The LaRouche Connection

Updated January 28, 2010

The LaRouche Connection is a news and information cable television program produced by EIR News Service. This is the place to see and hear Lyndon LaRouche, the world's foremost economic forecaster, who has inspired a worldwide political movement to reverse the depression collapse and bring about a new classical renaissance.

Distributed to about 150 cable systems in the U.S., the program can be seen in over 14 million homes from coast to coast.

Our programs meet all the standard rules for Public Access programming are rated TV-G, meaning they are suitable for a general audience--adults and youth especially. They are NOT commercial or electoral campaign shows.

What we offer is not just commentary on the news; the LaRouche movement is a major generator of great ideas which are making history internationally. And, what happens (or doesn't happen) in Russia, China, India, Europe, Africa, Ibero-America, and Australia, immediately and dramatically affects the lives of everyone in the United States.

In addition to its presence on traditional cable TV channels, The LaRouche Connection programs are also available in these ways:

    For Verizon FIOS-TV and AT&T U-Verse subscribers: See locations listed in the Nationwide Schedule below.

    Live Streaming to the Internet: Many cable systems are now streaming to the internet. The only limitation is that in order to watch The LaRouche Connection on their websites, you must watch when the program shows to their cable subscribers. See the Nationwide Schedule below for those stations doing this.

    Video on Demand. Streaming and Downloads of LaRouche webcasts in their entirety, are available at Click on “LaRouche Writings and Talks,” and select the event you want to watch. Recent editions of the LaRouche Connection are available on this website. Just log in, and enter “The LaRouche Connection” in the SEARCH window.

Attention Public Access Station Managers: The LaRouche Connection is now downloadable from

Nationwide Schedule

Master List of Programs 

(Click on year to view list of programs for that year.)

Year               Show Number

1991 001 - 032
1992 033 - 079
1993 080 - 131
1994 132 - 184
1995 185 - 237

1996 238 - 286
1997 287 - 338
1998 339 - 388
389 - 439
2000                  440 - 488
2001                  489 - 540
2002                  541 - 590
2003                  591 - 631
2004                  632 - 655
2005                  656 - 676
2006                  677 - 690
2007                  691 - 706
2008 707 - 729
2009 730 - 739
2010 740 – Current (Under Construction)

Biographies of  Frequent  Guests

Program Summaries

(Click on year to view program summaries for shows issued in that year.)

Year                  Show Number Comment

1991-1996       001 - 286      Not Available 
1997                  287 - 338 Some, not all
1998                  339 - 388 Most, not all
1999                  389 - 439
2000                  440 - 488
2001                  489 - 540
2002                  541 - 590
2003                  591 - 631
2004                  632 - 655
2005                  656 - 676
2006                  677 - 690
2007                  691 - 706
2008 707 - 729
2009 730 - 739
2010 740 – Current (Under Construction)





If you find that The LaRouche Connection is not already showing on your local cable system, and you want it to, contact your local cable provider, and ask for the person who manages the Public Access channel. Speak with that person to find out their requirements for cable casting. Then, contact our Distribution Manager Charles Notley to work out the logistics. Call him at (703) 777-9451 Ext. 322, or leave him a note now by clicking on his name.

Some Technical Specifications

Frequency: Produced for over 17 years. Weekly for many years. Now monthly, with Episode 740 now in production!

Content: A variety: interviews, discussions, conference presentations, public lectures,
                             press conferences, “60-Minutes”-style video magazine, and specials on specific subjects.

Rating:            TV-G

Length:              Two versions: 1 hour (TRT=58:30 "blue to blue"), or 1/2-hour (TRT=28:30)
Custom lengths available upon request.

Structure:          2-5, or so, seconds of black
                            60 seconds bars-and-tone
                            10 seconds slate
                            10 second standard adobe countdown
                            5 seconds beginning-of-show disclaimer/rating
                            6-10 seconds end-of-show disclaimer
Custom structures available upon request.

Disclaimer: “The views here expressed are those of the producer, and not necessarily of this station,
or of your cable provider.” [At the beginning and end of each program.]

Media:             VHS, DVC-Pro, DV-CAM, DVD-R (autostart)
Other formats available upon request.

Studio:             Our own, located in Leesburg, Virginia

Equipment:        JVC KY-29 cameras, Digital-S masters. Non-linear editing on Velocity system.

Distribution:     By mail to over 150 cable systems in the U.S., reaching over 14 million subscribers.
Verizon FIOS-TV and AT&T U-verse subscribers are also able to see the shows, in some areas.
This is made possible not only by the public access stations that cablecast the program,
but also the hard work of numerous supporters who act as "local sponsors."
The program is also distributed internationally.

Downloads: Available from [For Public Access stations and Producers.]

Video On Demand: LaRouche webcasts are available in their entirety from
Click on “LaRouche’s Writings,” and select the event you wish to view.

Recent editions are also available to watch from Simply log in and
enter “The LaRouche Connection” in the SEARCH field.

Archives: Programs 1-360 are on U-Matic (3/4"). Unfortunately, these shows are not available
                             for duplication at this time.
                             Programs 361 - Current are on Digital-S. These shows are available for duplication.

Back Episodes: Programs 668 – Current are available on DVD-R.

For back issues of some editions of The LaRouche Connection,
e-mail Charles Notley

Complete audio and video versions and full transcripts of many events featured on The LaRouche Connection are available online at LaRouche Writings

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