Volume 3, Number 50, December 13, 1976



Kissinger Forces Cancellation of North-South Talks

State Department Bares Post North-South Plans.

Fiat Deal Leads Way to New World Order

Press Reports on Three-Way Deals.

Saudis Prepare for Takeover of ARAMCO

State Department to U.S. Press: ‘The U.S. Should Nuke the Saudis.’


U.S. Labor Party To Appeal Dismissal of New York Fraud Actions; Hearing Set in Wisconsin, Ohio

Ohio Federal Judge Sets Final Evidentiary Hearing in Fraud Cases; Denies Temporary Restraining Order – Ohio Secretary of State Brown Announces Statewide Fraud Probe.

Carter’s Cabinet: The Trilateral Commission Moves to Washington

Rockefeller Tries To Dismantle GOP for Carter, Rebuild Party in His Image

Revolt Brewing Against Carter on Capitol Hill

Air of Rebellion in D.C. over Rockefeller Push To Ensure Carter Presidency


The Dollar Is Weakening

Gold Up after IMF Sale

Post-Election Stock Market Rise in Japan

World Trade Contracts; IMF Demands Renewed Consumption Cuts

Capital Spending Collapse Sends U.S. to Brink of New Depression

Wheat leads World Grain in Trade Tailspin; Dollar Crisis Blocks Market Expansion

Carter’s Businessmen

Science and Technology

U.S.-U.S.S.R. Presentation: The Current State and Prospects for Development of Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion

Soviet Sector

Soviet Press Call for Renunciation of First Use of Nuclear Arms

Call To Renounce Use of Nuclear Arms Linked to Trade and Development – Bonn Generals Lust for Control of Atomic Weapons – NATO Admiral Hill-Norton’s “Swan Song.”

Military Strategy

Furor over Soviet Civil Defense Program Betrays U.S. Confusion on Soviet Strategic Posture

United Nations

United States Has Stopped Negotiating on Economic Issues


British Cabinet Forces Fundamental Change in IMF Loan Package

Schmidt To Take Charge of New Cabinet

West German Parties Battle for Policy Control

W. German Press On Defense Policy

CDU Spokesman Opposes Transfer of Control of Nuclear Weapons – Warsaw Pact Proposal Should Be Considered – Bonn Denies Bid for Nuclear Weapons.

New Gaullist Movement Calls for Break with Dollar, Cooperation with Third World

“All Layers of Society Represented” — Debré: Cooperation of Nations France’s Supreme Objective — Communists Will Not Support 1981 Socialist Candidate – France Out of Wall Street Control – Lazard Frères: Economic Investments Await Spring Elections.

Middle East

Israel In Crisis: Rabin Pursues Peace Policy; Carter Backs Hawks


Geneva Conference on Rhodesia: ‘Progressing Too Fast’

Africans Reject No-Growth, Look to Europe and Soviets for Development Aid


Japanese Elections a Blow to Miki, Ruling Party

Japanese Left Parties Face Post-Election Shakeup — Whither the JCP.

U.S. Plans To Revive SEATO Meeting Trouble

Japan’s No. 1 Traitor: The Black Heart of Takeo Fukuda — Part II

Latin America

Political Prisoners Murdered in Peru; Carter Behind Drive To Chileanize Continent

Peru-Ecuador Border Tensions Could Spark War of Pacific

Mexico: ‘Big MAC’ Under Discussion

Rockefeller’s Oil Export Plan for Mexico – IMF Pushes “Big Mac” for Mexico – Renegotiate the Debt.

Carter Forces Turn Argentina into Fascist, Corporate Model


Whose Voice Is It?