Volume 4, Number 2, January 11, 1977


International Report

Europe Takes Steps To Break from Dollar

How the U.S. Government Illegally Adopted a Triage Policy Against the Third World

National Report

Carter Won’t Have Smooth Sailing in Congress


Further Dollar Weakness Expected

New Activity Due to Business Confidence in Schmidt Monetary Policy

World Gold Reserves a Basis for New Credit System

Mr. Carter’s Economic Package

European Steel Outlook: More Cutbacks

Monthly Economic Analysis

West Europe Undertakes Expanded Trade To Counteract Deflationary Downturn

West Germany Economy Limps into 1977

Oil Deals Give Italy Energy Independence

British Focusing on Export Boom, To Spur Industrial Recovery

France Outlook Grimmest in Europe


The European Commitment to Nuclear Power

Scientists, Governments Press France To End Fusion Blockade

Science And Technology

U.S. Labor Party Issues Energy Program; LaRouche Campaigns for Industrial Development

‘Tomorrow Is Knocking’

Breakthrough in Understanding Plasma Structures

Soviet Sector

Soviets Expose Carter Trilateral Connection

Military Strategy

Behind Conflicting Strategic Assessments: War Buildup and Intelligence Reorganization

The Press Reports The ‘Team B’ Flap


Terror Scandals Endanger Peace Chances

Bell: ‘The Closer a Mideast Settlement, the More Terrorist Spectaculars’ – Factionalism within the Palestinian Movement – Arafat and Hassan on PLO Solidarity – Caradon Urges Swift Agreement on Overall Mideast Settlement – Waskow Links IPS Intervention in Geneva Preparations to Brzezinski Strategy.

Tensions Rise in Aegean; Vance Implicated

Former U.S. Official: ‘We Have a Lot of Interests in Turkey’


Smith, New York Times Pave Way for War in Africa


Who Rules the New China

Japan’s First Two Weeks Under Fukuda

Latin America

Latin America on Brink of Second ‘War of Pacific’

Venezuela the Key to Latin America’s Future

Pérez Presents Venezuela’s Development Plan For 1977 – Businessmen Back Up CAP.

Jamaica Will Not Devalue Currency


American Progress, ‘Right To Know’ At Stake in UAW Case Against New Solidarity


Behind the Bylines