Volume 4, Number 52, December 26, 1977



Carter Statement: U.S. Finally Takes Responsibility for Dollar

What Carter Said.

British Tell America: ‘Were Coming’

The Economist Says: America Going Cheap – Announce Invasion of Latin America – The Times Let Dollar Go – U.S. Traitors: “Falling Dollar Is a Blessing” – Set Bear Trap for N.Y. Banks.

U.S. Economy Set Up for the Wringer

Turn from London to Luxembourg

London Bankers Worried About Luxembourg.

OPEC Moderates Force Prize Freeze in Support of Dollar

by Judy Wyer

Perez at OPEC Meet: Debt Moratorium Is ‘Smart Business’

Special Report

The Interim Strategic Situation, Part 2

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S. Report

SALT ‘Debate’ To Build Cold War Climate

U.S. Press On SALT

Connally: U.S. Workers Want Industry To Grow

Labor, Industry: Expand Exim Bank To Strengthen U.S. Economy

Journal of Commerce: Eximbank’s Broader Mission.

First Budget Battle Pits Fiscal Conservatives Against ‘Anglophiles’


Questions and Answers on the Fall of the Dollar

EEC Clamps Reference Price on Steel

Commodities: IMF Moves To Revive Kissinger’s IRB Cartel Scheme

The IMF–Sugar Daddy.

Japan: Business Leader Calls for Free Trade, International Development


New Evidence from Private Nuclear Industry Study: ‘Nonproliferation’ Costing U.S. Billions in Jobs And Profits

Sakharov: Political Freedom Depends on Nuclear Development


What Happened to the UMW?

by L. Wolfe

Coal Strike: Rapid Settlement Or Violence, Chaos? — John L. Lewis: Modernization Better Than the British Way.

Military Strategy

From Détente to Entente: A U.S. Policy for the SALT Talks

by Uwe Parpart and Morris Levitt

London Tries To Poison NATO

Soviet Sector

Moscow Debate: Unlimited Energy or Retrenchment

Row over Basov Speech at Supreme Soviet — The 1978 Plan in the U.S.S.R. — Open Debate in Pravda

Middle East

Looking Beyond the ‘Begin Plan’

What Dayan Is Up To

PLO Makes Peace Bid To Israel

PLO Leader: “PLO Not Against Sadat Initiative” – PLO Delegation Seeks Invitation to Washington.

Latin America

Institutional Instability in Latin America

Einaudi: Mix Military, Civilian Rule To Guarantee Latin Debt Payment


Administration Split Looms over National Environmental Policy Act

by Edward Spannaus