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Program No. 730

“President Obama’s Options,” Part 1

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On January 16, one week before Barak Obama’s inauguration as the 44th President of the United States, and again two days after the inauguration, on January 22, Lyndon LaRouche issued gripping and concisely organized calls, in the form of two international webcasts, to the incoming President and those in the broader institution of the Presidency, to immediately put the world financial system into bankruptcy reorganization. Without this measure—which so far almost no “experts” have been wiling to contemplate—no other reforms stand a chance. This edition of The LaRouche Connection features Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks and the first question from the discussion session of the January 16 event, moderated by Debra Freeman.


LaRouche: “The problem here is that, as most of you know, the President has not spoken on the actual, crucial issues of world economy. Nor has anyone else, really. Before the public, there has been no competent discussion of the most crucial issues which threaten and face the world today.”


A year and a half ago, on July 25, 2007,  in an international webcast, Mr. LaRouche had publicly forecast a breakdown of the international financial derivatives bubble—a bubble on the order of magnitude of about $1.4 quadrillion dollars. This bubble is still growing today, until we get rid of it, which we must do, and soon.


LaRouche: “We are never going to bail out the $1.4 quadrillion worth of inflating claims against the world economy. We are going to have to wipe out most of the financial claims from the books! We’re going to have to put the world, which we have to save—a physical world—into protection, by eliminating the greatest part of the nominal financial claims, held by financial institutions of the world today. If you don’t do that, you can not save the world physical economy from a general breakdown, which would mean the world’s population would probably sink from about 6.5 billion to about 1 billion, within a generation or two.”


What Mr. LaRouche had forecast was not a spinoff from a breakdown of the mortgage sector into the general economy, but a systemic breakdown of the entire financial-economic system.


LaRouche: “The secondary factor in this, was the fact that the U.S. economy, actually since 1968, has been collapsing in physical terms—per capita and per square kilometer.” Ditto for Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union. There’s nothing you can do, in terms of reforming the present system, to prevent the entire planet from going into a Dark Age. There is a way out, however!


LaRouche: “You can get out of this mess, very simply: Go back to our Constitution, and go back to thinking of Franklin Roosevelt, as of 1944. Put the world through bankruptcy reorganization, and change away from this monetary system we have, and go to a credit system, as understood in the early days by Alexander Hamilton.”


There is another step which must be taken: And that is to confront and destroy the “British Empire.” “That’s what’s running the world today—a usury-ridden, financier system, which is now breaking down. Putting the entire world system through bankruptcy reorganization will, in effect, eliminate the present Anglo-Dutch-Saudi empire, that is, the banker, the financier empire.” How to do this?


LaRouche: “We’re going to create [a] system of cooperation among nation-states, of the type envisaged by Franklin Roosevelt in 1944, end all traces of imperialism, end all globalization, and go back to the sovereign nation-state and its people. And do it on the basis of the famous principle of 1648, the Westphalian Principle.” With an initial combination of the four largest powers—the U.S., Russia, China, and India—we can use the Hamiltonian model of the U.S. credit system—national banking—to create a sufficient combination of power, to force through the needed bankruptcy reorganization of the world.” Either we do this, or we’ll not survive.


Mr. LaRouche then discusses the difference between Physical Economy and Money—a difference most of us have failed to understand. Physical economy involves matters of square area of territory; energy flux density of baseline power sources; per-capita and household health, and longevity; technical methods of production. He provides case examples of India and Africa.


LaRouche: “We’ve got to stop talking about money, as such, and realize that money is merely a means of exchange. We must regulate it; we must regulate banking. We must go back to the kind of banking that we had under Glass-Steagall. We must separate the banking, in which you put your money, if you have it, for deposit, which the local community depends upon for its lending practice and so forth. We must put this section of banking back into business! As chartered banking, under government protection. We must take the other part of banking, the high-risk part, separate it, look at the garbage, and put the garbage through cancellation. Financial derivatives don’t contribute anything to a world economy. It’s gambling debts, and the policy of the U.S. government is, ‘We don’t pay gambling debts.’ We must protect those state and local banks which are chartered banks of deposit, as the reference point for investment. We must provide the credit, generated by a Federal credit system.”


Having cancelled the bogus claims against the economy, we must then create a new flow of credit, under our Constitution, to ensure that the local chartered and local national banks are able to perform their traditional function, in cooperation with government, for creating a system of long-term credit, to generate the rebuilding of our economy: agriculture, industry, infrastructure.


We must also concentrate on increasing the energy flux density of our baseline source of power. This means going with nuclear fission in a big way, on the way to deployment of thermonuclear fusion. We must transform our system of transportation from the current one based largely on individual automobiles and highways, to one based largely on high-tech mass-transit, especially magnetically-levitated trains. “We need to go back to more distribution of production away from a few large centers of mass industry, into regional development; smaller industries, more emphasis on closely-held corporations. We need to rebuild the idea of a community, where you can walk to work in a quarter-hour or half an hour each way, at most.” We have to shift toward long-term investment in new water systems to prevent flooding and replenish our fresh water supplies, by especially mass desalination of seawater. These are 25-50-100-year investments, in which we will cooperate with other nations to mobilize the low-cost credit to bring all this into being.


LaRouche: “We have to enter into cooperation with nations such as China, Russia, and India, and others, as a bloc, to create the kind of world that Franklin Roosevelt envisaged before he died. To rebuild a world, free of imperialism—and he meant British imperialism—which is what our destiny was. We have to think that way. We have to have leaders who will think that way and talk that way. We need above all, a President, who will think that way.”


From the Discussion Session:


Composite Question from many sources: “When you talk about new international arrangements, and most specifically, your four-nation agreement…why do you not consider a 1.2 billion population which serves as the majority population in more than 56 countries and as a minority population in many others? What I am talking about are the number of people in the world today, who are followers of the Muslim faith.”


[A complete transcript of the webcast appears in EIR magazine, Vol. 36, No. 3 (Jan. 23, 2009), pp. 4-15.]


Release Date: Feb. 2, 2009


Program No. 731

“President Obama’s Options,” Part 2

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On January 16, one week before Barak Obama’s inauguration as the 44th President of the United States, and again two days after the inauguration, on January 22, Lyndon LaRouche issued gripping and concisely organized calls, in the form of two international webcasts, to the incoming President and those in the broader institution of the Presidency, to immediately put the world financial system into bankruptcy reorganization. Without this measure—which so far almost no “experts” have been wiling to contemplate—no other reforms stand a chance.


 In its coverage of these two events, moderated by Debra Freeman, The LaRouche Connection Program 730 featured Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks and the first question from the discussion session from Jan. 16. Program 731 features Questions #2-5.


ˇ      From a section of the Obama Transition group: “When you speak about a New Bretton Woods, and you talk about a credit system, not a monetary system, is it necessary to create two completely separate agreements: on the one hand a new financial architecture, with agreements tied to it as to how each nation will value its money, and everything that’s attached to that; and then, as well, an international credit arrangement, that would be directed toward multinational approaches to great projects, etc.?”


ˇ      From a national official inside the labor movement: “Right now we are a minimum of 10 million jobs short, just to keep up with our current levels of operation. If radical action is not taken, 10 million middle-class Americans are going to be thrust into poverty, and an additional 6 million into ‘deep poverty.’ Obama’s plan includes only $90 billion for infrastructure. How do you propose that we address this overall situation. How can we address it, rapidly enough, to stop the catastrophe that seems to be looming?”


ˇ      From a prominent international economist involved in the Transition: “Do you agree with me that we need Federal spending on the order of a minimum of $800 billion a year, simply in job creation, to achieve an economic recovery? Do you have any concerns regarding the Federal deficit?


ˇ      From the Obama Transition group: “One of the biggest problems you’re going to face as you try to rescue this economy, will be finding enough job-creation projects that can be started quickly, say within six months or less. America probably has less than $150 billion ‘shovel ready ‘traditional WPA-type programs—building roads, schools, ports, and other hard infrastructure right now. We have to find lots of other ways to push funds into this economy, such as upgrading the infrastructure behind the Internet; upgrading the electrical grid from the standpoint of computerization; improving information technology in the health-care sector, etc. You have in the past been very skeptical about the benefit of job creation in these areas. Please comment.”


[A complete transcript of the Jan. 16 webcast appears in EIR magazine, Vol. 36, No. 3 (Jan. 23, 2009), pp. 4-15.]


Release Date: Feb. 16, 2009  


Program No. 732

“The Issue is Bankruptcy”

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On January 16, one week before Barak Obama’s inauguration as the 44th President of the United States, and again two days after the inauguration, on January 22, Lyndon LaRouche issued gripping and concisely organized calls, in the form of two international webcasts, to the incoming President and those in the broader institution of the Presidency, to immediately put the world financial system into bankruptcy reorganization. Without this measure—which so far almost no “experts” have been wiling to contemplate—no other reforms stand a chance.


 In its coverage of these two events, moderated by Debra Freeman, The LaRouche Connection Program 730 featured Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks and the first question from the discussion session from Jan. 16. Program 731 featured Questions #2-5. Program 732 features the bulk of Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks to the Jan. 22 event.


LaRouche: “The most crucial issue facing the United States government now, and the world as a whole, is: bankruptcy. The fact of the matter is, that the Untied States is bankrupt. The U.S. system is bankrupt. The U.S. government is bankrupt. And every part of the world is also bankrupt.”


LaRouche: “We’re on the verge, not of a simple bankruptcy, but of a general chain-reaction collapse, globally, comparable in form to the breakdown crisis in the middle of the 14th Century, the so-called New Dark Age. Only this time, the threatened dark age, while immediate, is not merely in Europe; it is worldwide. There is no part of the world which could escape a dark age, unless, the United States government takes the actions now, under the leadership of its President, which put the world through bankruptcy organization before a dark age closes in.”


LaRouche: “Most of the proposals which I hear, from influential circles around and coming into government, is that, while they understand many aspects of the problem, they really don’t understand the problem, and therefore their tendency would be to make a mistake.”


LaRouche: “Now, one of the big mistakes is this: We have newly-elected President who must act now, because he’s at the high point of his ability to act. If he postpones these questions, or tries to approach them gradually, certain evil things can take over ,and remove from his hands the ability to take the kind of action which he might be able to pull off now.”


LaRouche: “The policy has to be, put the United States system into bankruptcy reorganization. Don’t fool around with this reform, that reform, this adjustment, that adjustment—forget it. Put it through bankruptcy reorganization now!”


Mr. LaRouche reminded his world-side audience, watching and listening in via the internet, of his forecast of a general collapse of the system back on July 25, 2007, in a webcast he conducted on that date (See The LaRouche Connection Program Nos. 699, 700, 701) that” at that time we still had room to get out of this mess, without too much drastic action.” But, “that is no longer possible.” Due to Congress’s blocking of Mr. LaRouche’s Homeowners and Bank Protection Act, “what was bad was made worse.”


What’s the alternative to the increasingly more massive, illegal, unconstitutional—but ineffective—bank bailouts? Stop it right now!


LaRouche: “What we have to do is protect legitimate claims and function in the banking system, and forget the illegitimate claims and functions. No bailouts! Put the Federal Reserve System through bankruptcy, putting it under bankruptcy protection—not bailout. Conduct an assessment of the situation of the bank. Those elements which correspond to legitimate functions of chartered banking, will be protected. Those functions which do not, will be cancelled.”


We then proceed to rebuild our economy. Mr. LaRouche discusses Hamiltonian National Banking and what constitutes “physical economy,” in terms of standards of performance in production, productive values, per capita and per square kilometer.


LaRouche: “We enact a national banking act, where we put all the essential functions of banking under protection of a national banking act system. We use the National Bank as an instrument of credit, which absorbs the Federal Reserve System.” For State and Federally chartered banks, “we’ll keep their doors open, maintain their function, and generate Federal credit, as a source of lending power, to get the economy moving again. We will build agriculture, and especially infrastructure.”


Mr. LaRouche then discusses the nature of the modern economy, as necessarily based on scientific progress, constantly upgrading the population’s productivity per capita and per kilometer, with investments in increasingly higher energy flux dense technologies. Since this program has not been carried out since the arrival of the Baby-Boomers in 1967-68, productivity has dived, and the physical economy has collapsed. We did it to ourselves. We have to reverse this trend.


LaRouche: “What we have to do, is unite the United Stated with an anti-British empire coalition, consisting of Russian, China, and India, and organize a world system of cooperation, to bring the other nations in for long-term investments in the world economy.” This can only occur if this initiating group of sovereign nations shucks the current monetary system, and ushers in a new credit-based system.


LaRouche: “Under our policy, money cannot be uttered in the U.S., without the initiative of the President, and without the consent of the Congress. Similarly, no international treaty can be reached, except with the initiative of the President and the consent of the Congress. Therefore, our creation of what we call a “credit system,” is based on that consideration.”


Mr. LaRouche explains the intention of President Roosevelt at the end of World War II: create a system of cooperation under a fixed-exchange-rate system, under which the U.S. would take the vast productive potential which we had mobilized in the form of a military, wartime capability, and take that vast potential, and utilize that to eliminate the British Empire by eliminating colonialism, especially freeing Africa. President Truman reversed that process, and it’s up to us to finish the job Roosevelt started.


LaRouche: “Don’t expect Congress [to deal the “economic royalists,” as Roosevelt called the traitorous bankers then] to bail this nation out from its great troubles now. This can only come by a surge of mobilization of the American people, the majority behind an incumbent new President. It happened with Roosevelt.”


[A complete transcript of the Jan. 22 webcast appears in EIR magazine, Vol. 36, No. 4 (Jan. 30, 2009), pp. 4-41.]


Release Date: Mar. 2, 2009



Program No. 733

“The Astounding High Cost of ‘Free’ Energy”




The February 28 edition of The LaRouche Show, the weekly Saturday internet radio program, featured a discussion of the ugly truth that wind and solar power (so-called ‘clean’ or ‘renewable’ or ‘sustainable’ or even ‘free’ energy sources), as the answer to our energy needs, would result in mass depopulation of the planet. Guest Host Nancy Spannaus, Editor of EIR Magazine, interviewed Laurence Hecht, Editor-in-Chief of 21st Century Science and Technology magazine, joined by LaRouche Youth Movement members Ben Deniston and Alexandra Perebikovsky. The one-hour program was videotaped for The LaRouche Connection.


Ms. Spannaus began by pointing out the insanity which is governing energy policy today. “The idea that we have ‘free’ energy out there in the wind and sun, that can just be captured and ‘free us from the dictatorship of foreign oil,’ has become a cultural paradigm in the U.S. for at least 40 years. It is a deadly virus in thinking, than can destroy any hope of mankind to get out of the crisis we’re in.”


Mr. Hecht began with the same polemic he used in his article from the Feb. 13 edition of EIR: “If you are thinking of going with wind and solar energy, you should envision the billion children you are condemning to death. To maintain a global population in a condition resembling a modern 21st Century standard of living, will require an installed electrical generating capacity of at least 3-5 kilowatts per capita. Today, only the Untied States, Japan, and a few western European countries even approximate this level of generating capacity. One-third of humanity today, however, has no access to electricity. We have an obligation to bring the rest of the world up to current U.S. levels, even while we continue to raise the levels in the U.S.


After defining watts as measure of power, Mr. Hecht then elaborated on the basics of power production, including giving a small demonstration with a magnet and a coil, giving many examples of the absolute absurdity of claims that wind and solar power could provide the electricity required for the planet.


Mr. Deniston and Ms. Perebikovsky discussed their approach to organizing our citizenry against the prevailing culture, with emphasis on the fact that nuclear power represents not just “electricity,” but a transformative power of man’s role in the universe.


Ms. P. “We must go to ever higher energy-dense technologies, such as nuclear and fusion. We need to go to new domains that we haven’t explored as human beings, such as the sub-atomic and the extremely large. That’s where we must go so that civilization can live. Otherwise we’re headed for a dark age.”


Ms. Spannaus: “Every human on the planet has a right to a power over nature represented by 3-5 kw, but we seem to have a problem getting people to agree with us. What kind of pedagogy might help us break through on this?”


Mr. Deniston: “We’ve been dong a lot of work on this existential crisis on our LaRouche PAC website with our videos. The thinking that’s gone into so-called green, soft, free technologies has brought us to the point of economic collapse. We must make that very clear. Since the late 1960s, there has been a shift away from industrial progress, to the point that today we’re unable to support ourselves. Look at the state of the nation’s infrastructure: energy, transit, water. With the current rate of collapse, we need to make some very quick decisions on getting out of this crisis.”


Ms. P.: “With the new [Obama] Administration, we have the possibility to create some new policy directions for the nation, which we were unable to do in the past 8 years.” And all of this depends on electricity, in every area.


Mr. Hecht: The susceptibility to the ‘free energy’ fraud is very similar to the susceptibility to the ‘free money’ fraud, in the last 10 years of Alan Greenspan’s get-rich-quick-mentality investment schemes. What’s been lost, is the sense of the productive capability of society. The money system is, in fact, only there to support the physical economic system.”


It is precisely how a technology contributes to physical transformations of the economy, which gives it its value, not how much money it costs. The transformative power of a technology goes back to the use of fire. Nuclear power is the fire of today.


Mr. Hecht underscored this notion, and how mankind’s enemy always realized the danger that nuclear power represented to their schemes. He noted that it has been 100 years since scientists made the relevant breakthroughs on the nature of the atom, which opened the door to the development of nuclear power—a fact we should be celebrating. He referenced a new paper he is working on, called “Is the Fear of Radiation Constitutional?” Beginning with the Truman Administration, the “Cold War” was used to prevent the spread of nuclear power to civilian uses. It is not natural for Americans to be afraid of high technology. The idea of a challenge comes naturally. There’s an organized force responsible for the ideology wherein we are now willing to kill our own country.


Mr. Beniston reminded of 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200, authored by then Sec. of State Henry Kissinger, which warned against “over-population” and “limited resources,” and that the underdeveloped countries of the world were to be kept only as places to be looted of raw materials and not developed industrially. “Most people are unwilling to recognize the existence of this outside imperialist force, whose active intention is to keep the population largely in a feudal bestialized condition, to maintain them in backwardness.”


There followed a discussion of the World War II era Manhattan Project, Eisenhower’s post-war Atoms for Peace program, and the promise of peaceful uses of thermonuclear fusion. Notions of “sustainability”—that there’s some kind of natural equilibrium which humans are interfering with and throwing off balance—is a crazy idea that’s come to dominate today’s culture, which must be turned around. The history of society has always been continual upshifts in population density and state of organization.


Ms. Spannaus concluded with the thought that each of us must look into our own mental state as we make breakthroughs in thinking about things. “We’ve seen a resurgence of interest in nuclear power all over the world, but it is still “underground” in the U.S. If the lights are not to go out in the immediate period ahead, join with us in the fight to turn around what threatens to become a dark age—in more ways than one.”


[An article by Laurence Hecht on the subject of this discussion appears in EIR magazine, Vol. 36, No. 6 (Feb. 13, 2009), pp. 4-17.]


Release Date: Mar. 9, 2009



Program No. 734

“Britain’s Dope, Inc.: Marker for Humanity’s New Dark Age”




The March 7 edition of The LaRouche Show, the weekly Saturday internet radio program, featured an interview with Dennis Small, Ibero-America Editor for EIR magazine, and Ben Deniston, from the staff of the LaRouche Political Action Committee’s website editorial department, conducted by Michelle Steinberg, Counter-Intelligence Co-Editor of EIR. The topic: the release of the most comprehensive look at the international illegal narcotics and drug-money-laundering business, and the Anglo-Dutch financial cartel that runs it, since EIR’s groundbreaking study in 1996. The one-hour program was videotaped for The LaRouche Connection.


Before delving directly into the new study, Ms. Steinberg set the tone for the program by playing a 2-minute audio clip from a meeting addressed earlier in the day by Lyndon LaRouche:


“We are presently in a state of war. It’s a war against the British Empire. The United States’s existence is being attacked by the British Empire, and we have this crazy fascist, former Prime Minister of England Tony Blair coming in, and brainwashing a bunch of not only our citizens, but some of our members of Congress. And we sit back, sloppily, trying not to upset people, when our job is, in a sense, to fight a war against them! I don’t want to say that Amity Sleeze or Shlaes, or whatever, is really human, and therefore, we can attack her quite freely. But we’re really going after these guys who are acting up. and we are attacking the Liberty League, as it exists today, and that’s the entire Wall Street-centered crowd, which is conducting the present attack on the President of the United States, but trying to attack not only the President, in the same way that the fascists of the Liberty League association attacked Roosevelt back in the middle of the 1930s, especially in the ’36 to ’38 period, but, we have the Liberty League revived in terms of its reincarnations as a fascist organization, mobilized to defend Wall Street in service to the British Empire, which is also fascist.”


Mr. Small then provided an overview of the package of articles in the Feb. 27 issue of EIR. “We’ve followed, studied, and fought this for 30 years. The British and their allies have been intent on using the drug trade today exactly as they used the Opium Wars against China in the 19th Century for various purposes:


(1)   We’re in the middle of the most enormous collapse of the world’s financial system, not seen since the 14th Century. One way the British are attempting to save their role as the dominant political controllers of the system, is to use the drug trade and its very substantial funds ($800 billion) in liquid cash, to bolster the financial bubble.


(2)   Moving directly to make sure the Obama Administration does nothing different than during the numerous years we spent “in the Bushes” on the drug war. The Bushes not only didn’t fight it, but they pushed drugs. The British don’t want President Obama breaking away from this approach. Attorney General Eric Holder’s joint operations with Mexico and Canada to bust up the Sinaloa Cartel is the kind of approach the British don’t want. We want the British to be even more disappointed with Obama—an absolute break with the pro-drug policy.


(3)  Culture warfare: menticide. The very heart of what the British believe the world should be, is that human beings are
       really not human, not creative, but are to be treated as cattle. And the best way to get to this ‘happy’ state of affairs, is
       to get the population drugged. The British are the masterminds of this approach.”


Small continued: “The only effective way to fight this, is to build a new kind of economics, which views the quadrillion dollars of financial aggregates as a cancer. We need a science of ‘onconomy’ to cut out this Ponzi scheme. Denying the $1-2 trillion of very liquid drug money and its multipliers will clearly help. In the recent Bernie Madoff case, it was discovered he was, lo and behold, laundering drug money from Russia and from the Colombian cartels. It is a microcosm of the overall situation we face today. We take down Dope, Inc., an international cartel controlled at the top by the British, and we remove one of the crucial props under the entire British system.”


There followed a discussion of the meat of the new EIR study: the main drugs and where they produced, with particular emphasis on the widening opium-production in Afghanistan, especially in the British-controlled areas since 2001.


The phrase “narco-terrorism,” coined by Lyndon LaRouche, identifies the fact that the illegal drug trade is run centrally, internationally, by a unified cartel with Britain (the City of London financial district) at the top, whose purpose is a war against the world’s population. Terrorist forces around the world are deployed by those same British imperial forces behind the drug trade, e.g., the Taliban (Afghanistan), the FARC (Colombia), Sendero Luminoso (Peru). The provision and consumption is not a matter of “supply and demand,” but rather one of a brutal “managed market” by those at the top.


Ben Deniston then referenced a pamphlet issued by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, entitled “Your Enemy: George Soros,” which identifies Soros’s role in dope trafficking and in pushing drug legalization all over the world. His handler, British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, U.K. Minister of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, served as vice-chairman of billionaire Soros’s Quantum Fund hedge-fund, and also vice-chairman of Soros’s Open Society Institute.


Ms. Steinberg discussed the cases of three former Ibero-American Presidents-- César Gaviria – President of Colombia from 1990-1994; Fernando Henrique Cardoso – President of Brasil from 1995-2002; and Ernesto Zedillo – President of Mexico from 1994-2000—all of whom destroyed their countries when they were President, directly opening up their countries to the drug trade through the policies of free trade and globalization. They are now serving as frontmen for drug legalization. All three have been recruited by Soros into his Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy, which is calling for drug legalization. Meanwhile, the illicit drugs now flow up to the United States, while money and high-caliber weapons go down. Soros has financed every single effort to legalize drugs in the U.S., and continues to do so.


Published originally in 1978 by associates of Lyndon LaRouche, the book Dope, Inc. led to the founding of the National Anti-Drug Coalition and its magazine, War on Drugs. At that time, the pro-drug lobby was financed by the Playboy Foundation, Richard Dennis (a commodities trader), and, behind the scenes, by fascist economist Milton Friedman from the Univ. of Chicago, who was behind the fascist dictator of Chile, Augusto Pinochet. All these folks tried to make the argument for drug criminalization at that time, but LaRouche organizers stopped it dead in its tracks.


In the Mid-1990s, in state after state, the LaRouche movement fought decriminalization and free trade. Operating in 30 countries, George Soros came in with billions, to set up such outfits as the Open Society Institute (OSI), Human Rights Watch, the Drug Policy Foundation, etc. to push legalization.


We can defeat the British-imposed cultural pessimism. We must and can win the war on drugs. We can use high-technology methods to detect and eradicate 90% of the crops, interdict and seize up to 70% of the remaining 10%. We can shut down the financial side of things. The millions who are now literal slaves to the drug system can be productively employed in massive new infrastructure projects, including new water systems, high-energy-dense nuclear power systems and advanced magnetically-levitated mass transport.


Ben Deniston rebutted the argument made by the pro-drug lobby that governments could prosper by legalizing and then taxing the drug trade.


Dennis Small reminded viewers of the “silver or lead” policy used to corrupt local politicians, in which they are given the opportunity to accept bribes, or have family members shot. To defeat this, we need to be sure we know what we’re actually fighting for: what it means to be human—a creative soul capable of contributing to the advancement of society. A successful war on drugs must be based on a world system of sovereign nations, where the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia Principle of the interest of the other is paramount, where countries cooperate based on their common interest.


The United States has critical elements to provide: technology, intelligence, and an overall political commitment to after this, especially on the financial side. If we do this, we will find patriots in every country who will look to the U.S. as their ally to save their own countries from a dark age.


[See EIR magazine Vol. 36, No. 8 (Feb. 27, 2009), pp. 4-49: “Britain’s Dope, Inc.: Marker for Humanity’s New Dark Age.” ]


Release Date: Mar. 30, 2009  



Program No. 735

“The British Empire Must Be Destroyed!”

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On June 27, 2009, Lyndon LaRouche addressed an international audience via a video webcast from Northern Virginia, his seventh, so far, this year, sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee (L-PAC). The event was moderated by Mr. LaRouche’s national spokeswoman Debra Freeman. Taking his theme from the Roman Senator, Cato the Elder, who urged the destruction of Carthage in the 150s B.C. with the cry Carthago delenda est!, Mr. LaRouche titled his presentation “Britain Delenda Est” (Britain Must be Destroyed).


In his opening remarks, featured in this edition of The LaRouche Connection, Mr. LaRouche made it clear, that the fight against the British Empire, is not against the people of Britain, but rather, against America’s historic enemy: the Anglo-Dutch monetarist imperium. Now, the time has come, to launch total war—political, cultural, and scientific—for our survival. The United States, because of its unique history, as the world’s first and only true sovereign republic, must take the lead in eliminating the British imperial system, if the world is to have any chance of coming out of the current existential crisis. And this quickly. Time is running out.


LaRouche: “We're in a situation where we're looking at the collapse of civilization. It's not some event that might happen or might not happen: The crumbling of global civilization is currently in progress. Behind the destruction of the U.S.A., is the British Empire, and its puppet Barack Obama: Yet, even without the murderous policy of the Obama Administration, this planet, if it doesn't change in a certain direction, is doomed in any case. Obama just makes it surer and quicker.”


In his health-care and cap-and-trade policies, there is no difference between Hitler and Obama. In both cases, the intention is to kill people en masse. “If you tolerate it, if you apologize for it, you say, ‘You can’t call him a Nazi,’ you’re complicit! You’re part of the problem.”


Even without the Nazi policies of the clinically insane President and those who support him in these policies, we’re going to Hell anyway. “We’re on the verge of a great collapse in the economy, and it will be a world collapse.”


What to do? In a webcast back in July 25, 2007, Mr. LaRouche proposed some very simple steps to the looming disaster he foresaw: “Put the financial system through bankruptcy reorganization and protection. Don’t allow mortgages to be foreclosed. That way you prevent the system from falling. Then, step by step, take the measures, as Franklin Roosevelt did, to organize a recovery.” Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), and others in the House of Representatives, under President George Bush and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), at that time, however, acted to block these measures. The result: a chain-reaction collapse of the physical economy of the world. “The rate of depression in the U.S. today, already far exceeds the rate of depression, under Herbert Hoover! And, it’s only begun. We are truly headed for what Prince Philip of Britain has proposed—that he could become a deadly virus, and kill off all people above the level of two billion, rapidly, by being a disease. Well, we have a flu epidemic, which is capable of inaugurating something like that. It’s already fully under way! We don’t know how bad it’s going to be, but we know the potential: It’s a general pandemic; it’s been declared as such by the relevant authorities.”


Under these circumstances, the President acts as a puppet of the British monarchy. “He’s not really a President of the United States—a poor little Puppet Nero of the British monarchy,” whose system has been oriented to create, and now save, an empire run by financial class of vast wealth, “which demands that the parasites be saved and the productive people be killed.” Thus the endless clamor: “Bail Out! Bail Out! Bail out the thieves who have done most of the stealing and most of the bad policy-making, which has ruined the U.S. and other economies. [I say] “Put them into bankruptcy. Close ‘em down. Save the real industries. Save the real banks—the ones that are honest, not the high-binders. Let the high-binders all collapse, disappear; they’re of no use, anyway. We don’t need them in management; they’ve already mismanaged the economy to the extreme.”


It’s worse in Europe, where sovereignty was ceded to the British Empire, under the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, orchestrated by then Prime Minister of Britain Margaret Thatcher and French President Francois Mitterrand, supported by George H. W. Bush. The Western and Central European countries are now not permitted to create national credit. “They have industries and capacities, still, which, if they could organize national credit, properly, continental Europe could unify its efforts among nations, and actually start a recovery program, [but, under Maastricht] they are forbidden to do that.”


The answer to this conundrum lies entirely within the historical tradition of the United States. Why?


“We came here, and founded this nation, to be free of the monetary systems of Europe. To be free of things like the IMF today. To be free of the British Empire. We didn’t come here to get away from Italian or French or German culture, but quite the contrary: to free these cultures, by bringing the best of these cultures here, to develop here, but to be free of Europe’s oligarchical systems. We have embedded in our history, and in traditions of an organic type, which we can evoke any time we have the guts to do so: the European heritage which is specific to the Untied States, free of the evil and incompetence of Europe. We can launch that again, under our Constitution which was designed for this mission.


We need a President now. LaRouche’s recommendation: put Obama under “adult supervision.” Tell him what to do.


“We have to decide, as a people: are we going to restore our commitment, as a nation, to the purpose for which it was created, to bring the best of European culture, as developed through the Renaissance in particular, to be a building block around which to organize the world for its own betterment?” It’s a mission, a devotion, to the assignment of our nation, on behalf of all mankind, to bring about a system of sovereign peoples and nation-states all over the planet.


President Franklin Roosevelt had that idea, passion, and commitment. He intended to destroy the British Empire at the end of World War II. Here’s what he told British Prime Minister Winston Churchill: “Winston! When this war is over, we’re not going to have any British Empire on this planet! We’re going to free those people, we’re going to help them to develop, give them their own nations.”


So, the issue today is, we have to go back to the Roosevelt tradition. “[By] converting the U.S. back to what its Constitution specifies, in terms of a sovereign national banking system, we then utter credit of the Federal government. No longer does the U.S. government borrow money from banks! It creates the money, and lends it for its own purposes! The banks will get credit from the U.S. government, just as they did from President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, and as Roosevelt moved to do. We will use this Hamiltonian credit system to reorganize the world: by going to Russia, China, and India (and other countries), and ask them to join us in creating an international credit system, based on the sovereignty of nation-states. No more monetarism! No more international financial rule over the planet. We use the credit of government to save, rebuild, and increase the economy.” That’s the mission!


And, we don’t let filth such as George Soros into this country. We don’t let such the big drug dealers in. We create productive power. “We put back the railroad system, in a new [magnetic levitation] form. We rebuild the industries we’ve lost, in a new [higher energy-flux-density] form. We restore our agriculture [with the view to doubling world food production]. We cancel the piratical Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) system and restore the earlier Hill-Burton law [of 1946]. We will do these things, and more, as we move to save the planet.”


“The British Empire is the only empire that exists on this planet today. It’s not an empire of the British people. It’s an empire of a British system, largely based on oligarchical financier interests. We’ve got to break that empire, and get that Empire’s puppet Obama under control. If we don’t do that, we are finished—and soon. If we are finished, then the whole planet is finished. We have to re-launch the Renaissance, the system of sovereign-nation states, of scientific and technological progress, the idea of credit system, the idea of elimination of oligarchy! To establish a system of republics free of rule of oligarchies, republics based on the power of citizens to control their own government, with missions of cooperation among the nations for the planet, for the common aims of mankind, for the common benefit for mankind. That will be a revolutionary, radical change. But if we are not willing to make that change, as I propose it, standing here, then we are not fit to survive, and we will not survive.”


[For a complete transcript of the webcast, see EIR magazine Vol. 36, No. 26 (July 3, 2009), pp. 4-41.]


Release Date: July 30, 2009   



Program No. 736

“Americans No Longer Accept Their President or Congress”

(“The Fall of the House of Windsor”)

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On August 1, Lyndon LaRouche gave a video webcast address from Northern Virginia, sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee. The event was moderated by his national spokeswoman, Debra Freeman.


In his opening remarks, featured in this edition of The LaRouche Connection, Mr. LaRouche forecast a grim near future for the nation and the world, unless his policy proposals are very quickly taken up.


LaRouche: “The crisis point from which to reference the present U.S. and world situation, is the period from the 2nd of October through about the 10th or 12th of October of this year. As of that time, the already totally hopelessly bankrupt United States will have crashed entirely, politically, and will be in a process of disintegration—unless that process has started earlier. And it could start very early, in this present month of August.”


Wall St. and the rest of the world is in a world of unreality. The President is clinically insane…. His policies on health care are absolutely identical to those of Adolf Hitler, beginning officially Sept. of 1939…. We’re dealing with a President who is committed deliberately to a policy of genocide! And, because he’s run from London, not from the U.S., if you don’t stop his health-care policy now, you will not have a United States, but something worse than Hitler produced, because it will be on a global scale, so we have to change these things, and change them now.”


Mr. LaRouche repeats his chilling forecast: “As of Oct. 2-10, approximately, the economic-financial system is finished. The states are bankrupt. The rate of unemployment is increasing. Catastrophe is increasing. There will never be a recovery of the present world monetary system. There will never be a recover of the economy, under the present financial system. It’s impossible. As of Oct. 2-10, or 12, approximately, the entire system is coming down.”


He then relates a bit of personal history, beginning with his World War II military service experience in India. It is April 13, 1945. News is just received, that President Franklin Roosevelt has died. When asked by his worried buddies if the U.S. would survive, his response was: “What I know is, we have been under the leadership of a great man. And now, the leadership has passed to a very little man. And I’m worried, for us!”


Mr. LaRouche brings us up to date, through British-puppet Truman’s betrayal and police-state conditions to rid the country of Roosevelt’s influence, including an unnecessary recession, as the nation became a running dog of the British Empire; the slight change for the better under Eisenhower; Kennedy’s attempt to restore our economic policy to Roosevelt standards, and his British-orchestrated assassination for that effort; Johnson’s terror of getting the same treatment unless he succumbed to the quagmire of an Indo-China war; the consistent collapse, per capita and per square kilometer of the physical economy, and of the mean condition of welfare of the typical citizen since the mid-1960s; the looting under Nixon, accelerating under Rockefeller sucker Carter; and Reagan’s stunning announcement of the Strategic Defense Initiative—a  policy-initiative of LaRouche.


Mr. LaRouche then introduces a new policy initiative: a Mars colonization program. In moving into space to get beyond the problems of an unsafe political-social-economic environment on planet Earth, we parallel the founding of America by people fleeing Europe—all because a certain Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464), “recognized that the degeneration of Europe meant that European civilization was not a safe place for civilization, that the old oligarchical relics were still predominant. Cusa proposed that people in Europe go across the oceans to other continents, and establish connections on other continents, with which to bring the best of European culture, (which we later defended against European occupation)—to these other parts of the planet, and there, to build up, in concert with people we would find across the waters, to build up a civilization, which would in turn, contribute to the rescue of a corrupted Europe from its own sins.” Christopher Columbus ran into the papers of Cusa, and, off he went.


There was progress in this direction in the Massachusetts Bay and Mayflower Colonies, suppressed in the struggles of 1688-89, and revived later by Benjamin Franklin in Pennsylvania. The American Revolution, coming out of opposition to the Treaty of 1763, culminating in the Declaration of Independence, based on the central principle of Gottfried Leibniz’s notion of “pursuit of happiness;” and finally Alexander Hamilton, who conceived the idea of a National Bank, and therefore a credit system under control of a sovereign Republic completed Cusa’s vision.


Looting and sabotage of these ideas, a takedown of national banking, until finally the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, where the uttering of currency is taken away from Congress’s Constitutionally mandated responsibility (Art. 1, Sec. 8), returned to private and therefore unresponsible hands control of the nation: a private bankers’ club.


What are we to do? LaRouche: “Go out to our friends in Russia, China, India. Band together, and launch a new world financial system, a new credit system,” and bury the monetary system forever. That can be done, but we’ve still got a problem with a President who is no good. Short of impeachment, which Mr. LaRouche does not recommend at this time, we’ve got to expel the utilitarian-fascist advisors surrounding the President and surround him with competent ones. In the first round  to go: the bothers Emanuel, Ezekiel (Health Care Advisor) and Rahm (White House Chief of Staff), Peter Orszag (Director of the Office of Management and Budget), Larry Summers (Director of the National Economic Council), Timothy Geithner (Treasury Secretary), and Benjamin Bernanke (Federal Reserve Chairman).


Using an updated animation of his now-famous “triple curve,” which pedagogically helps us get at some of the technical questions of how our economy is functioning, Mr. LaRouche demonstrates that per-capita rates of employment in productive labor—agriculture, infrastructure, and basic physical production—has decreased at an increasing rate; while the monetary and financial aggregates have been increasing at an increasing rate over the same period. Just recently the financial aggregates have begun to fall, indicating the onset of the breakdown crisis.


LaRouche next provides a history of monetarism, going way back to the Peloponnesian Wars (341-404 BC),  whereby European and its extended civilization has been ruled by monetary systems, based on international systems, not nation-states, where peoples have been ruled by money, by a succession of powers which are largely private powers, which control money: Cult of Delphi, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Venice, British/Dutch Empire. Rather than bail out the Empire again, let’s ditch it this time.


LaRouche then shifts to a discussion of looking 50 years ahead: “Develop society by going to a higher platform than we’re standing on. Go beyond, in the imagination, what you think you should be doing now, and to a higher level. Progress is building something for the future. To build for the future, you have to define the future, your destination, which means you’re talking about at least two generations to come—50 years ahead.”


LaRouche makes another forecast: “I say, 50 years ahead, we’re going to be on Mars. And we define where we are today, by defining the objective we have to fulfill to get to Mars, 50 years from now.”  “And so, we have to move ahead, develop a population that can deal with technologies of the future, and go ahead with optimism. We have a junk heap. If we don’t do something soon, this country is going to go to chaos. It may end up in a bloody dictatorship. It may end up in a planetary dark age. The way we’re going, all those evils are things we now deserve for our negligence. We have to take this President and straighten him out. We have to get him to fire everybody associated with his health-care policies. Dump every policy of that type out of the Administration now. Purge it of evil! And turn the responsibility for the Administration over to those institutions of government which include those members of Congress who have developed a better sense of shame than they have shown so far. And by those members of government now, who are in power, who will freely and happily change the policies of this government in the direction needed. And, as long as I am here, I am going to help them do it.”


[For a complete transcript of the webcast, see EIR magazine Vol. 36, No. 30 (Aug. 7, 2009), pp. 4-45.]


Release Date: Sept. 3, 2009   


Program No. 737

“EIR News: September 21, 2009”

Marcia Merry Baker hosts this first edition of The LaRouche Connection in its new multi-topic news magazine format.


The program opens with the concluding 12 minutes of the opening remarks made by Lyndon LaRouche to an international webcast on Sept. 8, 2009, in which he makes an offer to the foundering Barak Obama on how the President can stop the madness, save the nation, and himself.  To summarize: “What’re we supposed to do now? I have a solution for you, Mr. President. First, you get rid of that bunch of clowns who are associated with your health-care policy, beginning with the brothers Rahm and Ezekiel Emanuel, and Peter Orszag. Bring in a new group of qualified advisors who can provide you with adult supervision. Coming up in October-November, we face an absolutely desperate situation. We have to increase real, productive employment by about 20% immediately, especially in large-scale infrastructure programs, not green employment. We’ll keep you in the White House. You will be consulted on every question that comes up that you should be consulted on. But you’re going to listen to your new advisors, who are going to be a lot more competent than you are. You will walk out of that job, with the pride that under your Presidency, the nation was saved. And you can take pride in that. That’s the best I can give you. Junk your present program. It’s idiotic, it’s completely stupid, and it’s criminal; stop it! Mr. President! For the first time in your life, be a mensch!” 


In “Health Care: Adolf Hitler’s Infamous T-4 Euthanasia Program,” EIR’s Antony Papert next reports on the political mass strike process now sweeping the country, and most prominently visible at the August town hall meetings. “Americans have mobilized themselves to protect their lives from a government run amok, a government bent on killing them. And they’re right.” Instead of doing the right thing and enacting LaRouche’s Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 1997, which had significant support at the state and local level, eight months into the Obama administration, we have witnessed a $24 trillion Wall St. bank bailout, closed down factories, dwindling food supplies, and growing millions of unemployed and homeless. Obama’s so-called healthcare reform scheme is designed to suck the remaining life out of our bodies—and it’s identical to the Nazi killing program, to kill by denying health care.


What follows is a chilling 20-minute documentary produced by and provided courtesy of LPAC-TV, on what happened to Germany which led to Hitler’s infamous T-4 euthanasia program. It begins with archival footage from the 1947 Nuremberg trial with doctor Karl Brandt’s final statement: “I am fully conscious that when I said ‘Yes’ to euthanasia, I did so with the deepest conviction, jut as it is my conviction today that it was right.”  How could such a circumstance come to pass? Back in the days of Friedrich Schiller, Moses Mendelssohn and Gotthold Lessing, and many others, Germany experienced an explosion of classical learning and cultural optimism. With the 1890 ouster of the pro-American System Otto von Bismarck, however, the British ushered in a process culminating in World War I, burdening defeated Germany under the Versailles treaty with an impossible reparations regime, which ultimately led to the hyperinflation of 1923. Post-war cultural pessimism set in, and the ideas of eugenics, “race purity,” and “hereditary fitness” took hold. The age-old rotten notion of purging part of the population for the “greater good” of the remainder, found its horrific expression in the mid-1920’s in mass sterilizations, and other programs. On Sept. 1, 1939 (the same day as Germany’s invasion of Poland), Adolf Hitler signed his infamous T4 decree, establishing the active euthanasia program. The remainder of the documentary provides some of the gruesome details of the T4 program.


Mr. Papert concludes with a characterization of the mass strike as “neither Democratic nor Republican, neither Liberal nor Conservative, but rather embodies the fundamental ideas found in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Its basis is the same as that of the East German demonstrators of 1989, who brought down the Wall, saying ‘We are the people!’ We’re at a new historic crossroads. Given the right leadership, the mass strike revolt of the American people can place President Obama under adult supervision, or if necessary, force him out. We will either have a new international fixed exchange rate credit system, as designed by LaRouche, to replace the failed international monetarist system, or we will have chaos leading to dictatorship and war, as in the French Revolution of 1789, where there will be a most rapid fall of world population from 6-7 billions to two billions or less.”


The final segment is from EIR’s editor-in-chief, Nancy Spannaus, on the Obama Administration’s economic disaster. Entitled “Their First 100 Days: Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Barak Obama,” she begins with a short video clip of Lyndon LaRouche, from his prescient July 7, 2007 international webcast, in which he issued a warning of great urgency: “There is no possibility of a non-collapse of the present financial system—none! It’s finished, now! The present financial system can not continue to exist under any circumstances, under any Presidency, under any leadership, or any leadership of nations. Only a fundamental and sudden change in the world monetary financial system will prevent a general, immediate chain-reaction type of collapse. At what speed we don’t know, but it will go on, and it will be unstoppable! And the longer it goes on before coming to an end, the worse things will get.”


Spannaus: “Three days later, on July 10, 2007, the first visible event of the great economic breakdown crisis of the 21st Century occurred. Although taking the appearance of a ‘mortgage crisis,’ in fact, the collapse of the housing market was only a symptom of the death of the global financial system—which became increasingly hard to hide, as financial markets everywhere froze up, and bankers and governments went into panic.”


That was two years ago. What has Obama done since to get the nation out of this mess? Using selected footage from the first inaugurals of Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Obama, Mrs. Spannaus then matches up their first 100 days on three main policy-programs—the banking system, jobs, and housing. Instead of providing relief to individuals and communities, as Roosevelt did, Obama has bailed out the banks to the tune of tens of trillions of dollars; instead of putting folks back to work in critical areas, as Roosevelt did, Obama has presided over the massive closing of factories and farms; instead of protecting our living standards, as Roosevelt did, Obama’s policies have increased unemployment, taken away our homes, and now threatens to kill us!


Spannaus: “The crisis pointed to by Mr. LaRouche in July 2007 has only deepened—putting this nation, as well as the rest of the world, on the very edge of disintegration. Mr. LaRouche’s estimation is that unless the bankrupt world monetarist system is rapidly replaced with a new fixed exchange rate credit system, based on a treaty agreement among the sovereign nations of Russia, China, India, and the U.S., we are headed into a global New Dark Age. It didn’t have to be this way. Instead of emulating Adolf Hitler, President Obama could have learned a lot from President Franklin Roosevelt.” He had better pay attention now to LaRouche.


She concludes to pound home Mr. LaRouche’s solutions as the only ones available today: bankruptcy reorganization; establishment of a credit system, whereby the unpayable gambling debts are stet aside, and socially essential costs are met; the establishment of a credit system by federalizing the Federal Reserve; negotiation of a Four Power agreement; and issuance by a new National Bank of long-term low-interest credit for infrastructure and putting people to work, thus generating the tangible wealth for the nation to care for all its citizens.


Release Date: Sept. 21, 2009


Program No. 738

 “Down with the British Empire!”


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Precisely on his 87th birthday, September 8, Lyndon LaRouche conducted an international video webcast from Northern Virginia to lay out the stark choices facing the United States and the world over the next few weeks. The event, sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, was moderated by his national spokeswoman Debra Freeman.


This edition of The LaRouche Connection features the first hour of Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks.


In recent addresses, Mr. LaRouche has warned of the approaching storm, but now the hour is very late. We must face the fact that President Obama is moving toward the imposition of a fascist tyranny on the United States. This involves both his Hitler-modelled health-care plan, but also, his adoption of the Unitary Executive principle of dictatorship, put into place by the Bush-Cheney Administration after 9/11.


LaRouche: “I can promise you a lot of bad news. We are now at the end of things. There’s no competence in [President Barak Obama]. There never has been and there never was intended to be. He has no comprehension of what he’s talking about.”


We have to face the reality of the economic breakdown crisis, which calls for immediate action to create useful jobs for the growing number of unemployed. This kind of shift – what Franklin Roosevelt accomplished in the early period of his administration – is needed right now, politically, as well as economically.


The Principle of Empire and Monetarism: “All European imperialism, including British imperialism today, is not based on landed territory; it’s based on international concerts of private interests who create and manage money. Nation-states are subsidiary to this international control of money. The British Empire, is not an empire of the people of the United Kingdom, but an empire of an international consortium of these types of interests, whose control over money is used to control nations.”


The American Exception and Credit: “The one case in which this was not successful, was the formation of the United States, which started with a different system of finance, called a credit system, beginning with scrip in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was later referred to as a paper-money system by Benjamin Franklin, and is the characteristic of the U.S. Federal Constitution. The Constitution does not condone a monetary system of the type we’ve had, particularly under the Federal Reserve system, which was an act of treason against the U.S. because it destroyed us as a credit system, and made us the subject of an international monetary system. The only authorization for the circulation of money inside the U.S. or any other respectable nation, is an act of the state, not the going of the state to some international private monetary complex, to which the state goes into debt! Our debt is by our will, and it’s our debt to ourselves, or by treaty agreements with other countries, in nation-to-nation agreements. And that is the principle we must apply, if we’re going to save civilization now.”


We’ve come to a point that the globalist monetarist system (“free trade”) must be superseded. The United States must now lead in carrying out President Franklin Roosevelt’s post World War II intention to create a world-wide credit system, to free people from colonialism and subjugation, to reverse the direction taken at Roosevelt’s death by British Lord Maynard Keynes’ derailing of Roosevelt’s intention for the 1944 Bretton Woods conference, and by President Truman’s letting Wall Street back in to play their games.


“So, we as an English-speaking nation, by and large, are absolutely unique on this planet, and we are the greatest danger, because we represent the alternative to the use of European culture, in Europe, as a way of destroying humanity. That’s why they want to destroy us.”


The reorganization of our financial affairs is the necessary condition for solving our physical economic problems. Contrary to the current Green revolution nostrum of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” the human race depends upon the increase of what’s called the “energy flux-density of power sources.” Over the millennia, we’ve gone from sunlight, to burning wood; to coal, coke, oil and gas; and now nuclear. LaRouche discusses mankind’s progress in the use of “fire” which distinguishes us from the apes. “Without nuclear fission and thermonuclear fusion we will not be able to sustain a world population of the present magnitude, let alone an increased magnitude. So we do not lose productivity in getting at those resources on which we depend, we have to increase the concentration of power we must apply.”


The reason we can’t feed our population, is the fact that they aren’t employed! Mr. LaRouche proposes keeping Barak Obama in the Presidency, with the condition that he get rid of the bum advisors who now surround him, starting with Ezekiel and Rahm Emanuel, Peter Orszag, and others. Instead, President Obama must pay attention to what LaRouche can do, and what others can do to advise his government on an actual road to recovery in the desperate months ahead. The concentration must be on creating real employment in productive work, especially large-scale physical infrastructure projects, such as repairing the nation’s major river systems, thus rebuilding the confidence of Americans and communities, now in an angry mass-strike mood, that they can again trust their government.


LaRouche: “Mr. President, junk your present program. It’s idiotic, it’s completely stupid, and its’ criminal; stop it, Mr. President. For the first time in your life, be a mensch!”


[For a complete transcript of the webcast, see EIR magazine, Vol. 36, No. 37 (Sept. 25, 2009), pp. 4-41.]


Release Date: Oct. 19, 2009


Program No. 739

 “The Great Change of 2009”


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On Nov. 11, 2009, Lyndon LaRouche conducted an international webcast in Northern Virginia, sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee. LaRouche’s national spokeswoman, Debra Freeman, moderated the event. This edition of The LaRouche Connection features the first hour of Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks.


Today’s world system, including the U.S. economy, is doomed to an inevitable, early, and total collapse, unless we change the policy now! The United States is on the verge of disintegration, and there will be no recovery unless we change the present policies of the Obama Administration. Any American supporting Obama and his environmentalist, health-care, and military policies, is supporting the destruction of the United States. The only solution, is a Four-Power agreement, among the United States (with a change in the current Administration's policy), Russia, China, India, and including whatever smaller countries which would be willing to participate. Such an alliance would represent sufficient power to bring down the present world monetary system and institute a new credit system.


LaRouche: [In a webcast] “on July 25, 2007, [TLC Programs 699, 700, 701: “The End of the Post-FDR Era”], I warned that we were headed into a general breakdown crisis of the world financial-monetary system and economic system. Three days later, the beginning of that breakup occurred, in the form of the dropping out of the home mortgage market in the U.S., which spread quickly internationally. There was also a fundamental shift in the world economy.”


“For several thousand years, European civilization has been determined by a threefold principle of economy. On the top, you have a monetary (money) system where the price of money is privately or imperially controlled. Within nations, and in trade among nations, you have financial systems in which money is used to buy and sell goods and services. The third principle is the physical economy, which measures both the extent and rate of growth (or decline) of produced physical consumption, including services. What we are experiencing is a general breakdown crisis of all three, which is a virtual copy of what occurred on a national scale in 1923 Germany, but this time on a global scale.”


“There never was and never will be an economic recovery of the Untied States under the Obama Administration, as long as he remains in his present policies. The situation in Western and Central Europe for the President John F. Kennedy. “Since that time, there has been no net resurgence of infrastructure in the U.S. Since that time, with the 68ers, which rendered a cultural change with the Baby Boomer generation moment is hopeless, because it’s under a British dictatorship called Maastricht and the Lisbon treaties, and they have so far submitted to it.”


Mr. LaRouche takes his audience through the long process of disintegration, since 1964-68 and the assassination of, the economy has been destroyed with “post-industrial” society. We never improved.”


President Obama is acting as a puppet of foreign interests. “His Independent Medicare Advisory Council (IMAC) proposal is a Hitler-like policy, given to him by his protector, Tony Blair, who first introduced it in England when he was Prime Minister. That mustache stays on this President’s upper lip.”


“The solution, and it’s the only shot you’ve got, is the Four-Power agreement. If an alliance of these four and other countries occurs, that is sufficient power to bring down the present world system, and at the same time, institute a new one. The first step in that direction was implemented in October in negotiations between Russia and China, where they agreed that China, would use its credit (largely the debt of the U.S. to China) as a resource of credit and capital, for developing, in cooperation with Russia, essential systems centered on transportation and power in Asia. There are now negotiations going on, supplementing what has already been agreed to by Russia and China, with India.”


“Don’t pay any attention to what Democratic Party leaders tell you. Don’t pay attention to the press. What we have to do is go back to Glass-Steagall, in which we put the commercial banks through bankruptcy protection and reorganization of the type President Franklin Roosevelt specified back in 1933. Accounts which do not conform to Glass-Steagall standard are gone.”


“We require large-scale infrastructure, but we don’t have industry any more.”  Therefore the Treasury Department will issue massive amounts of new low-interest credit to re-build our industrial capacity to provide it.


Under the heading “Defeat the British Empire!” Mr. LaRouche takes his audience back to 1763 and the Seven Years War in Europe (the French and Indian War in then colonial America), and goes through the British Empire’s manipulations known as the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Vietnam, and the endless wars in the Middle East. “We are subjected by the British Empire to this kind of policy of warfare as a way of inducing us to destroy ourselves, and to destroy our power.”


Switching to the fraud of British “green environmental policy,” and the hoax of “global warming,” he counterposes the way an economy really works, which is by utilizing increasing power densities of fire, and how that has allowed civilization to overcome exhaustion of the richest concentrations of raw materials, while at the same time increase its relative potential population density. “Mankind requires an increase in the energy-flux density of sources of power available. Which means going from burning of wood, or charcoal, or waste, up through petroleum and natural gas. And you find that you have to go a qualitative level beyond that, for mankind of survive: and that is, nuclear fission, but you have to go three orders of magnitude or higher than that, which is thermonuclear fusion. Solar power is idiocy,” and if deployed as a main power source, “will destroy mankind.”


This leads Mr. LaRouche to discuss the little Chlorophyll molecule, which is able to convert sunlight into a much higher form of power, and upon which mankind is able to make the planet habitable.


“We are the target of an intentional destruction of our nation and of civilization, by a kind of culture which comes out of a kind of a relatively dark age of imperialism, back in ancient times. We are destroying ourselves by becoming greenies. That’s how the enemy operates. It’s sort of like the Satan principle. Satan is out there to induce us to destroy ourselves, Right? And who is Satan? It’s called Prince Philip.”


Release Date: Jan. 11, 2010



[For a complete transcript of the webcast, see EIR magazine, Vo. 36, No. 45, Nov. 20, 2009, pp. 4-41.]



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