Volume 1, Number 37, December 4, 1974


December 4

“The Paranoids Are After Us!”

Threat To Blow Up Labor Committee Offices and Assassinate Members

Agricultural Report

Labor Party Breaks Rocky’s Hold on NFO Convention

Canadian Press Pushes Food Scare

US Agriculture Implements Production Slated for Third World Development

Rocky’s Sheiks Buy Up US Cattle Industry

Plan To Reduce Dairy Farms by 25-30 Percent

Farm Prices Fall by 1.5 Percent

Cuba Lured into Rocky’s Sugar Cartel

Bankers Call for License To Loot Farmers

Heinz’ Anti-Trust Task Force Targets Farmers

Dairylea Goons Eject Labor Party Organizers

December 3

Japan: Miki Selected To Sucker Left into Austerity

Steel Companies Revoke SUB Benefits for Coal Layoff Victims

CIA Caught in the Act: Psywar Makes the News

The Demise of Wilbur Mills: What Happened in Little Rock?

Rockefeller Funded Angela Davis Book

Fang’s Computer Printout Gives Ethical OK to Genocide

TWA 727 Crashes into Shadow Military Government

Relocation of Houston Suburb Planned

Canada’s Workers Ignore Border, Vote Labor Party

Arabs Sent on Shopping Spree

Rocky Stages Run on Gold

Plan Latin Regional Fascist Bank

December 2

Press Fabricates Report of Iraqi Attack on Kuwait

Hartford Process Hires IAM Local

Intensive Secret Training Prepares Military Government-in-the-Wings

December 1

Canada Moves To Relocate Unemployed

Breakthrough at Vladivostok? A News Analysis

November 30

Government Announces Auto Relocation to Brazil and Iran

IEA Orders Energy Cuts Here and in Europe

East Germany and DKP Denounce Schmidt But Not His Trade Union Cronies

NCLC Strategy in UAW Suit: Prove Woodcock Fascist in Court

Workers Close UAW Brainwash Clinic

Italian Socialist Party Leadership Joins Rockefeller’s Trilateral Plot

Sub Pay Story: Going, Going, Gone

Border Cops Harass Labor Party

Civil Defense Personnel Trained by CIA/LEAA

IBM Papers Name NCLC

Palestinian Proposes Return to 1947 Borders

November 29

Rocky and NY Times Give Marching Orders to Cities: Gut NYC Bond Market

The Shah Takes Over Exim Bank

Trade Union Leader Advocates Conversion of Auto Industry To Serve Rocky’s Redevelopment

November 28

SPD Hosts Rockefeller Multinationals, Plans Corporativist Policy

Trilateral Agent Sommer Sings Praise to Brazilian Genocide

French Zero-Growth Blueprint Makes Austerity Look Good

French Work-Study Project Brings Brainwashing to Factories


Leonard Woodcock Sees Red