Volume 4, Number 12, March 22, 1977



Carter, David Rockefeller Want ‘Common Fund’ Commodities Bailout

by Daniel Sneider

Yugoslav Weekly: Common Fund Needed for New World Order – Javits Office Finds Third World “Remarkably Cooperative.”

Carter Administration in Desperate Effort To Keep IMF in Operation

David Rockefeller Demands a Bail-Out

“International Agencies” Will Force Third World Debt Service – Citibank Bucks Chase: Don’t Inflate – Bundesbank: Rockefeller Speech “Sheer Nonsense” – Chase: Europe Will Cooperate After “Confrontations” – Brookings: There Is a General Fear of Bankruptcy – German Atlanticists into Gaullists? – Bailout? Yes, But How?


Schlesinger Activates Phase II of Trilateral Coup Plot

The Real Organized Crime Behind the Goldwater Scandals

The LEAA Report on Disorders and Terrorism

Standards and Goals for Non-Criminal Justice System Civil Authorities – Standards and Goals for the Legislatures – Standards and Goals for the Courts – High Technology Terrorism Scenarios.

‘We Have Not Had a Massive Well-Directed Onslaught, But It Must Come’

Interview with Prof. H.H.A. “Tony” Cooper, author of the LEAA “Report of the Task Force on Disorders and Terrorism.”

The Battle for Fusion Energy in Congress

Senator Schmitt: Technology Transfer Powerful U.S. Weapon for Peace

House Majority Leader Urges Vigorous Expansion of Energy Production

Percy Bill Paves Way for Carter Nuclear Embargo

Japanese Develop New Reprocessing Technology


Carter Team After Inflationary Boom in U.S.

Raw Materials: New York Speculation Aided by War and Drought Rumors

Why Third World Debt Is ‘Stabilized’

Another New Deal for Industry on the Horizon

Industry Needs More Monitoring.

Testimony of the U.S. Labor Party to the Senate Banking Committee

Hearings on S-684 (The Federal Bank Commission Act of 1977), March 18, 1977.

Bergland Wheat Cartel Scheme Draws Domestic Fire

Saudis Near Large Scale Pull-Out of U.S. Banks and Full Takeover of Aramco

Science & Technology

Testimony of the U.S. Labor Party to the Hearings on Tanker Safety

Soviet Sector

The Two Faces of Oblomov

Arbatov Lauds Brookings’ ‘New Strategic Conception’


Inside View of Atlantic Bridge Meet Reveals Plot To Topple Schmidt

Social Democrat Wehner Calls for Immediate MBFR Agreement

Callaghan Snubbed by Carter

Press Covers Callaghan Visit – Who Do You Trust?

Callaghan Gets ‘No Confidence’ Vote Threat

PCI Backs Andreotti, But Government Still Shaky

Left Wins First Round of French Municipal Elections, Population Rejects Barre Plan

Middle East

Behind Carter’s Blunders: A Dangerous Strategy for Mideast War

Corriere Della Sera on the Mideast – Egyptian Gazette: Carter Doesn’t Want Peace.

Turks Looks to East for Relief from IMF

U.S. State Department: Spring Always Brings Tensions – U.S. Banker: I Don’t Think the Turks Are Serious About Turning East.


Zaire ‘Invasion’: Carter Foot in Africa?

What Kind of Information the Invasion Reports Are Based On.

Castro’s African Tour Part of Programmatic Drive To Unify Horn of Africa

Foreign Influences At Work in East Africa To Wreck Non-Aligned

Latin America

Human Rights Violations in Colombia Require Investigation

The Violation of Human Rights in Colombia.

Carter Human Rights Crusade Produces Fascist Counter-Crusade in Southern Cone

Mexican Government Announces ‘Petro-Bond’ Issue To Pay Debt


LaRouche Committee, Labor Party Call for Investigation of FEC

Chronology of FEC Action on LaRouche Matching Funds.

‘To Restore the Right of Free Elections in the U.S.’

“We Don’t Look For Irregularities.”

Testimony of Betty Dolen, Director of New York City Board of Elections, Dec. 8, 1976

Statistical Summary Of Vote Fraud In New York State


The Roots of Carter’s Public Works Programs

Holland: “I Was Responsible for CCC” – Jackson, Meeds Bills: “Nothing To Do with Education” – Humphrey’s Future for Youth: Painting a Fence, Using a Saw or Hammer.