Volume 3, Number 4, January 25, 1976


International Market News

European Currency Crisis Signals International Break Down — Chase Manhattan Triggered the Crisis — The Crisis of Confidence — Debt Moratoria, the Only Way Out — European Recovery a Fraud — West Germany: Fraudulent Upswing — French Payments Deterioration Subverts Franc — Italy, Japan Reflect Trend

Domestic Market News

The Next Ratchet — Retail Sales Plummet — The Credit Collapse — Background to the Collapse — Workers Face Exhaustion of Benefits — Foretaste of Nelson Rockefeller’s New Federalism — Governors To Grid Their Austerity Plans — The New York Crisis ... Again

U.S. Political News

Capitalist Policy: The Fundamental Flaw — Industrialists Flinch from Debt Moratorium — Rockefeller Launches Countermoves — Kissinger Sabotages SALT — Midwest Critical of Ford Economic Proposals — Plugging the Dikes in the Middle East — Harriman-Ball Move To Wrest Control of CIA from Rockefeller — Press Ties to Intelligence Agencies Exposed

Special Reports

State of the World

Grid of Responses to President Ford’s State of the Union and Budget Messages

The 1976 New Year Storms in Europe

ICLC Strategic Studies

Critical Weaknesses in Soviet Policy Outlook

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Special Report

Super-Capitalists Fall Out

by C. Gordon Tether

IPS Daily Reports of January 17 through January 23

January 17 Early

January 17 Late

January 18

January 19 Early

January 19 Late

January 20 Late

January 21

News Bulletin 10: World Finance Faces Panic

January 22 Early

January 22 Late

News Bulletin 11: Rockefeller Banks Pre-Empt World Currency Collapse

Special Bulletin on Austerity

News Bulletin 12: Labor Party Prepares To Expose Flint Drug- and Gun-Running Network: Prominent Lawyer Harassed

January 23 Early

January 23 Late

Austerity Bulletin No. 2