White House.

[To correct a numbering discrepancy, we are skipping over 377. No tape with that number will be issued.]



Program No. 380
Economic Shocks:
Why the World Needs Lyndon LaRouche
as President Clinton's Economic Advisor

Six months ago, Lyndon LaRouche warned that the world's financial system was undergoing a systemic breakdown, of such a magnitude, that if left untreated, would result in a global depression, of unimaginable severity.

In this week's special edition of The LaRouche Connection public access TV program, taped Nov. 4, 1998 EIR editors bring viewers up to date on the worsening state of affairs, the failure of the IMF and G-7 institutions to address the crisis, the promising (but inadequate) survival measures being taken in Asia and Russia, and the groundswell building internationally for President Clinton to bring in LaRouche as chief economics policy advisor to usher in a new monetary system.


Program No. 382
EIR Talks: November 18, 1998

On February 17, Lyndon LaRouche, in a videotape entitled "The Assault on the Presidency," warned of the consequences of bombing Iraq for U.S. foreign policy in general, and for the Clinton Presidency in particular.

This week’s edition of The LaRouche Connection, taped Nov. 18, focuses on the intervention of a hostile foreign power, Great Britain, into the policies--foreign and domestic--of our national government, with the intent to destroy our Presidency and our country.

  • EIR Counterintelligence Director, Jeffrey Steinberg: on the near U.S. bombing of Iraq, and other Middle East matters.
  • EIR Africa Editor, Linda deHoyos: on Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Susan Rice, and Roger Winter, U.S. Committee for Refugees, both of whom are carrying out the policy desired by the British and the Israelis in Africa.
  • EIR Law Editor, Edward Spannaus: on Independent Council Kenneth Starr’s latest strategy, as well as the various investigations into the conduct of Starr himself.
  • EIR Economics writer, Richard Freeman: on the collapse of physical production worldwide, which is now contributing to the ongoing financial collapse.


Program No. 383
The Case for American Exceptionalism

On Labor Day, 1998, the Schiller Institute and International Caucus of Labor Committees held their semi-annual conference. More than 900 citizen-activists gathered under the auspices of the LaRouche movement to discuss what must be done to meet the challenge of the worldwide financial collapse, which threatens to unleash chaos that would destroy the planet for generations to come.

The second panel directly addressed the potential of the American people to make the necessary changes. Historians H. Graham Lowry, Anton Chaitkin, and Jeffrey Steinberg presented the real history of the American Republic, as the leading representative of a universal movement based on the republican principles of mankind created in the image of god. From Benjamin Franklin and John Quincy Adams, to Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon LaRouche, the actual principles of this nation were presented.

Released: Nov. 25, 1998

Program No. 384
Food For Peace

Public officials and so-called experts point to the stock market bubble and say our economy is in good shape, but this is a dangerous illusion. America is, in fact, only one bad harvest year away from famine. Under the 1949 Agricultural Production Act (the "Parity Act"), and Public Law 480 (the "Food For Peace Act") programs, America dedicated itself to protect its own farmers, while shipping surpluses abroad. Today, under the 1996 Farm Bill, we have no food reserves. Thirty-five nations around the world currently have significant food shortfalls and people are starving, while this year'’ U.S. bumper crop rots on the ground.

In this week’s special edition of The LaRouche Connection public access cable TV show, taped Dec. 2, host Tony Papert, EIR economics editor Marcia Baker, and Food for Peace organizer Michelle Steinberg present Lyndon LaRouche’s historic 1988 speech in Berlin, warning that the food crisis would bring the Soviet Union to an end, and explain what it will take to revitalize our farms to feed a hungry world.

Joining the discussion by phone are: Ron Wieczorek, former candidate for governor of South Dakota; Don Eret, former Nebraska Congressional candidate; and Prof. Taras Muranivsky, President of the Schiller Institute in Russia, from Moscow.


Program No. 385
EIR Talks: December 10, 1998

Joining host Tony Papert in this week’s edition of The LaRouche Connection public access cable television program, taped Dec. 10, is Jeffrey Steinberg, EIR magazine’s counterintelligence director; and Dennis Small, EIR magazine’s Ibero-American editor.

Some current history discussed:

  • The potential impeachment of an American President for the first time in over a century;
  • ``Cigar Store Indian’’ Al Gore, Jr., the man who would be President, were President Clinton to be driven from office;
  • The visits of Chinese President Jaing Zemin to Russia and Japan (blacked out of all American media);
  • The Joint appearance of Helga Zepp LaRouche and former President Jose Lopez Portillo at the Mexican Society of Geography and Statistics, which has triggered a national debate on LaRouche’s policies in Mexico;
  • And the reason why President Clinton should cancel his Dec. 12 scheduled trip to the Middle East.


Program No. 386
EIR Talks: December 17, 1998

Why is it so dangerous for President Bill Clinton to be impeached, and for the world to be facing the prospect of a President Al Gore, Jr.? Why did President Clinton fall for the British-laid trap to bomb Iraq? How is the impeachment process a legal and constitutional travesty?

Joining host Tony Papert in tackling these and other important issues in this week’s edition of The LaRouche Connection public access cable television program, taped Dec. 17, are Nancy Spannaus, editor-in-chief of The New Federalist newspaper and Edward Spannaus, law editor for EIR magazine.

The show begins with a discussion over the background of Lyndon LaRouche’s recent declaration of war against Vice-President Gore. It then moves to the impeachment issue, showing several clips of House Judiciary Committee hearings from Dec. 8-12.

Also featured on the program, is a video excerpt of former President of Mexico Jose Lopez Portillo's comments following Helga Zepp LaRouche’s keynote speech at the Mexican Society for Geography and Statistics Dec. 1, in which he endorses LaRouche’s strategy for world recovery.

Other topics covered: President Clinton’s just concluded trip to Israel and Palestine; and the International Space Station, reported on by Marsha Freeman, associate editor of 21st Century Science and Technology magazine.


Program No. 387
Who Lost Russia?

``The Iron Curtain came down on the 9th of November 1989. And by the 3rd of October 1990, Germany was fully reunified. Everybody at that point talked about the great historical chance, a chance which comes only once in a century, where statesmen can intervene to shape the course of history, to create a world for the better, because the normal boundaries of pragmatic policies, which only seem to permit a certain course, were detonated. The chance existed not only to overcome the Yalta division of Europe, but the possibility for putting the East-West relationship on a completely new basis, to develop the East European economies. This chance was utterly missed. Instead, the already-bankrupt economic system of liberal capitalism was imposed on the collapsed economies of Eastern Europe.’’

With these words, Helga Zepp LaRouche, President of the Schiller Institute, addressed the Labor Day Schiller Institute Conference September 6, 1998. She recalls her warnings at the time, and her husband Lyndon LaRouche’s Productive Triangle Paris-Berlin-Vienna policy proposal, and the necessity today to implement LaRouche’s New Bretton Woods policy reform of the international financial system.

The LaRouche Connection public access cable television program now releases this important presentation, edited to one hour.

Released: Dec. 23, 1998

Program No. 388
Al Gore: the Man Nobody Knows
How to Stop a Coup

A cold coup d’Etat against our 200-year –old form of government is underway, in the legal and constitutional travesty which is the impeachment proceedings against the President. And, too eager to take over, is Vice-President, Al Gore, Jr.

But, who is Al Gore? Why are the Gingrich Republicans happy with a Gore Presidency? Why must he not become our President?

Since even before our nation was formed, a traitorous combination of Southern slaveholders, Boston Brahmans, and Wall Street bankers have attempted to overthrow our form of government, under the direction of the British monarchy. To this end, they have assassinated four American Presidents. Today’s so-called impeachment effort against President Clinton, is nothing but a bloodless assassination by these same forces.

Joining host Tony Papert, in this week’s edition of The LaRouche Connection, taped Dec. 30, 1998, is EIR Counterintelligence Director, Jeffrey Steinberg. Steinberg reports on an EIR research project, which reveals that Al Gore is being run by an insurrectionist secret committee, including Henry Kissinger, which is determining his actions in this crisis.

In a related discussion, Papert and Steinberg discuss the 70-hour bombing of Iraq in December, a critical event in the coup process against the President. It severed the relationships that Clinton has been building up with the governments of Russia, China, and India, and the Islamic countries--the very same countries with which the United States ought to be cooperating, in reforming the international financial system and constructing the world’s greatest infrastructure project ever: the Eurasian Land Bridge.


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